Large myth of the little island

This island is amazing and with a big story. According to one of the believers, it was from here that an Indian tribes occurred, inhabiting modern Mexico, namely, this is the legendary Astlan (AZTLAN) – Praodina Aztec. From here, they went to the continent and after prolonged wanderings in search of a better place for life found such a one and a half thousand kilometers from the starting point, in the current Valley of Mexico City. There and laid your future capital – the sacred tenochtitlan, in the place of which the Mexico City spread out.

True, this version has no scientific evidence. Is that: translated from the Naiathl language on which the Aztec say, Astlan means "Rannel place", And these birds on the island of Mekskaltitin a lot. By the way, on the same Naiathle Mexcaltitan means just just "Place Mexicans".

True, according to another version, the name of the island comes from the other word of the same language – Mexcalli, or Mezcal in modern. Well, what is Mescal, I think there are no need to explain to many: Tequila’s older brother, a sturdy drink, prepared from the pool – a fermented Juice of Agava. Who did not drink him, probably paid attention to the supermarkets on the bottles where the caterpillar swims. This is Mescal. You will drink – do not forget to eat this caterpillar, divided it between all drinking. Such is a mandatory ritual.

Mescal for Mexicans – the same thing that wine for the French or whiskey for the Scottles, that is "All of them". That is why, as, in fact, we see, essentially a big difference between "Mexican venue" and "Mescale location" No. Almost synonyms ..

Finally, risking to become likely to Mikhail Alexandrovich Berliozu with his verbose, addressed to Ivan the homeless story about "Grozny God Vitzliputuzli, who was very revered by the once Aztec in Mexico", I’ll give it all the same version, according to which Mekskaltitan, as well as Mexico, is due to the name of the goddess Moen Metstley. Supporters of this theory in its confirmation lead the fact that alleged island in shape resembles the moon.

It remains only to be surprised how, under the load of all this mythology, a tiny island has long been dreamed of water. But no, keeps. Moreover, it is firmly held precisely for this, the first-imnyous past, erecting it into a real cult. In 1986, the Government of Mexico, going to meet the numerous petitions of the unnoticed population of the island, recognized his historical monument – entirely.

And it’s despite the fact that there are no dooxbic antiquities on the island. Another thing is that the inhabitants themselves create and maintain a certain image of ancient, persistently keeping the archaic foundations of life. Some still live in saman huts, others – in wooden houses, chopped from tightly fitted mangrove trunks. On the doors – whether it is a hut or a more modern and comfortable view of the dwelling – there are fundamentally no constipation and dumps, they are open. Three or four local streets – also on fundamental considerations – do not asphalt, which, given the almost three-month rainy season, creates specific inconvenience when moving on the island. True, at a certain time, the shower is so pouring the island that the streets turn into channels for several months in the channels for which canoees. Europeanized aesthetes call mekskaltitan "Little Mexican Venice", But the local residents themselves are unlikely to like this comparison. They are confident that Venice is just a new building compared to their town – the cradle of the Aztec civilization.

There are no car here: however, they would even be dispersed. No and Police: Judging by open shut-off doors, she simply does not exist.

In general, the civilization will receive a minimum. One hotel: without it it is difficult to do, tourism is still an important article of island income. One polyclinic. One primary school. One Church – Saints Peter and Paul, patrons of these places. Museum of Decolumbovaya History. True, several quite modern restaurants: Mexican cuisine – such value that sin bring her sacrificing whatever image ..

Large myth of the little island

And once they started talking about restaurants and bread, we note that the base of the power is here – almost exclusively seafood. Agriculture on the island will not be particularly able to do: soil is very saline, almost saltchard. But fish and shrimp – even eliminate. Actually, in the main year annual holiday – the day of the Apostles Peter and Paul – at the same time the shrimp season opens. This happens on June 29, hundreds of boats go to the sea, on the noses of two heads – the sculptures of island cartridges. These two boats float chairs: compete, who is the first, Peter or Paul, swims the specified distance and returns to the pier. I strongly suspect that the regatta is being staged with an element. After all, the first must come to the finish of Petrov Boat: then, according to belief, the fishing will be abundant throughout the season.

The holiday is celebrated for a long time, and once the chelny sailed from the islands with the sculptures of the War War I was saved, and not the Christian Apostles.

Shrimps here so much that their sellers are divided into the goods in the morning: the part is left in the shadow, in the coolness, and the part is laid out on the sun, so that a few hours after the start of the trade, you can taste and dried, and dried, and the god news like seafood. And in the above-mentioned local restaurants, of course, you just have an ice cream of them. And everything else – Please: cocktail, Tortotilla (classic Spanish potato-egg casserole), Topiculus chowder, cooked according to ancient Aztec recipe, – all with shrimps.

So I don’t know how about herd or Meskal, who do not drive here for a long time (and I’m not sure that you have ever been grown: Agava is not growing here), but shrimp certainly deserved the right to be a symbol of mekskaltitan.

What else remains to say? Of course about people. They live here, apparently, not bad. If only because those who do not go to the sea can be seen the day-day in the tank of their own patio or on the porch carefully caring for the tiny barisades, which the essence of the same indispensable feature of local houses, like opened doors; or gambling playing dominoes. Tropical heat is partly balanced by the fresh breeze, so that even in the Siesta, not everyone goes to sleep, and the thresholds often see blusterly swinging in the rocking chairs of people. Many, by the way, are similar not so much on Latinos, how much to Chinese. The multi-million outcome of the Middle Kingdom in the second half of the XIX century, as is well known, led to the formation of chin-taunov in many countries of Latin America. The Chinese and the cozy island of Mekskaltitan did not pass. Once again, it is here, many so downtown, despite the proximity of the continent and the simplicity of the message with him. They prefer to live in this tropical paradise and completely ignore the noisy and fussy "greasy" life. And it gives opponents a version of the outcome of the Aztecs with Mekskaltitan one is not very scientific, but in its own way a convincing argument. Aztecs were too wise to look for from goodness and leave such a paradise.

Large myth of the little island

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