Lake Inle – Boat Excursion

Lake Inle enters the list of mandatory places for the first visit to Myanmar. Huge reservoir, located in the heart of the state of Shan, 22 kilometer long and about 10 kilometers wide. On its shores there are several villages where the houses are standing right on the water on the piles. Locals are engaged in growing fruit, vegetables, colors, and local fishermen became famous for their skills to row their feet and hit the cover of the famous Lonely Planet guide.

Independent excursion on the lake

Hire a boat with a driver in the Nyung seam can be literally at any corner for 15-25 thousand kyat. In the hotels of the town, in hotels on water and travel agencies offer standard daytime excursions from Inle Lake, and they are also sold in restaurants and even on the pier. It seems that any resident of Nyun-seam with pleasure organizes a tour of the lake. You can even find group tours where 5-6 people are collected into the boat. There are long programs with a visit to remote villages. There just go 3 hours one way.

Channel from the city to Lake

What enters the tour?

The programs are approximately the same: floating villages, shops of cigars, silver, town Indidin, fruit gardens and vegetable plantations, pagodas and monastery of jumping cats NGA Phe Kyaung. Separate tours are the meeting of dawn or sunset on the lake and walks afternoon. It is better to take a tour for a whole day with a visit to the southern part of the lake, where a lot of interesting things. From my recommendations: Indyin, textile factory Lotus, handmade cigar store, Pagoda Phaung Daw u. The cost of the excursion does not include lunch. You will simply be delivered to one of the restaurants on the water.

Fisherman throws networks on Lake Inle, Myanmar

Departure on a day excursion around 6 am. First you will be brought to the pier, and then we are going on the boat. My excursion on Lake Inle began quite strange. Already at the exit of the mouth ahead was noticed rain. I was in Myanmar in September, at the end of the low season. For me, seasonality of rest in Asia is very conditional and does not represent a special problem. On the contrary, in the low season less tourists and prices below. Rains can go in the tropical climate any month of the year, and in the mountainous terrain, like Lake Inle, small rains are frequent.

Little souvenirs in the market in Indian

Boats for walking ordinary wooden with a motor from behind, like long-tailed boats in Thailand. Of course, there was no canopy, but the boatman thoughtfully gave me an umbrella. So I drove with an umbrella for 40 minutes under the real tropical shower – indescribable sensations.

Sheets on chopsticks wink: eat me!

On the way to Indyin, we visited the Silver Workshop. At that time I was so frozen that the hot tea, which was treated there, was very by the way.

The girl of the nationality of PA-O

Village Indidin

It is worth saying a few words about the village of Indeein (INTHEIN or INDEIN). She is famous for its pagodas that were built in the XVII-XVIII centuries. One group of Stairs is immediately behind the village (Nyaung Ohak), the other is slightly higher on the hill (Paya Shwe Inn thein). In the village of Indidin live people of PA-O (PA-O). They are easy to learn about bright turbans. Women usually wear black or dark blue jackets and Londi – Skirts with registration, similar to Sarong.

Girls of National Padawung

In the village there is a small market where you can experience the entire local flavor, to see Bethel, souvenirs, food and other not quite tourist things. If you arrive here in the morning, tourists will be quite a bit.

Smartphones are not alien even in the villages on the water

The next nationality with which you can get acquainted on Lake Inle is Padaung (Padaung). Perhaps you already familiarize this nationality of the Karen group. They live in the Burmese Shang and Kay, as well as in the north of Thailand. Their distinctive feature is numerous rings on the neck of women who begin to wear on girls aged 5 years.

Houses stand on piles, and between them transition bridges

To the end are unknown the reasons for such a tradition. Some sources say that in this way it was possible to defend a tiger bites. Others argue that the long neck is a sign of beauty, and the girls still put on the rings in memory of their mothers.

Some ride on the boat, others go on the bridge – so move in floating villages

Village Ivama

Village Iwama (Ywama) – one of 17 settlements on Lake Inle. Houses here are built on piles, local residents move on boats and in transient bridges through the channels. There is even a pagoda in the village where the floating market is organized.

Pagoda phung dow

Pagoda phung dow

The next stop is an important shrine of the Shang – Pagoda Pagoda dau (Phaung Daw U Pagoda). To enter the pagoda, your appearance must be appropriate: closed shoulders, knees, belly and neckline.

In the center of the hall are five small gold statues of Buddha. They are covered with slices of graval gold so much that the initial appearance is impossible to distinguish. Only men can approach the golden statues. Women, as in most cases in Myanmar, approach the shrines or to touch them is prohibited.

Production of threads of lotus stems

Textile factory

We continue the trip to local factories and shops. I do not know how you, but I love to see how and what is done in this country. If you wish, you can negotiate a tour without visiting such places.

In weaving workshop

This time we visit the textile workshop, where the canvas are made on weaving machines from silk, cotton and lotus. In a large two-story house produced production.

In addition to the usual silk and cotton fabrics here, tkut from plants. For the canvas, use threads from lotus stems. In the store you can buy scarves, scarves, bags and some clothes.

Blacksmiths Masters

Forge on water

Lake Inle in Myanmar - Attractions, Excursion, Shops, Temples, Photo Guide in Myanmar

The next stop was a blacksmithress, which turned out to be so authentic. Souvenirs in it almost did not sell, it was a feeling that the boatman was visible to visit her friend. In the forge boiling work.

Cigars on Lake Inle do manually

Handmade cigar store

And finally, the shop of Burmese cigars, where everything is done manually. If you are interested in such things, buy, without thinking, such a quality is no bigger anywhere. In conventional supermarkets, they sell the cigar box of handmade stands in the area of ​​10-12 thousand kyat. Good quality.

Floating gardens on Lake Inle

Gardens and gardens afloat

Further our way lay through the gardens and gardens afloat to the monastery of jumping cats. Floating plantations are located stripes, between which are moving on boats. First, farmers grow floating ground from water hyacinth, algae and reassembly. They are fixed in place by bamboo poles.

Floating gardens on Lake Inle

The depth of the lake in the areas of farmer gardens about 1-3 meters, so the sixtes are easily reaching until the bottom. Over time, islands appear with a dense upper layer about a meter thick, according to which you can even walk. Overhead vegetables are planted in it – tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins and others, as well as fruits.

Normal day in the monastery of jumping cats

Monastery of jumping cats

Monastery of jumping cats (Jumping Cat Monastery or NGA Phe Kyaung) was known before the monks here worked cats jump through the hoop. Currently, no workouts are carried out, but the name and cats in the temple remained.

The monastery itself does not look like the traditional Golden Temples Myanmar. It is made of teak wood and stands right on the water, and cats are freely walking throughout. There are several relics inside the building, including the Golden Buddha statue, the walls are decorated with feshne-photos of lakes, models and fishermen for Louis Vuitton.

On the way back in Nyun-seam, we drove up on the middle of the lake. The sun has already shone might and main, and local fishermen were engaged in their fishery.

Fishermen from Lake Inle, perhaps, became famous around the world with his ability to row. Some agencies even offer special rowing lessons. The main reason why they do that – so seen underwater plants, it is more convenient to control the boat among thick vegetation, and the hands remain free to throw networks.

For fishing, special traps still use. The depth of the lake is small and varies from one to three meters, put the traps are quite simple.

For photoshot fans who want to make excellent frames with fishermen, I recommend staying at the Lake Hotel or choose one of the non-standard tours – at sunset or at dawn. The beauty is incredible! See the sights that you can visit near the Lake Bike.

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Lake Inle in Myanmar - Attractions, Excursion, Shops, Temples, Photo Guide in Myanmar

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