Lakersbad: Ski run!

In Lakersbad there are two popular riding zones located above 2000 m: in one of them the slopes of skiers and snowboarders are mastered, and in the other – wound circles along the lake fans of cross-country skiing. Yes, amazing, but the fact: on the mountain, where the GEMMI cabin rises, there is not a single ski slope – only 15 km of specially trained skiing.

In general, as the current audit of the Alpine resorts showed, even in the mountains of the plain skis in honor. For example, our familiar David from Leikerbad’s tourism office every working day instead of lunch goes to a two-hour skiing walk, and in the evenings I teach this sport to schoolchildren. Since we ourselves did not have time to test local skiers, we asked David to tell you about your favorite routes in the vicinity of the resort, and at the same time they found out why he prefers cross-country skiing mountain.

– Where is the best way to ride cross-country skiing in Lakersbad?
– Sportplatz kilometer skiing is suitable on a football field, near Sportar. This is an ideal smooth highway, without drops, on which the technique can be worked out or just drive. On the blue route polles, next door to the Sportplatz skiing, I am engaged in local schoolchildren. There is still good to ride the whole family – relief in this zone is simple, besides, it is not far from the children’s slide Erli, which means that you can combine classes on mountain and cross-country skiing. There are still runs at the entrance to Lakersbad: Brigmatten – small and fairly smooth. Then she goes to Noyer – the track is more comprehensive, replete as lifting and descents. On this route you have to work well, but I personally love him very much – it is there I ride at lunchtime.

– And what about the ski slopes on gemmi?
– Oh, yes, these are very beautiful and popular tracks, but they need to rise in the booth, which requires extra time and money. Undoubtedly, this is the perfect option for those who are used to being at the height and want to enjoy in the process of riding with unearthly landscapes. There are several routes on Gym. The most popular – Daubensee – laid along the lake and consists of two parallel tracks (7 km each – for classical and skate stroke). Another route – Lammernboden – also designed for both skating style, the length of the tracks – 8 km. True, Lammern’s skiing begins to prepare no earlier than February, as in December and January in this zone it is very cold and at all there is no sun, so there are no wishing to ride either.

– And the lake on Gemmie always freezes? It is not thermal?
– The lake on Gemmi is amazing in general – it practically does not happen to water: neither thermal nor any other. In winter, for example, there is one snow. The fact is that at the bottom of this lake there is a natural hole, through which all the water flows into Salgash – the neighboring village of the village, and only in the summer the lake is filled with melt water. In early July, the highest water level in Daubensee, but by the end of the summer the lake becomes absolutely empty again. Then it slowly begins to fill in the snow.

– Wow!
– Yes, so Daubensee riding is completely safe. And the snow is guaranteed there throughout the winter season – from mid-December to mid-April. By the way, on skis from Daubensee, you can go on the walking route to Kanderstek (from 2,200 m to 2080 m), where there is its ski slopes and a pleasant Schwarenbach restaurant, in which they are tasty. – Why do you need crossing skis in the mountains, if the mountain? – Well, these are completely different things. Running skiing is a real fitness, so after 15 minutes of active skating you start sweating. When I descend on skiing, I almost never strain. Yes, feel individual muscles, which in ordinary life are not strained strong, but no more. In addition, there are no such strong load on the joints on cross-country skiing, so even the elderly people can do. Generally, this is a very useful sport.

Lakersbad run on skis!

– Is there an instructor on running skiing in the resort?
– Yes, in the Leicarbad office of Official Swiss Snowsports School there are four instructors who give individual beam skiing classes.

– On Gymmy you can take cross-country skiing?
– No, you need to rise with the equipment, you can rent it below, in the sports stores Briand Sport and InterSport Possa. The average price is 30 francs per set for an adult and 9 francs for a children’s set. By the way, in Leikerbad, with the exception of the tracks on Gem, where to get on the lift, running on cross-country skiing is free. On other Swiss resorts, skiers, as a rule, need to buy something like skit-pass.

– Many skiers in Lakersbad?
– Cross-country skiing are not as popular as before, – only 5% of tourists go on a ski, many prefer to just walk. Therefore, on the tracks in Leikerbad, it is unlikely that "traffic jams". True, slowly interest in this sport is returned: for example, this year at the World Championships Swiss Dario Colony took the first place in Skiathlon. And in the female biathlon we got a gold medal. Perhaps these achievements contribute to the fact that now not only retirees will be found on the ski.

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