Landmark of New Athos: New Aphon Cave

The most impressive attraction of the new Athos is the famous New Aphon Cave. The total length of passing through 8 halls (in all of them here 11) of the tourist trail – 2 km, the passage occupies approximately 1.5 hours.

Stone Waterfalls of the New Aphon Cave

On trays, tourists fall into the hall "Apsns" ("Hall Cascades") With deep Blue lake, Then walk on the 260-meter "Hall of speleologists" ("Hall Mahadzhirov") with beautiful complexes of excess formations, then past the hall "NARTA" ("Clay") with Lake Unnamed and observation platform followed through Coral gallery To the villages "Apsear" and "Name Givi Smyra" (excursions are irregular). Then through a narrow hall "Ayuhaa" ("Canyon", "Gallery of tuff dams") Find B "Music Hall Agersa" ("Iveria") and then follow by "Gelictite Grott" ("Gallery of stone flowers", used for scientific purposes) and "Grota Gurov" on the yield "Anacopia" with Lake "Anatoly" area of ​​more than a thousand square meters. meters at a depth of about 25 meters!

Gallery of stone flowers

During the excursion you can see dozens of types of amazing underground formations, starting with stalactites, stalagmites and staples and ending with stone waterfalls, helkities (peculiar "Stone flowers" the most bizarre forms) and really look like sea inhabitants by coral. In the underground galleries there is even its own unique ecosystem – bats live here, in an unnamed lake of grotto "NARTA" Inhabit the colonies of racks, and in numerous cracks, a top bug is a bit.

Excursion trail in a newaphon cave

In the possessing excellent acoustic hall "APHERTSA" ("Apmyarza" – National 2-String Bow Musical Instrument) From time to time Music concerts of the Abkhaz State Choir Capella are held (during this period "ordinary" Turgroups are closed, it is recommended to record in advance).

Tips for visiting a New Aphon Cave

When visiting a newafon cave should be borne in mind that the air temperature in the dungeon is always constant and keeps in the area of ​​the mark + 11 ° C, the air humidity is high, so it is recommended to take warm clothes with you. It will not be superfluous and reliable shoes – many galleries have a very uneven and wet floor, are often not highlighted enough.

Time and Schedule of the New Aviation Cave

Landmark of New Athon New Aphon Cave

From May to October, the complex is open for visitors every day from 9:00 to 18:00, and from the end of October – on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Flights from Mini Metro are approximately three times an hour, as excursion groups are being generated.

History of a new apone cave

A huge paint cavity with a complex labyrinth system was opened with almost accidentally a native of these places in Givi Smyr in 1961. Four local speleologists immediately investigated the detected cave system, striking its size and grandeur. No wonder – volume more than 1 million cubic meters. meters (with recently surveyed tunnels – more than 3 million cubic meters. meters!), the total length of the studied dungeons is more than 12 km! In 1975, this unique underground complex tools three artificial entrances, special walkways and a small underground railway, and he starts receiving tourists. This is not the biggest cave of Abkhazia, but the most accessible to visit – the inputs are almost in the city feature.

Scientists argue that there are other underground complexes that are still waiting for their researchers under the new Athos. By the way, the discoverer of the cave, the artist, sculptor and speleologist GII SMER is now the director of the New Aphon Cave set and plans to further expand.

By the way, the new Athos is the smallest city in the world with its own subway, the role of which is played by the New Aafonian Cave Railway.

Ticket price: Adult entrance – 500 rubles, for preferential categories – 100 rubles. Children under 8 years old entrance is free. How to get there: on New Athos public transport does not go. If you arrived on buses or minibuses from other cities of Abkhazia, it follows the track at the stop "Shell" and climb the streets of Khazaria and Chanb. You can travel by car if you arrived in your car or taxi. Opposite the new-affi cave there is free parking. Address: Abkhazia, Chanba Street, New Aphon Cave

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