Ulong Danu – Temple on Lake Bathan

We wanted to see the temple of Ulun Danan long before the first time they got to Bali, and if we usually find some kind of picture, and then just follow a step by step, so that the picture turn into reality, then in this case everything happened much Progue. Bali, oddly sounded, never was the place of our dreams – we watched numerous photos from the island, but he did not "clinging". Of course, the green terraces of Ubud few people leave indifferent, and the temple of Tana Loch and manites tourists to themselves, but for some reason it is not very impressed with us. If we talk About Indonesia In general, we wanted to visit the island of Java much more to see the majestic temples Borobudur And Parambanan, but Bali comes to everyone in different ways. He came to us in the form of bills of 50000 Indonesian rupees with a temple on the water, which remained at her parents after the holidays. So the first time we met the temple of Pura Ulun Dan Bathan, and only then there were numerous photos that they called us to go on a wonderful island, and in the end in a couple of years we were on Bali. In our plans, as usual, there was no exclusively tanning on the beach and swimming in the sea, but also a mandatory trip to Lake Broan, to see Ulun Danu, who led us here (well, to fly to Java, of course, since found themselves in these parts).

Temple Ulong Dan on Lake Bathan

Covers in 50,000 Indonesian rupees, with which our journey to Bali began

Lake Bathan on Bali Island and who is such Devi Danan

Before we turn to the story about the temple of Ulun Danan, I would like literally a few words to say about the place in which it is located. Since the temple "Water", it is easy to guess that it is located on the water, namely on the most beautiful lake. The lake is the highland and is located at the height of a little higher than 1,200 meters at the foot of the Gunung Catour Mountain (Gunung Catur) in the crater of the extinct volcano.

Among the local Indonesians are often called the "Lake of the Holy Mountain" or "The Initual Devi Dan". Who is it, this Devi is given that she built a beautiful temple? "Devi" in the literal translation means "goddess", and "Danu" – nothing else like "moisture".

Lake Bathan on Bali

The goddess of Devi Danu is considered a patronage of all Lakes Bali and it is in her obligations to follow the water balance of the island. Freshwater on the islands is always a big deficit, it usually protects and spend very economically. For Balinese water in general is something sacred, because in order to grow rice, the essential agricultural culture of the island, it takes a lot of water, and if it is not, the population of the island will simply die with hunger. That is why locals are very honored by Devi Dan and build her temples on water bodies. It is believed that all of them are on the island four, but the one that is located on Lake Bathan – the most important and beloved.

The place is shrouded in legends and myths, and the most popular you tell all tourists is related to the fact that if you swim in the brother’s waters in the predestal rays, you will expect longevity, wealth and other benefits. Balinese belong to the lake as a sacred, for them the ritual of purification in the waters of Bratan is obligatory, so many of them hold it at least once a year.

We were here in the afternoon, so the rite was already late, but next time I will definitely come here at sunrise, and even my hotel looked at the hotel on the island of Bratan.

Lake Bratan in Indonesia

Temple Ulong Dan on Lake Bathan

If the Balinese come to the lake to present the gifts of Devi Dana, then numerous tourists go here to see the main attraction of Brother – Temple Ulong Danu. The temple in honor of the water goddess was built in the XVII century. According to one of the legends, the construction of the Armorious forms, who killed daggers, swords and other cold weapons for nobility, but they didn’t build it at wishes – they asked them, or rather, ordered the King of Mengwi.

Temple Ulong Dan on Bali

Temple complex Pura Ulong Dan Ban

I must say that it is not quite true to call Ulun Danu temple – it’s rather a large temple complex, part of which is located on Earth, and part on the water. The complex consists of five temples and one Buddhist stupa.

Temples differ from each other not only to those in honor of which are built, but also by the number of levels. The most beautiful 11-tier tower is dedicated to God Shiva and his wife, but this is only one version, and on another shrine, Vishnu is dedicated to.

Temple dedicated to God Shiva (or Vishnu)

Next to the temple complex Oolong Danu is a beautiful park, cozy and very colorful, however, like all Bali botanical gardens.

Territory of the temple complex Oolong Danu on Bali

Lake Bathan on Bali and Temple Pura Ulong Dan Bathan

Poura Pura Ulong Dan Bathan is not only among the most beautiful temples of Bali, but also in the top ten most protected on the island, and this, of course, imposes its mark. For example, the entrance to the temple is paid and will cost 30000 Indonesian rupees ($ 2.2). Before entering you, numerous crowds of children who want to sell you beads and other baubles.

Visit Pura Ulong Dan Bathan every day from 8:30 to 18:00. In addition to contemplating the beauties of Lake, Bathan from the shore can go for a walk on it.

Nearby there is a few offices that are happily for a certain amount of money will arrange a tour of you, you can also take a rolled catamaran, canoeing and other water inventory.

Ulong Dan Bathan

How to get to Lake Bratan and Temple Ulong Danu

The easiest way to get to the lake is bro, it is to buy a ready-made excursion. Then you will be delivered to the place and maybe even tell the story, and if you are very lucky, then even in Russian. As a rule, such excursions are combined with a visit to waterfall git-git. If you drive yourself on a leased machine or scooter, then you need to focus on the town of Bedojule (BedoEGoel). Time on the way naturally depends on where you come from. So, for example, from the capital of the island, the city of Denpasar, you will have to go about 55 km, travel time is at least one and a half hours. From the popular Nusa Dua resort and more than two, and from Ubud you can get in just an hour.

Temple Ulong Danu – our review

The temple of Pura Ulun Dana Bathan did not disappoint us, he turned out to be exactly what we expected him to see – beautiful, bright, memorable. If you relax on Bali and you have the opportunity to visit it, then you must use it – this is really a stunningly beautiful place that deserves a visit.

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Despite the fact that Bali did not conquer us the first time and did not become a dream island for us, it is worth returning there only to see Oolong Dan and ride on Lake Bathan.

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