Lakcaliki, Puolukkaliyari and Mesamimarikeri under the light of the Northern Lights

Finland (Suomi) – a small state in the north of Europe. The country that has once ever been provinced by Russia, in our time turning into one of the developed States of Europe. The northern part of Finland is located for the polar circle. In the east, it borders with Russia, in the north – with Norway, in the West – with Sweden. South Bears washed by the waters of the Gulf of Finland, Western – Waters of the Botnik Bay. The population of all Finland is a little more than five million people. According to Global Research for 2003-2004., The World Economic Forum released, Finland is recognized as the most competitive country in the world. US is in second place, Sweden – on the third. Who would have thought!


The overall idea of ​​the scandinals as an ethnic type is one of the persistent European stamps: blue-eyed blonds under two meters tall. In Finland, the same "Nordic" type is widespread much less than near the neighbors, sometimes exactly the opposite. The reason is in the origin of the Finnish nation.

Aboriginals often consider the ancient people by Sámi, nomaded in the southern regions of modern Finland 4,000 years ago. These were very peaceful people, while a couple of millennia ago did not teach them to fight the tribes of the Southern Coast of the Finnish Bay. There was a centuries-old outstanding by Saami far to the north, for the polar circle (according to official data in the country there are no more than 3,800 people today). And the aliens, forming a mixture of the Mongoloid and the Correne, called their new Country Suomi.

Millennial existence on the outskirts of Europe and relative isolation provided the Finn of a unimportant service. Prolonged time among them were widely practiced nearby. Hence the ranks "Typical" For the nation of diseases: myopia, diabetes mellitus, cancer, leaning to allergies. And today, all the Finns in a certain knee can be considered relatives, and just look like each other. However, the situation is not hopeless. The country has noticed an increase in the number of emigrants. They do not work at high social benefits, but it is possible that they can play a role in the recovery of the genonophond nation.


Who and when I introduced the Finns with strong drinks – knows one God. Maybe local nature prompted them recipes very good liqueurs. There is still a low-alcohol cider, – people with a good taste are not recommended. The local beer is bitter, but cooked on excellent water. However, the main national drink is the same as the neighbor, and the local name Vodkaa leaves little doubt in its origin.

The tenant horror of all local governments in front of thely finally opened Finn looks like, rather, on the home-grown phobia – not so much bad. However, he called for life and "Dry laws", and high prices. Monopoly on alcohol belongs to the state – this is a local amateur a little happy: he trusts the state. Prices are translated – and it is extremely grieved: Well, he will not become, calculating and savoring, to lower the last shirt for a glass of bitter. But he will turn his eyes on. beer and will pour it to centners, especially in the outback. And extreme "advanced" Finn quarter a century ago invented a whole direction in the tourist business – "Vodka-tourism". Not in vain in the newly new Mecca of Finnish "Vodka tourism" Estonia residents of Suomi died offended nickname – Eurolosi, and on ferries "Viking" and "Silia", Guiding between Finland, Sweden and Estonia, introduced the age threshold for tourists – 20-23 years old, younger – only with parents. The life of the Finnish nation in a considerable degree complicates the folk tradition of pythia vodka – not biting. And the experts still claim that the Finns are the second and last nation, capable of coping Russian.


In Suomi, find a house without a sauna – a great problem, and the number of the latter turns over one and a half million, that is, one sauna falls in Finland on three people. Modern urban sauna is a facility, sometimes with an electronics, sometimes with a swimming pool or adjacent bathroom. But any of them is far from the traditional sauna of the peasant manor. In fact, the main procedures are to warm up, go sweat, rinse and cool – in the centuries of the existence of the Finnish bath changed little. Worded quality. In the cities it is difficult to find truly the freshest birch broom, which electrical heating will be compared with the living heat of the natural stone of diabase or the brush of the lane in the stove, and what is it for "cooling" in the pool or under the shower! From the well-known scream of natural finn, cooling sparkling flesh in his beloved snowdrift or lake, the nearest elk can escape for the polar circle.

Special Bath Tradition – Blank Preparation. Methods of workpiece three. First: brooms dried. Second: freeze (in any supermarket you can buy ice cream birch brooms). Third: Fresh brooms in plastic bags, shutdown to save salt, sold in winter in the markets.

When Finns are asked how often you can visit the bath, they usually answer with a cunning smile: "No more than two times. Per day".

Sinebryukhov and all-all-all

What can unite beer, a museum collection and a couple of nations, decades we looked at each other as a cat with a dog? In Finland, they made people with a strange surname of Sinebryukhov. And the story is.

From the end of the XVIII century in the Yaroslavl province, the raising merchant god was looking for the opportunity to change the abnormal surname that prevented trade affairs. Submitting the emperor. Paul Highestly missed: "Color – change, belly – leave". Sinebryukhov, probably offended and in 1817 moved to Finland, where their name is not that translate – could not speak. Looked around. And in two years they received permission to build a plant for the production of beer. The first in Scandinavia was a beer plant built in Helsinki, the number of beer shops in a couple of decades has grumbled incredibly. And the neurogenous number of local lovers Sinebrychoff for a long time reconciled the population with Russian tsarism. Subsequently, however, a popular beer variety of Koff beer appeared, but it’s just a reduction from Sinebrukhov’s non-fragrant Finns.

Lakcaliki, Puolukkaliyari and Mesamimarikeri under the light of the Northern Lights

At the beginning of the 20th century, a family business was headed by the famous Paul Sinebryukhov Jr. Together with his wife, actress Fan Gran, they collected an extensive collection of Western European art, which in 1921, for the absence of heirs, his widow handed over to the Finnish state. Today in the house of Sinebryukhovy – Museum of Fine Arts. In his halls of the canvas of the Masters of Renaissance, Dutch, Flemish, Karelian icons, miniatures, graphics and porcelain. However, the main thing – in Finland he knows how "Museum of Sinebrüchova": The name of the collector is preserved in the title. Finns – the people are grateful.

In total, in Finland, about 300 original and interesting museums, and 70 of them are located in the capital. All of them are arranged with a fiction, which somehow do not expect from phlegmatic Finns. Good museum of the Northern Lights in Pokhiyan-Krusu, and the famous deer Park near Salla, and amethyst mine near Luosto.

And if you suddenly bore the usual comfort of the hotel, you can stay in an ice hut, inside which the temperature is lower than zero (but do not be afraid: warm sleeping bags will help you survive the test). Through the transparent Ice ceiling will see the Northern Lights. It is said that it brings happiness. By the way, the Finns believe that the Northern Lights arises from the fact that the foxes, hunting in the humps, scatter the side of the rock – yes so that sparks fly to the sky.

Officially, Finland is a country of two state languages ​​- Finnish and Swedish. Four and a half centuries of existence in the status of the denude province of Sweden made Swedish native about 6% of the Finnish population. He is studied at school, they make church services, leads office work. Finnish became state due to the Russian Emperor Alexander II. By the time the jokers say, the Finns have already said everything to each other and, if they continue to open her mouth, they speak the most incomprehensible language in the world. And really, Finnish refers to the most difficult languages ​​of Europe. The rare abundance of vowels gives him a length, but not sought, but shifted towards strange grooves. Therefore, the Swedes are generally called him a language, but "Horla disease".


Finland was the first European country where women received the right to vote – the universal eligible right was introduced in 1906th. Often women here are the posts of ministers and high professional posts. In 2000, a woman became President of Finland for the first time in the history of the country: lawyer Taria Halonen.

Not sensitive fact that in Finland, higher education is free, and not only for Finnish citizens, but also for foreigners. Higher education system is represented by universities and polytechnic institutions.

We visited Finland with satisfaction talk about the feeling of complete safety, regardless of the place and time of day. I must say that this is followed by not only the city authorities, but also the local population, which very much appreciates the opportunity to live in peace. For example, at nine in the evening, the mains in all houses – and private, and municipal high-rise buildings are required.

Lakcaliki, Puolukkaliyari and Mesamimarikeri under the light of the Northern Lights

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