Language courses abroad: how to organize a trip on your own?

The easiest and fastest way to learn the language &# 8211; it is to teach him in the country where they are told.

Almost every city abroad has its own language school for foreigners. And in major cities and capitals their number is calculated by hundreds.

If you think you go to learn the language abroad is very expensive, then you are mistaken. If you organize everything yourself, it is not more expensive than a regular tourist trip, and sometimes even cheaper.

What are the language courses?

The most common type of courses &# 8211; General language course. The emphasis is on learning all aspects of the language: grammar, reading, phonetics and t.D.

Most language schools, in addition to the common course, offer a special training course for international exams. The most common &# 8211; IELTS and TOEFL.

As an additional classes, you can take an in-depth grammar course, phonetics and even individual classes with a teacher.

Most popular courses for advanced students with a bias to specific specialization, such as Business English, English for Tourism and Hospitality and T.D.

Separate schools offer their own developments, where language courses are combined with the study of culture and art or culinary skills. The latter, by the way, are very popular in Italy.

How are the classes pass?

On the first day of students, students are asked to pass a small test, according to its results you will be determined to a group with a suitable level of training. Therefore, do not worry if your knowledge is lame, in your group everyone will have about the same level of language proficiency.

Schedule and duration of classes sets school. As a rule, the classes are held every weekday and last 3-4 academic hours of 45 minutes, but there are schools where the academic hour is equal to 60 minutes.

At the end of the training, you will receive a Course Certificate.

What accommodation options are offered to students?

The most common option – accommodation in the host family. You will live in a separate room or share it with another foreign student. But do not count on the fact that the family will devote all his free time to you. On the first day you will be familiar with the house and rules of residence in it. Please note that not all families allow students to use the kitchen. Brew tea / coffee or make a sandwich you, of course, will be allowed, but to make something on the plate or in the oven is unlikely.

If you plan to combine learning a foreign language with entertainment, the best accommodation option for you is a student hostel (residence). Some schools specifically rent a house or apartment for their students – this option is the most comfortable, but usually more expensive.

Language courses abroad How to organize a trip on your own

And finally, it is worth noting hotels. They are offered language schools that are located in resorts – in Malta and Cyprus.

How to organize a trip on your own?

First of all it is necessary to determine the country. German can be learned both in Germany and in Austria, English in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, in Malta and even in Cyprus.

Select language school &# 8211; The most difficult stage. The preliminary list can be spacked on the agencies that are engaged in learning abroad. But with the most cheap schools, they practically do not cooperate. If you are looking for a budget option, then in this case you will come to help the ability to search for information on the Internet.

In many countries there are sites – school catalogs. For example, if you go to learn English to the UK, then the site will come to your aid &# 8211; www.english.Com

How to book courses written on the site of the language school. Many of them are offered to fill out and send a small profile online, others are asked to fill it from hand and send a scanned copy by email. After your application will be approved &# 8211; You will send a bill.

As soon as the school receives payment or prepayment of training and accommodation, they will send you the relevant documents on the basis of which you will receive a visa.

How to get a visa to learn language?

In each country, their requirements for foreign students. You need to carefully explore the consulate site and the immigration service of the country where you are planning to go. In addition, on the Internet there are many specialized sites and forums, where you can find information on obtaining a student visa.

Language courses abroad How to organize a trip on your own

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