Day 6: Villa Ataturk, Holy Sofia and Tyrebol’s fortress.

If you believe the forecast of Turkish meteorologists, today in Trabzon is expected partly cloudy and almost without rains, and further along the path of our following will rain. We are in your hand, because we planned to go to the villa ataturk today – one of the main attractions of the city, and then look into the church of St. Sophia, which literally a few years ago was transformed into a mosque. We still do not go to bed, so at 9 am we had breakfast and drove out of the hotel, that’s so morning at home to get to work and in kindergarten. The first point of our program – Villa Ataturk, but there is no consensus among tourist sites, when it opens for tourists in 9 or 10. We decide to go to 10, so as not to sit at the goal in anticipation, and on the way, we decide to call the panoramic cafe, which has some incredible ratings on all tourist portals, but not because they are tasty fed, but because from there is a stunning view. And since we’re going to the other way, then on the way we decide to go to the dilapidated female monastery of Kyzlar, the few photos of which are available on the net and amazed with their beauty.

Maxim for breakfast

The first stop – the top of the mountain Boztepe and panoramic cafe. In the morning, the cafe is still closed, but we arrived here not to breakfast, but to enjoy the views and panorama of Trabzon. This, indeed, one of the best viewing sites of the city, even if you do not have the desire to drink tea with a beautiful view, it’s worth climbing to understand what a huge and beautiful city.

Panoramic cafe on Mount Boztepe

I must say that the cafe is a few here, we stopped at the top point, which is called Trabzon Tea Garden and the view here is just awesome. By the way, if you want to live with such a stunning view, then you should book the Radisson Blu Hotel Trabzon (from $ 150 per day). Personally, we will choose it exactly next time, despite the fact that prices here are much higher than in the rest of the hotels of Trabzon.

The most beautiful view of Trabzon

Having loved troubled with a height of Boztepe, we slightly descend below the mountain, we park the mosque and go to the monasteries of Kyzlar. Greek name of the monastery – Panagia Theoskeepatos. It was built in the middle of the XIV century, the monastic complex included the church with a holy source, chapel and celi, all this surrounded very impressive walls. If you believe a few photos from the monastery, then beautiful frescoes have been preserved here.

We go to the monastery Kyzlar

But, unfortunately, after many years of abandonment, the monastery decided to renovate … Over the closed door, some works are clearly underway, which did not allow us to get inside. It is a pity, but this is another reason to return to Trabzon next year.

For tourists, the abode of Kyzlar closed for an indefinite period

If we were able to get inside, I would see such beauty

The next item of our program – Ataturk Pavilion. According to the legend of Mustafa, Kemal Atatürk sailed past a Trabzon on the ship, saw a finest building on the hill and wanted to buy it, it was the first and last time when the most famous Turkish president was in this building. But it does not prevent the mansion to be the most visited attraction of Trabzon after the monastery Panagia managed.

Ataturk Mansion in Trabzon

The fact that this is a tourist place is reminded and a cash desk at the entrance, where you need to purchase tickets, and the availability of guides, including in Russian. Personally, we prefer to watch this place yourself, but if you wish, you can take a guide who will tell you in all details that, how and where to look at what to pay attention and so on.

Inside the Ataturk Pavilion

Place interesting, but does not cause some big delight. At least we stayed enough, although, of course, this place deserves attention, if you arrived in Trabzon. And we go further, our goal is the Church of Saint Sophia, which has recently been among the Orthodox shrines, but literally a few years ago it was turned into a mosque. And on the way we have one very important thing – you need to cut Max, because his hair is growing with some incredible speed, it seems a month ago, and he looked like a shaggy dom.

Parking on the streets of Trabzon

Boy in a hairdresser

Children’s haircut took 15 minutes and cost only 10 lire ($ 1.8), so cheap children we have not yet cut. &# 128578; From the hairdresser to the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Trabzone just a few minutes walk. Sophia Cathedral for a long time was the Cathedral of the Trapezund Metropolis of the Constantinople Orthodox Church, but five years ago was transferred to the Muslim community and from April 2013 is a mosque.

The most unusual mosque we saw

The temple was built in the XIII century by order of the fourth emperor of the Trapezund Empire Manuil I Great. In the XV century, Mehmed II (Fatih Conqueror) captured the Trapezund and drew the church in the mosque. During World War I, the city was engaged in Russian troops and the temple was used as a warehouse and military hospital. And then again served the functions of the mosque until 1964. After the restoration of the 60s, the temple was turned into a museum, but the museum stayed here less than 50 years old, and in 2013 the temple was again handed over to the Muslim community and turned into a mosque.

Church of Saint Sophia in Thrabuzound

The main attraction of the cathedral is the unique frescoes of the XIII century, which are preserved in a very decent state. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enjoy them to fully. However, the Muslim community did not take paintings, as did when Mehmeda II, but only partially closed them from the visitors of the mosque. If you wish, you can see some of them, but it is quite a bit. But fragments of the mosaic floor, which have been preserved from the same time, can not see tourists, they are closed with a carpet.

Painting in the Cathedral of Sofia in Trabzone (Street)

After a walk through Trabzon, we decided to have lunch and go to the road. According to the plan, we have a night in the city of Giresun, on the way we want to call in a small fortress, but let’s see how it happens there.

Lunch on the seashore in one of the restaurants of Trabzon

And now in the way

Landmarks of Trabzon and Tyrebol fortress

Often in the reviews of bloggers (especially on YouTube) you can find information that the Black Sea coast of Turkey is unrepreneurously and except for Panagia managed to watch there is nothing. I want to memorize this region, as there are very interesting sights. Maybe they are not as bright as on Antalie or the Aegean coast, less popular or not so photogenic, but there are many of them.

If you did not find what you see – then you are just a person who does not know how to use Google. Our map of attractions in this part of Turkey has almost a hundred places worth seeing, but, unfortunately, within one trip, it is impossible to do this, so you have to choose only a few most. One of the places in which we drove – the fortress Torrole, about which almost nothing knows. Such a strange place without history.

Tyrebol’s fortress, or as it is sometimes called, Saint-Jean Kalesi (Tirebolu Saint Jean Kalesi) is located on a small peninsula. The exact date of construction of an ancient strengthening is unknown, but historians agree that she was erected in the XIII century. About the history of the Fortress of information is not very much, but in Russian there are also a stingy pair of lines, which copywriters rewrite each other. The walls of the fortress as it were grow from the cliff, and inwards can be accessed through the only entrance. On the territory of the fortress itself, there are little: several foundations and remnants of tombstones from a local cemetery. But tourists come here not for the sake of history and legends, but for the sake of the species that opens from the walls of the fortress to the city of Torrome and the Black Sea.

View of the city Torrome

And Max more like to look at the sea

Rocks go into the walls

After a little walk we go further. To the gires of only 60 km or about 40-50 minutes. For the first few days we were looking for hotels in Turkey very unusual for modern tourists – simply came and asked free rooms. But this method is rapidly annoying, so we decided to use the proven booking. Please note that if you are in Turkey, you can not reserve a hotel in the country through a well-known service. In order for them to take advantage of, you must or do it in advance when you are outside the country, or use VPN.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Our hotel requirements are very simple – triple and parking. But with the last one here is very bad, almost all hotels immediately declare that they have no parking. Before booking something, we decide to drive a couple of hotels that declare that there is free Public parking. In fact it turns out that on the narrow streets at hotels there are no places to park, but even in order to just stop and go to find out where you can leave the car. As a result, we choose a large four-star New Jasmin hotel on the outskirts, in which, apparently, besides us, a couple more numbers were employed. This is one of the most expensive hotels in our trip (more expensive there was only a five-star in Kusadasa with "All Inclusive") – $ 72 per day with breakfast.

View from our window

The usual resort hotel, but if you are a fan of the sea, then it will not be very suitable for you – a rather uncomfortable entrance to the water. The pool we did not try – it was very cold for swimming.

Hotel New Jasmin in Giresong. The window in which the light is burning – our.

The strength to go something to watch or look for a seat for dinner was no longer there, so dinner we went to the restaurant at the hotel, waiting for it will be quite expensive, as it usually happens. But the kitchen and prices were pleasantly surprised, very cozy, tasty and affordable (about $ 30 on three without alcohol). The saturated program of walks did its job, and by 11 pm everything went to bed. If you believe the weather forecast, then tomorrow there will be a single sunny day, and then you will come to the Black Sea coast, there will be a strained rain, so we plan to enjoy a little more to enjoy the northern part of Turkey and get to Samsun, and then go to the center of the country. Do not switch all the most interesting ahead!

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