Lancut – the most beautiful castle of Poland

Lancutsky castle is considered one of the most beautiful castles of Poland, thousands of tourists go to the east of the country to admire this masterpiece of palace and park architecture. Nowadays, Lubomirsky Palace is not only a museum where historical and cultural exhibits are collected, but also a hotel in which anyone can stop. So if you want to feel like a special royal blood, "Welcome to Lancut!". Lancut is a small town in the east of Poland, which is just 70 km from the border with Ukraine. He is known primarily by the same castle, so often Lancut is called the city of one attraction, but this is not quite so. In addition to the palace and park residence of Lubomirski, it is worth paying attention to the synagogue and the town hall. There are very beautiful churches in the city, as well as a widely known alcoholic beverage plant, which produces Lancut vodka popular in the whole Poland. In production there is a museum of the vodka industry, the truth excursion to the museum is only in Polish. Like most provincial Polish towns, Lancut is very cute and cozy.

But let’s go directly to the castle, because it is for this that we came here. The residence of the Lubomirsky is located in the heart of the city, along all the roads a huge number of pointers, so that you will not pass by the castle. There are three entrances to the park: the central is located on the street Castle. In order to get to the exhibition Karet, it is best to use the entrance to the street on May 3, and there is also entrance to the park from Kościuszki Street.

Schedule of the lock depends on the time of year and the exhibition you want to visit. Best use Official site Museum to determine the time of visits. Palace Park is open from 7 am to 23 pm and the entrance to it is completely free, but if you want to get inside the castle and consider the interiors, you will have to pay, and not only for the entrance, but also for the tour.

The price of the ticket depends on the language of the excursion and the number of participants. Only on Mondays you can get inside the castle without a guide, on the other days you will have to wait for a group set on the excursion tour.

We were not able to get on a tour of the castle, since the nearest excursion in English was expected only after 4 hours, so we decided to walk through the palace park.

If you look at the Lancut Castle from the satellite, you can see that the park consists of two parts, where the inner has a star shape. The fact is that many centuries ago along the border of the park held a fortress wall, built in the second half of the XVII century. The castle passed from hand to hand and by the end of the XVIII century he was like the palace, rather than a well-fortified fortress. Fortification facility is not left, and the form has been preserved.

The boundaries of the two territories are clearly visible, because the Rips have been preserved from the former fortress, right now they will not call them impregnable.

Before we go for a walk in the park, I would still like to say a few words about Lanzut and Castle. The history of the city is rooted in the Epoch of the Early Middle Ages, he was founded by Casimir Great in 1349. The castle appeared almost three centuries later, in 1629-1642, with Stanislav Lubomir. At that time he was one of the most modern in Poland. In the second half of the XVIII century, the new owner of the castle, Isabella Lubomirskaya, turned the castle-fortress to the castle-palace, and it was in this sight he reached our time.

At the same time, the formation of the park complex around the building began, roads were leveled along the pvv, gardens and a greenhouse appeared. By the end of the 18th century, the castle in Lanyzut became one of the most famous and popular castles of Poland, and guests often moved here from all over the country, the musical evenings were often satisfied, there was a saturated theater life.

In 1816, the Lancutsky Castle went to the ownership of the grandson of Isabella – Alfred Pototsky, but he did not often attend the palace, so over time, all the chic and the brilliance of the residence came to decline. And only after the owner of the castle became Roman Pototsky and his spouse Elzhbet from the genus Radziwilles, the palace returned his splendor.

Maybe an accident, and maybe a truly family "Radzivilsky" taste played a role, but it seemed to us that the castle in Lanyzut was very much reminded by the famous Nesvizh Castle.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a serious reconstruction of the castle, which touched upon all the floors, and in addition, water supply, sewage and electricity appeared here. In 1890, work began on the improvement of the park, which lasted for 14 years. During this time, the park has doubled, the Italian garden appeared in the eastern side, and in South – new greenhouses.

It is believed that after all the transformations of the Palace in Lanyzut became one of the most beautiful not only in Poland, but in all of Europe.

Among the guests of the Lancutsky castle there was not only Polish aristocracy, but even the Romanian king Ferdinand and his wife. Now anyone can feel like an aristocrat and live in the castle of Lubomir. The fact is that there is a hotel in the walls of the residence Lancut Zamcowa Hotel, with its parking and even pool.

At the same time, the cost of living is quite low – if you believe Booking. COM, does not exceed $ 40-60 per double room with breakfast. Honestly, when we looked at the hotel from the outside, we decided that the number in it costs from $ 200 and above and did not even consider it as an option overnight. And only having arrived in Moscow decided to see prices, and were pleasantly surprised.

The inner park is quite small in the area and most tourists come here to admire the famous Italian garden and a rosary, some are still sent to the greenhouse. Meanwhile, the whole charm of the Lancutsky Park in the details. For example, the entire outer wall of the library is loyed by ivy, in the summer the walls are covered with a green carpet of leaves, imagine how stunning it will look in autumn?!

Lantsut Poland

Behind the building of the Lancut Castle is the Italian Garden, which was divided into the residence of the Lubomyr in the second half of the XVIII century.

Everything is done very carefully and beautifully, but it doesn’t look like a classic garden with apple trees and cherries.

According to its size, the garden is very small, but very cozy. Castle on this side looks very different than from the facade. Here you can see the tower with sun hours – apparently, a reminder that once Lancut was not only a lock, but also a fortress.

From the Italian garden we went to the rosary and a greenhouse. Unfortunately, in the Orange Room, it was possible to get only with the excursion, so everything we had, it looks through the windows. &# 128578;

It didn’t work on the rosary either – all the paths were blocked, but it does not prevent pleasure to enjoy the unique colors.

That’s actually all that can be seen in the domestic park. The outer park is much more, on its territory the exhibition of the carriage and other transport, several arbors.

If in the domestic park we almost did not meet anyone, then in the external could not find a free bench to sit and relax. Apparently, the Lancut Popper is popular not only among tourists from all over Europe, but also from local residents.

The residence of Lubomirskiy in Lanyzut is definitely worth come to this small town. The castle is very beautiful and not similar to others that we have seen in Poland. Of course, in size and scale, he is very losing Castle in Malbork or Wawelsky Castle in Krakow, but he is so cozy and calm what you want to return here.

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