Land, Current milk and honey

According to biblical legend, the forty years led Moses Jewish people through the Sinai Desert to the native land promised. Going to the border of Israel, on the command of the Lord they were sent intelligence officers to the land of Canaan. Returning in 40 days, they were announced: ". We came to the ground in which you sent us. And she flows with milk and honey".

Untouched by the hand of a man hills covered by forests, numerous herds of goats, fed on non-beast pastures, these land flowed milk. Miriad Bees worked on fertile valleys, collecting fragrant honey with a blooming carpet, woven by nature. The pristized full bowl appeared before the sons of Israel the promised. Great work and love was transformed: the forest thickets retired in front of the cultivated vineyards, barley and wheat fields, gardens and Olive groves, cities were built. On the Earth of Israel, faith was born in a single God, she presented to humanity of Christ and those moral and ethical biblical truths, for which we live today and better than the advanced community of people in many years of its existence.

The highest point of spiritual unity of the Jews was the first temple built in the city of King David – Jerusalem Son Solomon in the second century BC.NS. But in 586 BC.NS. He was destroyed by the troops of Emperor Nebuchadnezzar, and the Jews were expelled to Babylon. Returning home after a short (about 50 years) exile, they rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem again. But through the century, the blooming Jerusalem and the second temple were turned into ruins by thousands of Roman legions. Jews were expelled from the ground promised and scattered in Bella Light. Almost two thousand years of Israel’s people were forced to live away from their homeland, carefully keeping the memory of her, about her customs and traditions. There is no longer on the planet Earth of such a people who would have managed to keep faith so long in the fact that sooner or later, despite the war, the destruction and death of millions of fellows, he will again acquire his land promised. And this land has not changed its people, so without becoming for anyone.

The independence of the state Israel was proclaimed on May 14, 1948. About 6 million people live here, 81.5 percent – Jews. More than half of the inhabitants were born here, the rest were repatriated from 80 countries of the world, more than a million Jews arrived from the Soviet Union.

Having received an invitation from the Ministry of Tourism of Israel to take part in the study tour in the country, never a minute. For me it was like a gift of fate – to be in Jerusalem. Dreams of the city were quite conscious, they came with faith in God, with an understanding of the special significance of spiritual values, to which you want to touch, despite all the growing rhythm of being, external amenities granted by civilization.

My story about a seven-day trip on this young country with thousand-year cultural and historical roots does not pretend to be a deep presentation of the subject. This is most likely a purely emotional, pretty superficial impression of the unknown world, with which the acquaintance is familiar. Here you need to come again and again, perhaps, then this world named Israel will open your innumerable wealth, peculiar beauty and wisdom.

Coming out from Ben-Gurion airport, we plunged into the melted by the July Sun, the air. Our guide Jonathan Hoffi met us some kind of native Russian smile and traditional Jewish "Shalom!" (Hello hi). Soon it turned out that Fedor the coast (so his name in Russia) emigrated to Israel from Vorkuta. Our ohh and ahu about the change of cold worm on the hot Jerusalem with a fun smile said: "Think, just it changed a minus forty on plus forty".

The first impression is the strongest. Belut heads on the sides, trying immediately, from the go, to understand what seems to see the first minute, thought it was like the Crimea, to Cape Kazantip. The yellow-gray color of the hilly terrain, a good dried grass, a rare shrub, closer to Jerusalem hills have become higher and plastered and planted with young trees. As we later explained Fedor, so on the Russian manner we called our guide, restoring forests in Israel – the most important national priority.

Housing in a representative five-star hotel "Sheraton Plaza", Do not stay in the city. The first trapez in Jerusalem took place under a bright umbrella in the city center on a crowded, despite the heat, pedestrian street. I am pleased to eat national food – Falafel is roasted soy balls with various salads and sauce in Pete. Ate and looked around: on people hurrying on business and stores, on leisurely youth, and here and the valiant Israeli soldiers – young men and girls in military uniform and with automata. Nothing can be done, gaining homeland – the process is complex, with political and economic conflicts. But now I can say with confidence that you have never had to see people, so solid and purposeful in our contemptive mission of the revival of the newly acquired homeland than in Israel.

Sitting in a comfortable minibus, moved to the old town, to the Tower of David – the citadel, numbering 2,000 years, where the Museum of History of Jerusalem is located. Long wandered over his halls, listening to a fascinating story guide. When they rose to the observation platform, in front of us, shrouded in hot jams, opened panorama of the old city, the famous oilseed mountain appeared in all its glory. Wherever I throw a look, everywhere historical monuments: churches, cathedrals, temples Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic. Powerful dome of the lobster mosque, the shrines of the Muslim world, for the wealth of decoration she has no equal: wonderful painting, the finest work of the tiles, precious grade marble. The creation of this temple went three-year income of the Egyptian province. Mary Magdalene church built in 1888 by Emperor Alexander III in honor of Mary Mary Alexandrovna. In the Ascension Church (1872.) Runs Archimandrite Antonin Kapustin. Thanks to him, the Russian empire has become the owner of the huge Jerusalem territories that they were bought. Pay attention to numerous tombstones, the ranks covering the slope of the legendary mountain. "This is the most Jewish cemetery in the world, – Fedor explained, "there were about 75 thousand tombstones here, many of which Arabs used for construction purposes. It is approximately the same thing to be buried in the Kremlin Wall". Everything is explained by the tradition of the Second Coming of the Messiah. It is on the oilseed mountain that he will finish the court over the lost and righteous. One who is buried here, as if resting under the altar of the second Jewish temple. And when the Lord calls us to his court, we all will be resurrected and promoting the flesh, but only those who rest on the oil grief will appear in front of him, and everyone else will be 40 years old to change the light from the dungeon, riding their flesh about stones. To reduce the hype around such a prestigious place of the last refuge, now all the promised promised will receive the right to resurrection.

The second day in Jerusalem was an epochable for me: I entered the temple of the Mernel of the Lord, who saw only in festive Easter broadcasts on TV. Whenever I could think that without a fuss and crowd of tourists I can slowly wander under his arms with arches, touched a palm to the stones of Calvary, sconning the knees from the Savior Savior’s Savior, Zagegua from a self-turning in Easter Celebrations of Fire. These are really those sensations that do not describe and who remain with you for life.

On this day, we stood at the place where the fifth prosecutor of Judea Pontius Pilate, washed hands, betrayed Christ the painful death, passed through Via Doloryozo – the sovereign path of the Savior to the place of execution.

We were in Hepsimania on the oilseed mountain, where Jesus was devoted to Juda and captive by the Romans, and where, anticipating inhuman torments, he grew passionately in prayer to God, his father: "Avva Father, everything is possible to you, carry this thicket by me".

Jerusalem, perhaps, like no other city, fascinates, is ridiculous, immerses a person, striking contrasts. Next to the historical shrines, apathered by dust of ages, powerfully pulsates the life of the modern city. Moving cars and people. Near the monuments there are knesset buildings (parliament), governments, Supreme Court, Fashionable villas, residential buildings. And again change decorations – we are in the Jewish quarter. Narrow streets for which a strict type of man walks, many in indispensable black lapsdacs and hats, with traditional paces and beards. Women are always with a covered head, in the dresses, closing ankles and wrists. If you do not want to be a white crow, then walking here should be modestly dressed, not to show the stormy emotions, do not climb with questions, and if there was a need for this, then contact them to face your sex. And it’s not worth photographing people here, breaking the covenant, it can cause an inadequate reaction.

And how nicely wander around the streets of the old town, looking into shops and shops with an incredible amount of crafts and souvenirs, on the doorstep of which the owners will be honored – Arabs, often turning to you in Russian.

Walking in the center turned out to be amazing "Monument", If this can be called. Through a thick bulletproof glass on the pedestal rumped up, brightly shining, a huge Menoraor (ritual Jewish seed). This gold lamp weighing several hundred kilograms gave the city Odessa Vadim Rabinovich.

No tourist or Guest of Jerusalem will not bypass the sideline of crying – this is the only thing left from the second temple. People come here to pray to the God of the Jewish shrine. Men and women make it apart. Right at the wall, in the open sky, the rows of chairs, where they sit praying. The lack of tourist groups allowed us to stand up at the wall, touch her smooth, polished by millions of touch of stones, put their message to God, written on a blue piece of paper, rolled into the tube into the crevice. It was not easy to do this: all the gaps between stone blocks were clogged with such letters.

It’s a pleasure to be on the streets of Night Jerusalem venue. And at night, the city is full of light and life: in numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, discos people relax, enjoy a delicious meal, having fun, dancing or just walking on clean streets.

After Jerusalem, our way lay to the Dead Sea. Outside the windows of the minibus, truly cosmic landscapes: soft bends of hilly desert, reddish mountains and rocks from sandstone, and above them, twisted by whitewash, pale blue sky and scorching sun. The Dead Sea is truly a miracle of nature – it was born about five million years ago as a result of powerful tectonic processes that gave rise to the Great Afro-Asian Rift. It would be more correct to call the dead sea by the lake, because the Great Jordan River falls from the north, and there is no exit of it. No and nothing like that in the world. Well, where you will still see a thick salt laase water space, located 400 meters below the world’s ocean level. The content of salts in its water is 400 grams per liter, so there is nothing alive here, the density is 10 times higher than that of the usual. Even at the beginning of the new era, Romans tried to drown in it slaves sentenced to death. Only here they did not want to sink, how many of them from the mountain.

And today, the earth’s bark in the area of ​​this reservoir with healing brine is in constant movement, and through the clefts in it the dead sea is fueled by mineral substances.

This unique reservoir is increasingly called beauty and health, and it fully justifies the new name. Another delightful Egyptian Tsarina Cleopatra enjoyed cosmetic preparations made from the Livative Dead Sea Minerals. This fact confirms the excavations that opened something similar to the cosmetic factory.

Today in the Labs of the Dead Sea make a miraculous series of Ahava Advanced, which most moisters and smoothes the skin, helps to keep youth and beauty.

Dead Sea perfectly Doctors psoriasis, rheumatism, asthma, neuralgia. Sleep after sea baths sweet. This we tried on ourselves, although for long dives in oily water with a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius of time. Yes, and the immersion process itself in the sea requires non-density and fair care. In the water, it is necessary to enter without hurrying, I do not chase the wave, carefully dipped into it a body burned under the fierce sun and reclining on the surface on the back or stomach (who like it), not trying to swim with a crawl or brace, and even more so to contact your eyes or Mouth. The Dead Sea tastes terribly bitter-salty, and if God forbid go to the eyes, find out where the crayfish is winter. Personally, I learned. He faced the shape of his back, and at that moment the solar glasses were forgotten on top of the top, they began to slowly slide into the water. Reflexively jerked her hand to them and. Sparks from eyes fell. I collected the will in a fist, I picked up his knees to the stomach (just so you can get up on my feet), I got up and blindly closed eyes – if you open, then the burda was incredibly slowly walked to the shore and froze at the edge of the beach, quietly breaking. Get to the Saving Soul, which was five steps from me, with closed eyes there was no possibility. Thanks to the darling lady who has noticed my confusion. Turning to me in Hebrew and without receiving an answer, she immediately moved into Russian. "Baby, you are, for the first time and do not know what you need to be very careful?" – My Savior spoke and, Holding my hand tightly, brought to the shower. How it’s great that in Israel so many Russian-speaking residents. I, in any case, only twice faced people who do not spend on it. Most often, when I picked up English words to explain, mocking them with the traditional "What’s this in English", immediately received from a smiling interlocutor response to his native language.

The Dead Sea is a world famous resort, near which the whole town of fashionable hotels grew up. Class specialists are working here, and you have to get health in sanatoriums equipped with modern medical equipment. In these places, they are treated not only by sea bathing, but also hydrogen sulfide baths and mud appliqués. It turns out that this is a surprisingly pleasant procedure, when all you are deprived of specially diluted and heated black mud, carefully packed in cellophane and sheets, and you are not living in this cocoon for about twenty. Even one procedure made the skin smooth and velvety, and what will happen if you go? Well come to heal for twenty.

But you won’t be all day to lie in the mud or mocking in salt solution. I want to swim, and have fun and dance. No problems, no one has not complained here to lack bars, cafes, restaurants, discos. Each hotel has a wonderful swimming pool with slides, powerful, massaging body, jets, covered with shady palm trees. You can go on an excursion to biblical soda and gomorra, in the fortress city on the top of the Mountain Mountain or Kumran, where in the distant times there was a settlement of Kumranits, who called themselves truly believers. Even at the dawn of our era, about 200 righteous gone to the Desert to the Dead Sea, preparing to the second coming of the Messiah. Rejected all the fussy, worldly, kept the purity of spiritual and physical, following the vow of celibacy. Kumran was destroyed in 70.NS. And in 1947, numerous scrolls of the most ancient Jewish Bible were found in Cumran Caves.

We sent our feet, or rather the wheels, to the city-fortress of a massacade, built by King Herod Great. This fortress is a symbol of Jewish resistance. Eight months were erected by Roman legionnaires mound to get to the impregnable fortress. And when the cherished goal was achieved by them, it was no one to conquer: defenders of the fortress did not surrender in the hands of conquerors.

For more than an hour we walked along the stone maze of palaces, barracks, residential buildings. Moved to rarity to the rational arrangement of Roman baths. From afar, they observed for the ceremony of the celebration of majority – Barmitzva. Two boys in festive clothes with indispensable in this case by the kips (such tiny jackets, covering the poppy) on their heads with a serious view, hesitated to the reading prayer for rabbi, standing on ancient, laid out of a bench stones, on which their rapusts were once sick. Parents and close young men froired in solemn silence: from now on, he comes at 13, boys became "owners commanded", Now they are responsible for their actions and thoughts. At the bottom, the Martian Landscape was spread: the reddish-yellow colors of the hills and mountains, above the head of the blinding sun and twisted with the White Chapel of the Sky, and in the whole universe only these two and the camera, capturing the solemn moment of growing.

Yes, I completely forgot about another very interesting place where we looked down on the way to the Dead Sea. This is one of the most famous and large Kibbutans of Israel -Ein-Gedi. Botanical Garden. In general, Kibbutz (in Israel 280) – the phenomenon is unique and inherent only in Israel. As the city of the Sun in Campanella. This community is almost in the communist understanding of this word. Here, together, own property, work together in the fields, date plantations, vineyards or enterprises. Here they do not receive salary, and everything is necessary, starting with clothes, food, ending with housing, education and medical care, ensures Kibbutz. To get here not easy: probationary period two years. During this time, the candidate for the community must prove himself from the best side. If this does not happen, it is politely forgiven with him.

Land, Current milk and honey

David Frank, responsible for the Department of External Relations, proudly showed us blooming in the desert Oasis – Kibbutz with the biblical name Ein-Gedi (Source Source).

What is there only does not grow: unthinkable cacti, exotic flowers and trees, but most of all we mowed a mighty Baobaboo with a waving crown.

Driving up to Eilat, not long "dived" In the Park Timna, where there are ancient copper copper copy. Copper mining began in the center of the Red Valley of Over six thousand years ago. Moving on the fantastic outline of Solomon Pillars – it turns out, they are just the result of erosion, but as beautiful! – Rezhagali to natural education from red sandstone in the form of a huge mushroom, stood near the ruins of the miniature temple of the goddess copper copies and turquoise Hathor.

Young Eilat, he is a little more than forty years old, – True Resort City. Introducing it on the shores of the Clean Red Sea, he instantly involves you in the Network Network and Vacation Loading. Sincerely cheerful, no violence, festively beautiful, he gives resting all the benefits of civilization. And wonderful opportunities to enjoy the hot sun, warm aquamarine sea, internally excursions almost all year round.

From the windows of the hotel "Dan", where we are located, a picturesque view of the surroundings opened, clearly drawn in transparent air. In the evening, we had dinner in the only one in the world, as it was on the billboard, underwater restaurant. Bright fish flooded over large windows, sea cucumbers crawled, and we enjoyed culinary delights, gave themselves to the gifts of the sea. Israeli cuisine is a separate song, she needs to devote a whole article. I just say that it is insanely tasty and very much. When after salads and all kinds of snacks before you put a hot dish, say a steak of ostrich meat, I want to cry, for eat this magnificence there is no strength.

Tomorrow, going to a cute boat, we went to the famous Eilat of the Underwater Observatory. First, we have seen enough on small sharks and huge sea rods and turtles, freely floating in open aquarium pools. Then they admired bright coral fish for a long time, lazily crossed transparent fins behind thick glasses of aquariums. Slightly did not start squealing along with an enthusiastic shovel, shaking in special chairs during a movie show when the screen shark attacked our submarine. But on this our Eilat holiday did not end. Ahead of me was waiting for another unforgettable impression that Israel presented.

Instead of ordinary swimming in dolphinariums, along with these amazing animals, we were offered to do diving and swim with dolphins in the open sea. Honestly, I doubted for a long time: it was not necessary to do this, and the age is not at all. The only man in our little group quietly went away, and I decided to take a chance with a young colleague. Yes, and risk, as explained the instructor, practically no. He will be near, dive to no more than six meters, and, if lucky, it will be possible "sweat the dolphin for the ear". I was lucky-owned by a chanting mother fed his baby’s milk, a playful dad, and maybe not dad, allowed to touch the perfectly smooth barrel, and then, waking on the surface, plunged into the depths of my nose, pulling the cascading bubbles. And just six meters, and the feeling like a cosmonaut in open space – a new one, accustomed to an unknown world, where everything is different, excitingly, insanely interesting and slightly scary.

Immersion in the marine punching was not a gift – please jumped pressure, and I was forced to abandon the walk in the mountains on camels. Nothing, next time, although this is not the only reason to return to this amazing country.

We completed my seven-day marathon on Israel in Tel Aviv. Behind the windows of the hotel, the sea was still splashing, but the Mediterranean. Our hotel "Crawne Plaza" stood at the very edge of the Golden Sandy Beach, next to the Promenade, where the people strolled until late at night, enjoying the evening cool. Tel Aviv – Modern Mega Polis, Center for Business Life. He is young, he is not yet old, dynamic, the city is growing and built, it is all directed to the future. The resort and the center of the business, the city of museums, shops and theaters, he is always open for guests and is ready to offer them the best that he has. Our first evening in Tel Aviv ended with visiting a concert of a dance group that performs incendiary Spanish flamenco.

On the last day we made a walk on charming old jaffe. The first settlements arose on the place of the future city-port back in 1800-1600 BC. We wandered around the narrow streets of the city, admired with the height of the hill with immense sea expanses. Looking into a labyrinth of streets, named zodiac: Aquarius street, Cancer, Taurus. Located in the cozy gallery Frank Maisler. Its original sculptures made of bronze, silver, metal alloys with the addition of gilding, we just fascinated us. Probrusive and deep philosophical, sad and mischievous, well, well, just eyes do not tear off. Now the famous Israeli sculptor commissioned by Moscow is working on a memorial scroll of the Torah, which will be devoted to the Jews – the soldiers of the Red Army, who fell in the war with Nazi Germany.

The final chord in the journey through the biblical country became Red Kedumim, the Biblical Nature Reserve. We drove here in front of the hottest, the benefit of the airport is only ten minutes. Once, centuries ago, people lived on this fertile land, numerous herds passed, vineyards and olives grew up. For many years, the lambs of the earth were cold, gardens. Khan and Efraim Apevia, who moved to Israel at the beginning of the twentieth century, dreamed of creating a garden of prophets and wise men, where the roots of Judaism would have reflected in the wildlife. The Son, who in 1965 received a few hectares of scanty rocky land in 1965. Today, Orel Kedumim occupies a territory of 250 hectares. Here you will see live books of books: Slender Lebanese cedar, Mirt, growing in torus, fragrant incense and modest Issope. There are hares, turtles and dickerys mentioned in the Bible. There are songs in the biblical park of songs songs, with the arrival of spring, biting with aluminum butterms, the slope of fragrant plants, King Solomon’s pond, the Vineyard of the Prophet Isaiah. Looking at the fruitful gardens, it is difficult to believe that the beginning of the park put a passioned dream man and a small donkey, who rose on lifeless slopes of hills fertile land.

Our walk through the biblical park ended with a modest meal. With pleasure I tried excellent homemade cheeses (in the reserve there is a flock of sheep and goats), sprinkling their delicious fragrant seasoning, cooked from the crushed dried leaves of myssop with sesame, salt and pepper, fresh vegetables and washed off all spring water.

What else can the biblical country of Israel can surprise? Probably many. For example, the fact that the day off is not sunday here, but Saturday, and on this day, Jews cannot be made 39 actions: to dry fire, touch money, work in the field, sit at the computer, write and much more. Do not be surprised if suddenly the elevator in the hotel refuses to quickly deliver you to the desired floor. In almost all hotels there are sabate (Saturday) elevators that work in automatic mode, so that people did not have to press the button. Do not be surprised in the absence on Saturday on the city streets of public transport, and many on this day do not sit behind the wheel of their cars.

Special diet here belong to food, trying to observe ritual restrictions: not consuming pork and crustacean. Probably heard of food kosher. Kosher means suitable. Products must meet certain standards. Animals and birds here are scored by cutter specialists by one blow knife, harmful hormones do not have time to stand out, and meat is considered dietary. Another indispensable condition: all blood should be found out of the killed. Kosher happens and wine in the event that the winery does not work on Saturdays, his owner is a Jew, and rabbi is followed by the technology of cooking. Kosher in no case allows you to mix dairy and meat dishes. They are preparing and served in different dishes. You can not drink milk and there is a dairy after meat six hours, meat after milk – two hours, for the ancient covenant says: "Do not be a goat in Mother’s Milk". In rich Jewish houses, two refrigerators are often standing: one for dairy products, the other for meat. As a rule, cafes and restaurants are divided into dairy and meat. More than 80 percent of restaurants have a special certificate with signing and printing of rabbi. If you love pork and seafood, do not be mistaken, in large cities and spa places you will be served all that your soul.

Seven days flew like a moment. Passing strict customs control at the airportun Ben Gurion, heavily saying goodbye to our wonderful guide, after a short expectation we turn out on board the aircraft. In addition to vivid impressions and positive emotions, I carry with myself a feeling of an unusually powerful creative energy inherent in this not like land, optimism and faith of people, inhabiting her, in their own tomorrow. "Leiontraot" – Goodbye, Israel, to a new meeting. Promised land.

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