Large adventures millionaires

In March, several employees of the Russian list of Forbes were walking through the Israeli desert, repeating the path of Moses. And this is not the most original travel option. What else people are capable of unlimited possibilities?

In the footsteps of Moses

At the end of March, a group of businessmen from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus repeated Moses through the Israeli Desert of Arava to Jerusalem. Three millionaires of Jewish origin died in white chitons and Beduen bandages, including the Forbes list, Mikhail Friedman (Condition – $ 16.5 billion), Executive Director of TNK-BP Herman Khan ($ 10.5 billion ), co-owner of the social network "VKontakte" Mikhail Mirilashvili ($ 750 million). It was not 40 years old to go, and only four days, but on foot, in the heat, without mobile phones, air conditioners, etc. And although at the disposal of the rich, there were souls, camels, carrying a swing, and a cook, the transition was gone to the travelers. "This is a big load for us, urban residents who are accustomed to sitting at the written tables," Mikhail Friedman admitted.


Mikhail Friedman – $ 16.5 billion

Herman Han – $ 10.5 billion

Mikhail Mirilashvili – $ 750 million


British millionaire Genhem Pendrill went to Kenya to settle in the African Masai tribe. From the favor of the elders he drank the urine of the bull, got a nickname brave and officially became Masai. Pendrill spent a whole month in the poor African village. Returning to England, he continued to wear Masai’s clothes, shocking others, and soon announced that it was selling his huge house in Almondsbury and leaves to Kenya to tribesmen. Maybe it would happen if the Kenyans did not express a public protest. "We do not understand why this rich man wants to sell all his things to live here! We have no water, very hot and dusty, it is unlikely to be happy here, "said Masai in the press. I had to stay under his millions in a 12-bedroom mansion.

Genham Pendrill Millionaire, an antique merchant, no state data, its mansion in 2005 was assessed at £ 1.2 million

Around a balloon

Earning millions in the New York Stock Exchange by 40, Steve Foscete turned his further life into a continuous adventure: Swamped La Mans, climbed at 400 mountain peaks, repeatedly hesitated the planet on yachts and aircraft – all over his account 116 world records on the sea and in the air. But in history, he entered primarily as the first person who has made a round-the-world balloon flight. Fosset spent $ 300,000 to create its own aircraft and six years – to make a conceived. The sixth and successful attempt to fly out the planet on a bowl took place in 2002 and took 14 days, 19 hours and 50 minutes. For 63 years, Steve Fosset has repeatedly subjected to conscious risk. And in 2007, he completely disappeared with Radarov – the body of the phosset was found randomly in the Sierra Nevada mountains later.

Large adventures millionaires

Steve Fosset – £ 20 million

Climate hero

Some millionaires travel for spiritual cleansing, others – for the records, and someone solves world problems. For example, the heir to the Dynasty of Rothschild Bankers, one of the most enviable British bachelors David de Rothschild sailed from San Francisco to Sydney on a catamaran, consisting of 12,000 plastic bottles. The project called The Plastiki was to prove to people that the plastic garbage, polluting oceans and land, can and should be recycled into something valuable. The 18-meter ship with a mini-garden on board spent 128 days in the open ocean (only then journalists learned that the "climate hero", as David is called in the press, suffers from seaside disease).

Baron David de Rothschild – $ 10 million, general family condition – $ 2.5 trillion


Perhaps the biggest eccentric among the millionaires looks like the son of the Pole and Russian Yanush River. In 64, the successful producer of the Italian pop stars, which once brought in the USSR Toto Kutuno and Adriano Celentano, suddenly threw a business, bought a bike for $ 50 and went to the world. Since then, 13 years have passed, and Janus River still goes through countries and continents, teaches foreign languages, spending the night in the open-air sleeping bag, lives for $ 3 per day, although it has a million accounts that promises to pay for charity after his death. He had seen 140 countries, including Russia, but did not happen in the capitals, 20 times came prisoner to the militants. Millionaire cyclist plans – visit Sochi Olympiad 2014.

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