Spanish Island Lanzarote located in the north of the Canary Archipelago and is the fourth largest. Lanzarote is about three hundred sleeping volcanoes. Therefore, it is also called «Island of fire-haired mountains».

Lanzarote surprises with his beauty. The southern part of the island is notable for its «Space landscape», And he acquired such beauty due to volcanic eruptions lasting in six years, starting since 1730. Since then, Lanzarote Island is covered with basalt and ashes, and once green fields turned into lava. Then the reaches of the disaster is the island left almost the entire population, but by returning many years later, it was able to get along with the new nature of the island and use a unique soil for growing vineyards, whose wine is served in the most expensive restaurants in Europe.

The great artist Cesera Manrick was able to create an architectural style of the island, which remarkably harmonizes with a natural feature of Lanzarote. Now the island is a biosphere reserve and is protected by UNESCO.

Lanzarote certainly has high tourist attractiveness, however, and not crowded with tourists. Therefore, rest here will not be spoiled with huge crowds and endless queues. At the same time, Lanzarote will deliver a lot of impressions and pleasures. In addition, the island is notable for its beaches. Since along with beaches having white sand, the western part of the island will surprise with its black volcanic sand beaches.

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What is interesting to see in Lanzarote?

Top attractions Lanzarote

Volcanic Cave Cueva de Los Verdes

The observation deck of Mirador del Rio


Fire Mountains Lanzarote

Valley thousands of palm trees

Cactus Sad

Castillo de San Jose

Lunny Lansarote Island Landscapes

Chiniho Archipelago

Lanzarote: Excursions and events

Lanzarote Island is replete with different attractions, but in order to get a complete picture of the island, you should choose a tour «Treasures of black pearls» – So local travel agencies often call a sightseeing tour of Lanzarote Island. The fact is that the north and southern parts of the island are very different from each other. Agree, visiting only one part of the island you will not receive a sufficient idea of ​​this beautiful corner of the Earth.

Excursion begins with the northern part of the island, you will have the opportunity to see the rocks of the mountain range Risco de Famara, as well as the complex of volcanic caves, created by the project of the architect Cesera Manrique and combining the harmony of nature and art. Then you will visit Miradora del Rio Tower, from where 470 meters from a height of 470 meters will open the most beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Next, you will go to the south of the island, and visit the Timanfaya Volcanic Park with his unique landscape, learn the history of eruptions in the period 1730-1736. Stop in the fishing village of El Golfo, in this village after the eruption of the volcano in 1730, a crater was formed, at the foot of which there is a wonderful emerald lagoon, a reservoir in the form of a crescent. You will see the basalt coast of Los Ervideros. Visit Salinas del Hanubio Soleinas and one of the most beautiful villages of Spain Eyes.

And on the way back, you will be transported through the delicious wine valley of La Geria, where you learn how the inhabitants of the island were able to revive their land and benefit from dozens of tons of volcanic ash, through painstaking and heavy manual labor. The duration of such an excursion is 7-8 hours, the cost of the tour is determined on request.

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History Lanzarote

Climate in Lanzarote

Climate Island Lanzarote subtropical, will be favorable for lovers not very hot weather. Due to the low relief on the island almost no rain, so you are afraid that your rest can be drooped by shower, do not have to.

But the most favorable time for recreation falls on September, the wind is soothered at this time, and the water temperature in the ocean warms up to the maximum mark. Cooling time begins from mid-December and lasts until the end of February. See full information about the weather in Lanzarote for months.

Lanzarote: Entertainment and Active Leisure

The island offers a wide range of entertainment, both at sea and on land. You have a huge selection of kayak rental, catamarans, water bikes. For lovers of extreme sports kitesurfing, windsurfing and water skiing, Playa Famara beaches, Playa Los Jameos, Playa Las Cucharas and Puerto Calero will provide their services.

There are also diving clubs, thanks to which you can evaluate the magnificent variety of marine life. And if you are not ready to dive with the aqualung yourself, Submarine Safaris offers a tour of the yellow submarine. We rent a yacht and walk under the sail, you can in the port of Kappero and Rubikon, having committed a small tour of the Canary Islands.

Transport features Lanzarote

Movement on the territory of Lanzarote Island is carried out with buses and taxis. Buses walk from the capital Arrecife. But not in all interesting places of the island can be reached by bus, in addition, the bus schedule is not always convenient. However, this is the most economical way of movement in the island, you can pay in cash, but it will be cheaper to purchase a Bono Bus magnetic card at a price of 12 euros, you can buy a card on the bus station in Argerefe. A bus schedule View on Arrecife Bus website.

Taxi is a more convenient way of movement, especially if you are somewhere late, the car can be called from anywhere, whether it is a hotel, a restaurant or shop. Rates depend on the time of day and the tariff zone. And if you have the right, then it is best to book a car in advance, it is perhaps the most convenient way to move around the island, so, in addition to excursions, you can examine the island yourself in detail, with anyone and not to depend on. The cost of rental begins from 20 euros.

With Lanzarote, it is possible to move to another island with the help of ferry and steamer, the cost of transportation from 30 euros. Before Fuerteventura, you can get from the port in Playa Blanca. To the island of Gracios get from the port of Orsol. From the port of the capital of the Arrecife Court and ferries are sent towards the Western Islands. To the Gran Canaria can be saved without transplantation, because with this island the most developed message, and through it to the rest of the islands. Rightly direct messages to Tenerife.

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