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No, I, of course, heard that in New Zealand very beautiful, but somehow calmly perceived these words, because how many people, so many opinions. Until I saw everything with my own eyes. Now, after a month spent in this country for which I tried to scold her along and across, I can confidently say that this is perhaps the most picturesque country of those where I have already happened to visit.

Although there are also beaches for surfing, popular with locals, and good ski resorts who love to Australians, in Europe or America there are a bit of those who want to fly here through the whole world only in order to ride on the sepure or skiing. The vast majority of tourists all the same come to New Zealand with one goal – to enjoy the beauty of nature. No wonder the country has long been called Pacific Rame or The country that God left for himself .

New Zealand consists of two main islands – northern and southern, which are quite different from each other, but each of them is beautiful in its own way.

Here, the opposite: the North Island has a warmer, subtropical climate, and although it is less than southern in size, 3/4 people live here. However, it is difficult for the country to call the overpopulated – with an area of ​​equal to the territory of England, only 4 live in it.5 million people (population of our St. Petersburg).

South Island – mountainous, and climate here is a cooler. This is the edge of almost untouched nature, beautiful snowy mountains and glacial lakes. In general, if you go for a threatened lands, then it is worth looking!

Optimal travel time

To get here for a long time and expensive, for this reason, a trip to the country for a period of less than a month, in my humble opinion, it will be inappropriate – you just spend a lot of money on the road and you will regret that you have never managed to see much.

There are no direct flights to New Zealand, so you will have to fly here through Asian countries. For example, in China Eastern now there is a sale of Moscow-Auckland through Guangzhou. The ticket costs only $ 1368 that for such a long flight is quite cheap. But if you have time and the ability to make a longer journey, then why not stay along the way in other countries? First, it is not as hard in terms of flights, and secondly, you can see more countries for less money. For example, right now you can book a ticket back from Moscow to the same Guangzhou from China Eastern for only $ 510. If you take it with a big dates, you can stay at the same time for some time in China. Looking at the south of the country, from Gunzhou, you can get to Halkoga in just two hours in the train, and from there in just an hour on the ferry to Macau. Excellent chance to see so much different and interesting in one trip! Next, from Hong Kong Letim in Australian Sydney. For example, Scoot lourogenant today without any special offer offers a flight back and back for $ 490. Hugging a coal and photographed against the background of the Sydney Opera, now with a calm soul you can go further. Since by this time we spent only $ 1,000 tickets, we still have a total of $ 368, which is certainly enough to fly from Australia to New Zealand and back. Summarizing the foregoing: if you have time to buy a sale ticket, you can fly from Moscow to New Zealand for $ 1368. Either, for the same money, on the way still call in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Australia. The choice is yours! 🙂

How best to move and where to stay for overnight

The distances here are large, the country is unclosed, public transport outside the cities is practically not developed. Therefore, the optimal version of self-traveling around the country is car rental. There are excellent roads here, so, as a rule, the choice is reduced only to whether to rent a simple small chair or to rent the so-called Campersman (or caravan ) – minibus, which, depending on the cost, can be equipped with beds, kitchen, toilet and t.D. You can also use long-distance tourist buses Nakedbus , However, be prepared for the fact that you will be strongly limited in movement. As an alternative option, you can even move the hitchhiker. Crime in the country is practically absent, and such a way of traveling among young people in the order of things – I myself brought the companions of a hundred and other kilometers.

Land Hobbitted

Across the country is scattered a huge number of places where you can stay at night. Tourists traveling on Campervan, the so-called are popular with popularity Holiday Parks (Holiday Parks), where on green fenced territory you can park your Van, connect it to electricity to recharge the batteries for the built-in refrigerator and TD., replenish water reserves, use the kitchen and shower. For those who do not want to spend the night in minibuses, there are either detached booths, or just numbers by the type of hotel. Another, more budget option is hostels for becpeckers. There are two hostel networks scattered throughout the country (BBH and YHA). Well, the third, the most expensive type of accommodation is motels in the countryside, or hotels in the cities. As an alternative, you can also spend the night or in Camper, or in a tent, more about it below.

New Zealand – a country, just say, not cheap. The most budget coacomsto in a hostel in a room for 4-6 people worth an average of $ 22-28. Single Room – from $ 50, Double – Minimum $ 60 (usually higher). And in the province of prices are often no cheaper, but on the contrary, more expensive than in major cities. Rent Camperstan, as many people think, does not save, but on the contrary, only increases the cost of the trip. Explain. If you rent a small low-caltry in good condition for a long time, it will cost $ 25 per day. Rent a killed two-bed kampersen for a month starts from about $ 40 per day, and it will be the simplest option – mattress on the floor and coarse wooden shelves. Normal Camper in good condition will cost much more. Note that you have to drive a thousand km, and add gasoline costs, which costs $ 1.7-2 per liter. It is also necessary to understand that it is possible to stop and sleep in Campervane only in the installed places, and not everywhere where you want. Often the police in the morning clock goes on secluded shorts and penalizes (up to $ 200) of unlucky tourists sleeping in their minibuses in the wrong places. Stream in your Camper in Holiday Park, which makes most tourists, costs about $ 10-15 per person per night. For this money you get only electricity, access to the total communal kitchen and shower cabins. So does it make sense to contact? Personally, I decided not toasting. I was completely staged by small trap and hostels on the way, where there is always free parking, a hot shower, a kitchen, to cook something, the Internet, as well as interesting interlocutors – the same as I am travelers from all over our planet!

With all the high cost of New Zealand, one huge plus should not be noted – the entrance to all national parks is absolutely free. What is really just great. So throw all things and go on the road until nothing has changed!

What I remember most

First of all, this is a meeting with beautiful people from different countries: Guitarist Carmine from Israel, actor Tita Tita from France, Traveler Lydia from Germany, and many more good and interesting people. If we talk about nature, the South Island worked simply, especially the lakes with blue glacial water! Looking at the photo, I wanted to go there again! On the North Island, natural sources with hot thermal waters are most memorable, in which you can swim both in a jacuzzi, as well as the raging ocean on a wild, huge beach, 90 miles long, which is called – Ninety Mile Beach. On it, during the low tide within a few hours you can drive by car. And not just to drive, but accelerate to 100 km / h. That I, of course, did! And even removed a small video that is here.

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