Lama is an old city in Kenya

Lama – This is an unusual vintage city located in the east of Kenya surrounded by mangrove forests on the Indian Ocean coast. It is located on the island and is the capital of the district of the same name. In Lama, there are no specific addresses in the houses, and on its narrow streets it is impossible to drive on cars. The plan of the city has not changed for about 200 years.

The main urban mode of transport is the Donkey. Some residents move on motorcycles and bicycles. Tourists come here to rest from urban turmoil and achievements of civilization. After all, there are wonderful beaches, a warm ocean, stunning landscapes, excellent food and comfortable accommodation for every taste and wallet.

This place is wonderful for wedding or romantic travel. Approximately 35,000 people live in a small town. Lami was founded in the XII century Peoples of Suakhili. Today in it is the oldest in Kenya port. UNESCO made this wonderful city to the list of World Heritage Site.

Lama is almost always dry and hot. However, sometimes there is a decrease in the night temperature to +5 °C, but it happens most often in the rainy season, which usually lasts from the end of spring and until the middle of the summer. The hottest weather is from December to March, then the air temperature can reach +40 °C, and the humidity to reach 70%.

Rest in Lama comfortably at any time. The season of rains is not necessary. However, it should be remembered that the safari will not be able to visit the safari, but there will be a lot of free places on the beaches. Yes, and the climate at this time is very similar to the domestic. Those who love heat, better come here from mid-December and until the end of winter. The most wonderful time for recreation will be November and the beginning of December.

Get to Lama is quite simple. The city has its own airport called Flour. Airplanes from Nairobi and other major centers of Kenya arrive here. The port has established a ferry message with the mainland. From Mombasa to Lama can be reached by bus. In the city itself will have to forget about cars, because in it all moves on foot or two-wheeled vehicles.

Lama – An old town in which it will be interesting to visit lovers of history: his ancient architecture is in very good condition. Some buildings for more than 700 years. One of the main attractions is the urban museum in which you can get acquainted with the subjects of the people of Peoples, Suakhili.

Historical value represents the fort founded in the XIX century by Omansky Arabs. Today there is a library in it, and once there was a prison. In Fort, often arrange various exhibitions and conduct wedding celebrations. In the House-Museum, Swahili Tourists talk about the culture and customs of the ancient peoples.

Almost 90% of the local population are Muslims, so in the city there are more than 30 acting mosques. The most interesting riyadh mosque, erected at the end of the XIX century. Recently, the museum became German. Love tourists to visit and the ruins of the ancient city of the tank, where you can see the vintage tombs, dilapidated homes and mosques.
But tourists come to Lama, first of all, for the sake of gentle waves of the Indian Ocean and amazing beaches. The city will appeal to lovers of underwater swimming and deep-sea fishing, windsurphs and snorkerlongists. The ocean coast is perfect for meditation and yoga classes.

Wishing will be able to ride camels, swim with sea mammals, relax in spa salons, to swim on local boats DHOU to other islands. Divers will be delighted with the underwater world of the National Marine Park Kiung.

Lama is an old city in Kenya

For sunbathing and bathing, the beach was wonderfully suitable with crystal clear water, huge trees and soft snow-white sand. Tourist infrastructure next to him well developed: there are a large number of cafes, clubs and restaurants. Those who are looking for privacy and peace can be advised to take advantage of the city beach Kipungani or the beach at the next Manda Island.

There will be no problems with housing among tourists to Lama: there are expensive hotels and cheap guest houses. The latter often have a very colorful design and resemble Arabic citadel. The most elegant hotels are on the ocean. The cost of the room per day in them sometimes comes to $ 500.

Cooks of numerous restaurants and cafes in Lama are always happy to guests and are ready to feed tourists. In catering establishments, you can try dishes of national and other kitchens. There are even restaurants for vegetarians, but not everywhere they offer alcoholic beverages. Sea kitchen enjoys the greatest popularity.

Souvenirs can be purchased in the city market, where there is a huge number of small shops and shops. Usually, the tourists are brought to the memory of Lama, carved products from mangrove trees. In great demand, for example, enjoys furniture. Prices for some goods here are significantly lower than in other Kenyan cities.

Arriving to Lama, we should not forget that they are very reverent. Even shelters are open to them. Causing harm to the animal punishable with a serious fine. Lama – Muslim city in which there are strict rules of behavior, so women here are better not to wear bold outfits. Insult will be considered and drinking alcoholic beverages in crowded places.

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