Lake Nugush – Reserve Pearl of Bashkiria

With the onset of warm, summer days, many people have a question where to spend your vacation. The choice of many falls on Lake Nugush, located in P. Bashkortostan.

Nugushovskoye reservoir is favorite place of locals and guests of the region. Beautiful places attract tourists from all over the country. On the shores of the reservoir there is a large number of tourist bases and holiday homes. Rocky Mountains Slowed Forest Will not leave indifferent even the most demanding travelers. Lake is close to Cities of Meleuz, which is located 250 km. South of the capital of Bashkiria.

On the lake you can ride a hydrocycle, boat, catamaran. Due to the fact that the lake is a national park, only walks through forests, on the shores of which the reservoir is located. Collecting mushrooms and berries strictly banned, although they are in coastal forests a large number. The depth of Nugush is 15-20 meters and water warms only by the middle of the summer. At this time, the shores of the reservoir are filled with resting savages, and find a place for a tent camp is problematic. But you can always find Combly room on numerous hurry. Toilets are installed on the shore, but the lack of lighting does not allow to go to them at night. Local residents can buy a real Bashkir honey whose apiary is on Mountain wooded slopes.

It is worth remembering that evenings and nights near the reservoir can be cool, so it is worth taking care of warm clothes in advance. The presence of insects can ruin any vacation. In this connection, it is necessary to take a spray from mosquitoes and ticks. Finding a comfortable place and breaking the camp, You can catch fish and cook it on the bore. It is advisable to relax the company, with a guitar and songs. Such a rest will remain in memory for a long time. In hot time you can plunge into the cool, clean water of the reservoir. It is important to understand that the rest in nature can push the rest with wild beasts. Not rare meeting with bears, boars, foxes. Natural Reserve combines many pleasant surprises.

Types of rest

Can be ordered Route-alloy on the Nugush River to the reservoir. Since the precipitation in this region is constantly going, the water is always muddy, the current is strong. Extreme rest will love to lovers of outdoor activities. Those who prefer fishing can Get permission and go to search for trophy fish.

Tourists are always provided Equestrian routes. You can hire a guide that will spend those who want the most interesting and beautiful places of the local resort area. You can choose one of the numerous routes.

Choosing an alloy along the river, you can stay in numerous ancient caves and grotts. On the cherry stream is available One of the most popular waterfalls, which flows out of the karset fault. Above the waterfall, there is a bridge over the gorge. Behind this river begins more relaxed water, and the shores cover the virgin forests with beautiful meadows. Ends alloy in the waters of Nugushsky reservoir, where tourists will wait for the bus.

Lake Nugush - Reserve Pearl of Bashkiria

Rafting alloy is so safe that you can travel with children who will be delighted with such an adventure. Experienced instructors will spend correctly on the route.


20 km from the village of Nugush is the smallest in the republic National Park. It is famous for its extended caves, some of which passes under water. On the walls of world famous caves found drawings of ancient people.

Do not go thousands of kilometers to find a wonderful holiday. Local beauty love everyone Tourist. The desire to return to these places will appear again and again.

Lake Nugush - Reserve Pearl of Bashkiria

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