Lankan cuisine

Well, that hour came when it’s time to tell about national cuisine. From each country, I inadvertently recruits some photos of food, well, Sri Lanka did not exception. Lankan food is very tasty, but there is one thing – it is incredibly acute. Believe me, I ate a real Georgian food, ate almost real Mexican food, so if you both cross them and multiply two – it turns out the kitchen Sri Lanka. And wines everything – Chile, who put in each dish.

Well, of course, the main dish on the island is Rice and curry, But I will tell about him later.

And first I would like to tell what I liked most. You may be surprised, but these are not exquisite lobsters or some tropical fruits, it is a simple pellet. It is called Roth. Made from freshly conductive pulp coconut, flour, water and salt. Fried on a hot pan

Then the top is flashed Lukov Kata Sambol And wraps. Kata Samball is stewed onions and a large amount of chili pepper. When all this is hot tasty incredible!

Well, in now it’s time to talk about that food, which I ate at least once a day (as a rule, a couple of times) – Rice and curry. It seems to me that like me, most of you think that rice and curry is a mixture of rice with all of us a familiar spice, more famous for us as turmeric. In fact, curry is a dish cooked with a mixture of spices, which includes a different amount of black pepper, chili pepper, coriander, cinnamon, cake seeds, cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic and leaf curry shUSD And each mistress uses its combination, so the tastes are everywhere different, but the community is. That is, chicken curry, beef curry, lentil curry approximately everywhere will be one taste, especially within the same area, but still from the restaurant to the restaurant acuity, some secondary notes will be different.

In restaurants I did not eat there, all the time feeding in street cafes. The average cost of good lunch – about 100 rubles. It’s just such good. It looks like this:

That is, you come and say, let me rice and such a set of curry, all this will be issued to you in this way: every type of curry in a separate small plate, and rice in a large. To be honest, one portion can be bolder for two – always impose from the soul!

Curry with beans

Curry with some local vegetable, like a card, can manica. Delicious thing!

These most curry great many, I tried to try everything and I can say that vegetable curry in general is sharper than meat (seafood I did not try, because I can’t tolerate). Curry can be ordered with rice, and you can still with two popular things. Here is such a pellet Paratha

Here it is ready. Just macat in any curry and pellet just melts in the mouth! By the way, I completely forgot to say the most important thing – they eat everything and all their hands! I also eaten with my hands – this is this getting indescribable pleasure! Of course, you will also bring a fork, and a knife, and a spoon, if you ask, but eat hands – indescribable.

Third "garnish", with whom they eat curry – String Hoppers – Thin vermicelli rice flour cooked for a couple.

There is just a hopper – it is a pancake from the same rice flour, which bakes in small frying grounds, so that the edges are obtained by crispy, and the center is soft. Often in the center pour egg. Photos Something I did not find

By the way, rice also has several species. First of all it is just White rice. There is also Rice Buriani, fried. In the photo below – Fried rice with chicken, pineapples and eggs in the batter.

It is impossible not to say about Lankan pastries – its just incredible amount! Pies, buns, sweets, pancakes – all this filled with the counter of any cafe. In the photo below: Rotti, Ulund Vadai (Lentils, Green Chile, Onions, Curry leaves, Salt, frying oil), Lankan Samosa (Roasted baking with minced meat or vegetable filling), Rotti Fish and Vegetable, Lankan Fish Cutlets and Chinese Egg Rolls

And here and sweets. As I said in a post about Azerbaijani cuisine, I do not like sweets, so I almost tried them, with a rare exception. But I can say that all sweets are made from coconut and sugar with various combinations and some additives.

The only thing I liked, is this thing, called ASMI and is a crunchy not much sweet faded "Makaronin", Polished syrup. What is he made, I did not understand

Round ball – Labda, Delicious, completely coconut. Colorful and peanut – Palgoa, Short-sweet. Orange – Penivalala, similar to our donuts. Sorry, I could not eat more.

Lankan cuisine

All sorts of nuts and other fried snacks are usually very sharp. On the picture Manica chips, fried dried fish, nuts (mostly peanuts)

On the coast quite a lot Seafood, But, as I said, I did not even try, I do not like.

They drink most of all tea, but also coffee does not happen. Tea, as a rule, with milk, shining sweet. So that you understand – we take the most bad tea, such as in the canewear or soldiers from the hiking kitchen, we pour into the glass a couple of tablespoons of condensed milk and mix well. It turns out the loss of Lankan tea.

Still some love to mess, it is to dirty, and not to drink. As a little money, then drink such a similarity of beer – toddy

Or local strong alcohol – Arraq. Both first and second is made from coconut. Alcohol I do not use at all, so I can only say that the first thing smells like our kind braga, the second – as a pretty good wiser.

Well, fruits (ranked here and coconut, Although it is the same fruit like me ballerina). I can’t imagine that Lankans would do without coconuts. Unlike Philippines, here is a yellow coconut, green is considered bad. What inside is delicious incredible! Worth a penny.

Second fruit – a pineapple. Incredibly tasty! I thought the most delicious pineapples grow in Tagitai in the Philippines, but these are still cooler! Price in the photo (divide on 4 and get in rubles per piece. Surprised?=))

Watermelons here with fist. Nearby is a disgusting fruit, which is impossible to open it (I broke the tile in the hotel’s bathroom, while I opened)

Well, the last fruit – banana. I was taught to distinguish the three main types of bananas. From above, the smallest – blue – the sweetest. The largest – Cholmouth, It is a little different to taste. On right – Pullie – Banana and light sourness resembling lemon.

Of course, it was impossible to cover all the dishes of the country for incomplete two weeks of staying in the country, and there was no such goal. But I repeat, the food is though sharp, but very tasty and in a couple of days to this severity you get used to and do not even notice. By the way, despite me gastritis, I did not have any problems with the stomach. Bon Appetit!

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