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Lakersbad – a cozy little village with three streets, so it is not difficult to navigate with shopping routes here. In the center, around the bus station and on the street Kirchstrasse, many sports stores are open – so for Burton jackets, Dakine backpacks and Odlo thermal power to you here. At the entrance to Alpaterterma, along the way to the reception, you will have to go along a long passage with numerous stores – there is a pleasant lingerie and home knitwear of the Swiss brand Calida, cosmetics La Prairie, Occitane and cosmetics based on alpine herbs Alpienne. In general, going to Alpaterterma, it is better not to take with you a lot of money – a great probability returns to a pile of shopping and an empty wallet.

To all these stores, tourists will visit first, I want to tell you in detail about the small shops and shops who loved us, most of which are family-owned enterprises. Most likely, when they fall into them, the host will be the owners themselves, who will be happy to tell about the entire range – because the good half is made by their hands.

La Ferme Gemmet. Dorfstrasse, 18

In the farm shop of spouses Elizabeth and Bernhard Gemmet Homemade sells products from their own farming. Cheeses, canned vegetables, mixtures of grated cheese for fondue, dried fruits and iris, herbal teas, pickles and jams – all this personally makes the hostess itself, which most often works in the store, meeting buyers by a proprietary broad smile. "My special pride – marmalands and confitures: from apricots, raspberries, blackberries and chestnuts", – Acknowledges Elizabeth (the price for the jar of 6 francs). Also, only in La Ferme Gemmet you can buy rustic milk from local cows (total 1.40 Franc per liter) – If you forgot to bring your bottle, the hostess will provide its container. Here you can stock gastronomic souvenirs and other manufacturers – mustard with quince, floral honey, multicolored dishes for fondue.

Arte Floris. Rathausstrasse, 18

The flower shop is not the most obvious choice for vacationers in the winter resort, but the flowers in Europe are an order of magnitude cheaper than in Russia, so you want to buy them here without any reason. Narcissus, altramery, crocuses, anemones – all these handsome pink-haired Lorena collects in very gentle bouquets that the whole week retains the original freshness and mood. The average price of bouquet – 25 francs.

Alte Bleiche. Zur Gasse, 70

A small looks shop is a decent size workshop and textile workshop. His mistress, Helen Wahba, sells here knitted things, made in a wide variety of techniques – hats, scarves, socks, slippers and mittens. If you do not find your size or want to order a kid something special, Helen will gladly create it for you in a few days. Three times a week, it suits master classes for the manufacture of fabrics, crochet and wet fooling. Helen – Woman of amazing performance. In the free from knitting time (although falling in the studio, it seems that the rounds knit here) she also prepares jam from pear, mint and figs, which is also sold in the store. Interesting decorations made from local stones, as well as silver and pearl. I, for example, found a very beautiful pendant pendant here for 40 euros. Son of the hostess, twelve-year-old Gilbert, who helps mom before lunch, with touching seriousness,. Told me in all the details about the author of the flower, and also picked up a suitable lace and packaging.

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  • Arte Floris
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  • Alte Bleiche

Galleria. Rathausstrasse, 10

Perhaps the only non-family institution in my list. Galleria’s confectionery-bakers are located next to the Migros supermarket and in the center of Alpaterterma (there is also a spacious cafe under this brand). In addition to fresh bread, croissants and kishi, we often visited chocolate pralines, cake with rhubarb and traditional Wali tart with nuts and honey. I do not know that there are some instant addiction in them there, but some kind of instant dependence is produced from these pies. Confectionary owners are clearly about it know, so prudently selling them in large boxes, convenient for transportation wherever it was – in general, we have already been purchased in some industrial scales.

Fashion for You. Kirchstrasse, 2

A small shop of female and male clothes and accessories outside a little scares a showcase with pink feathers. However, there is a very high quality selection of things of designer brands from Europe – Custo Barcelona, ​​Maison Scotch, Ambiente, Bogner, Schumacher and many other interesting Danes, Dutch, Italians and Germans. Mistress, beauty jacqueline with perfect styling and make-up, herself charts on weeks of fashion in search of new collections. It runs along the twisted wooden staircase upstairs in search of the desired sizes or models that did not fit on the hangers in the store, which, according to her, waited for her man. We could not think, looking at the inexpressive facade, which will come out of the store with an ideally sitting leather jacket and a couple of dresses of dreams.

Cura DROGHERIA. Migrospassage

Pharmacy opposite the MIGROS supermarket is notable for buying not only medications, cosmetics (including Weleda brands), baby food, diapers, swines, sunglasses for kids, but also tea, healing fees, and tincture on mountain herbs. To be honest, we thought that with tea in Lakersbad there would be problems, because in Europe, packaged versions have long been preferred, and they drink coffee at all, so they brought with them a real dairy oolong. And literally on the second day they found three cabinets in the pharmacy, from the floor to the ceiling forced by cans, boxes and packages with tea and herbal fees, and completely forgot about their oolong. Of course, connoisseurs here will not find Chinese Puer, Lapsang Sushong or other elite varieties, but you can buy Darjeling, Earl Gray, jasmine and green tea – clean and with different additives.

  • Confectionery Galleria
  • Fashion for You

But we recommend looking at local herbal fees with the addition of dried fruits and berries. There are such a quantity here – for all occasions: to raise the mood, for a good sleep, for appetite, for cheerfulness, for the heart, there is even a thanksgiving – Dankeschon Tee. Well, as a useful and very fragrant souvenir from Lakersbad, local teas can be played under the LEUKERBADER TEE brand: for example, a refreshing – der erfrischender, or from the herbs collected on gem – VOM Gemmi (3.50 francs – for a small package and 7.50 francs – for a small jar).

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