Lakes and the bays of our planet

Susha takes only about 29% of the area of ​​our planet, and everything else — this is water, and not only the sea and oceans. The new AIRPANO virtual tour is dedicated to relatively small reservoirs — Lakes and bays. All of them are very different, but everyone unites the overall feature: a picturesque landscape.

Many also have an interesting story: so, the surroundings of the Fatroldstetsky Lake are «The cradle of Switzerland»: It was here that the Union of the three first cantons was concluded, which marked the beginning of the formation of the state. The Kotorsky Bay in Montenegro for many centuries was an important strategic point on the map of Europe, where Bulgarian, Hungarian, Ottoman and other armies were planted and conducted. And today it is one of the most popular tourist places on the planet, striking its peaceful beauty.

Disco Bay, Introduced in 985 by Viking Eric Ginger, divides the island of Disco and the shore of Greenland, that is, actually the strait. However, this is still the bay, since its northern part is blocked almost all year round and has no connection with the sea.

For contrast, we suggest look at the same cold point of the Earth in the southern hemisphere — Antarctic Crescent Island, Lying in the bay Bransfield and Drake.

One of the most unusual places on the planet — Glacical Lagoon Yoekulsurloun in Iceland. This truly fantastic landscape — Live, ever-changing, because the melting of glaciers increases the lake. Since 1970, it has grown four times, and now its area is about 18 km². The depth of yykulsurulown reaches 200 m — This is the second in this criterion of the country lake.

And the deepest lake in the world — Russian Baikal: 1642 M. It is also known for the unique beauty of its shores and transparent bright blue water: on some days, especially in the spring, visibility is up to 40 m.

Multicolored water smooth eye will please the eye on a panorama shot in Chinese Park Jijujigau, where bright Lake five flowers I also wonder what looks like a mosaic. Its bottom covered fallen trunks of trees, beautifully viewing through the thickness of crystal clear water.

Another famous reservoir in China — Lake Thousands of Islands. It appeared in 1959 after the construction of a hydroelectric power station. Water was covered with a plot of about 570 km², But he long remained flooded — Over time, the water began to settle, exposing at the same time small in size and absolutely different in the forms of the island. In fact, their more than a thousand: only major land plots — 1078, and nobody even consider small blocks of land. However, Halong Bay in Vietnam will easily beat this record: here on the square 1500 km² Located over 3000 islands.

Lakes and the bays of our planet

Thanks to the human activity arose and Lake Powell In the US states of Utah and Arizona. The man-made landscape came out so spectacular that the reservoir was rightly among the most famous places on Earth.

Lake Bogorium in Kenya Interesting to its record salinity of water: in the summer it even reaches 100%! It is removed from a height of 150 m during the spill, when 2 million flamingo arrived there.

Sydney Bay famous not only the outlines that nature created, — Here are the business cards of the whole Australia: the Opera House, recognized as a masterpiece of modern architecture, and a miracle of engineering thought, Bridge Harbor Bridge.

Kuril Lake — The second area of ​​the freshwater lake of the Kamchatka Peninsula and the largest in Eurasia Snesplex Narki. To fish here comes a record number of bears, making the landscape absolutely unique.

The austere beauty of the nature of Russia is also transmitted panoramic Lama lake plateau Putorana in Siberia, near the mountain reservoir Spamberg on Sakhalin and Kamchatka lake Ring in the caldera of the volcano Krenitsyn. In addition, a virtual tour, dedicated to the beauty of the water, entered the Brazilian beach Botafogo in the Guanabara Bay, Lake Manapouri in New Zealand and the Gulf of La Spezia in Italy.

Lakes and the bays of our planet

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