Large traveling little queen

I am Amrita. I am the queen of the country of Amriti. Nick, my youngest brother – king. And mom and dad are my subjects. And I want to tell you a very interesting story. About hike.

Amritenia is everywhere where there is me. Although in the sun, if we are in the sun. Or on the moon. Or in the sky if we fly on the plane. And now ambitonia on the boat, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.

We have one favorite island. We call him amphios, and there is a cheerful bay on it. We always go to her at the beginning of the campaign. The campaign began with the fact that in the bay with an incomprehensible title the attic from the sea near us jumped a large fish with a long nose. Dad said that this is a sword-sword and my friends laughed with my friends. I thought it was a fish ball, strange, she was not at all like a ball. Dad was afraid that the fish will start playing with our boat and sneaks it with his sharp nose. But she, apparently, was frightened and hid up deep in the sea.

Then we attacked a lot of OS. Dad was chosen from them in the paddle. And I sat and thought, who has how many OS on the hats. Mom had a lot of them and they have already gathered to build on her hive hat. But the bees decided not to travel with us and returned to their kingdom, and we moored in a cheerful bay, where as always rest and bathed. And then float further and got to the bay deceptive. Why do we call her deceptive? She looks beautiful, but put a tent nowhere. Raw and not cozy. Although my friends Pepppe, a monkey and housing liked there to climb and jumping around pebbles, collect berries and leaves, but they have fun in any new place. Blew a strong eyelet wind and we had to return to the fun. On the way there were such big waves that we all watched priests. And I’m only legs, because I sit above all! But we were not afraid of the droplets. Even it was very fun. Everyone besides dad. After all, it is fighting with waves. And we just sit and smile.

While dad put the camp, we are in our tradition, went on a magic road to the amphitheater. He is 2000 years old. We lasted there on the steps, and showed each other performances, sang songs and danced there to the dark. It’s good that we managed to get without adventure to our bay. And there we were waiting for a fire and dinner. And we played our favorite game in the planet. Mom – Earth, I – Mercury, Nika Moon, Dad – Venus. And the sun is our bonfire. And then we went to bed, but I liked it so much in a tent, he silent, played, jumped, and, in general, I did everything that was doing during the day, and not at night. And we hardly laid it.

In the morning I woke up very early and my dad with the bonfire in yesterday’s coals. Then they floated on. The first stop was on the island island in the bay of anoint. Here I started collecting my collection of seashells. There we climbed the stone. These were rocks. We sat on them and rushed boiled turtle eggs. Maybe not turtle, but it is a delicious thing.

Then Nick found a stick, and I also found a stick, and we were struggling with all my might. And such big were splashing! And I also caught this stick. And caught a lot of all delicious fish. Invisible.

Then we sailed in the bay beautiful, in which were in the past hike. There we did not follow the boat, and I suddenly look at her – she herself swing. I ran up to her and tried to pull her ashore. The dad came out and caught her. Hurray, the boat did not take! Strong wind blowing, and I came up with the game "Mad Tent". It is necessary to put a tent where the wind, sit in it, and the tent carries, turns, and I rush, rush, rushing with her! I rolled on a mad tent several times. It was very funny! And once with nickname, but for some reason, it did not like it.

Mom lay in a hammock and suddenly I saw that an inflatable harmonica appeared in her hands. She gave me to play, and then Nick. I love to play inflatable harmonica. She seems to sing. Very nice! Maybe you will be surprised that it is in our unusual tool? Maybe you call it differently. But we have an inflatable boat, and the harmonica should be inflatable! Her mother got out of a pocket, in which there is a secret passage to the country where small gifts are hidden.

And then my mother and I went to divide the secret path. And broke the ciphers on the stones. Messages from ghosts.

Nick was playing in a small prince who brought us 4 bright glowing stars from the sky. He hung over all of our lanterns, turned on them and the whole evening it was important to pace so on the camp.

In the morning we bought and sailed further into the country of five rocks and other optical illusions. Islands moved moving around the sea. Initially, they were close to each other, and when we approached them, turned out to be very far. And the dad chose a small gray landmark in the sea and sailed to him. And our boat wieled it there, then here. And then Dad suddenly exclaimed: "Oh, my landmark flew somewhere!". It turned out, it was a seagull. It was very funny.

We stayed for lunch in Cambalo Bay. After lunch, Dad offered to walk in the settlement of ice cream, and I, of course, agreed. On the way Dad told about Amriti. And we could not find the village. Got lost and went back and forth. All the same came. But there it turned out that there is no electricity, so there is no ice cream. We bought bread, water, fish 3 pieces, and more treated us with 2 grenades. We love the boat very much grenades. And in general people eat, and especially on the boat.

And why is this bay called Cambal? Because Dad saw fish-cambal in water and hunted her. And why, I do not know. He already bought fish!

When you look into the water, the cambal is very difficult to see. She is the same color as sand at the bottom. Pressed for the bottom and freezes. And when we went to the water with Nick, and she sailed to our legs towards. She likes to eat feet? But she failed!

In the evening we swam further, but it was not an ordinary swimming, but night! And very difficult! Especially for me, I sat high on things. And for nickname, because he is the smallest. Strong wind blew in the face, and we all blew. And there were big waves. The wind ended only when we pour into a deep bay! It was so good! But it was already dark, and there was no place for the tent nowhere. Dad moored to the shore and searched for smooth sites, but they were not. Finally, we found a place in a pine forest near a large ship – Ghost. In the forest was very good and calm. I found Casiope in the sky, and looked at her for a long time.

In the morning I, as usual, woke up very early. And when mom woke up, we had breakfast and went to a mysterious boat that lived on another glade. And there we climbed into her and played on inflatable harmonic.

The sea was very calm and we fell to one bay. I liked not only here. Several yachts were our neighbors. Gutting to the shore, and my dad went to watch the drop of dragon. This is a toothy bay with sand and strong wind. Dragon’s mouth gave us a lot of gifts. Molds, inflatable circles, swimming board. When we returned to ourselves in the bay Yachiver, we were like pirates that are returned with a big robbery. All our hands were busy trophies. Then we swam in the circles in the circles, however, he choke once and began to cry. But it’s nothing, he should be accustomed to the marine life. After all, we will still be very long at sea!

Dad wanted to go with a boat into the fall of the dragon on foot, so as not to float the cape, but there was a very strong wind and we did not go. And I would like, because in the wind you can arrange a cheerful game in a mad tent. In the evening, when I already went to bed, Dad called me and showed the Milky Way in the sky. He said that this is our universe, and we are with the edge.

The next day we stayed at lunch in the shopping bay. There I opened my store on a big stone. It was sold firewood, beautiful seashells, floats from networks, molds that we found in the bays. My dad bathed, and I dived, and looked that there was under water.

Large traveling little queen

Then it happened that we all do not love, especially dad. Began a strong counter wind. Pape to fight him! He rows against the wind, and we don’t need to do anything, only sit, there are grenades and do not fall out of the boat. I had to quickly close the store, and we float further. Pope was hard to row against the wind, and as always we are fun. After all, the waves ride more fun than sailing in a calm sea. Although we woozy.

We were swimming for the islands, and there was no wind. We stayed in the bay calm on the uninhabited island. Here we have bathed and buried in the sun. Nick rode on the board, sitting on it, like on ice. And then he dived from her into the water, and he did not like it. And when I drown, I played in the shell and gave them different names. And then I tried to swim sitting on the board, but I did not succeed, only lying. And it was very fun, you need to row and hand and legs, and splashing loudly around.

Dad said that we will not sleep on a desert island, because in case of waves our camp will fool, and we swam further. We chose the bay almost to the darkness, and stopped in a quiet bay of the escaped sneaker.

There we swam in the sea. I rowed, and Nick was a passenger. I was going to swim nearby, near the shore, but accidentally floated in the middle of the bay. And how did not try to row, mom and coast were not granted. Then Dad approached and began to say, how wept I row. And then it seemed to me that the land grows and my mother goes to me. It was very joyful.

We thought we were alone on this island, but suddenly music rang out of the bushes. So loud that we thought that there is a restaurant or cheerleh. But after 2 songs, the music suddenly stopped sharply, as started, and only Wuhan owls were heard. Maybe we caught the Baba Eggs Party?!

In the morning when we were going, could not find my second sneaker. And I decided to call this bay of the escaped sneaker.

We stayed for lunch we are in a big bay. While we drose, dad said that she would show a turtle lake to someone who shes. And we all atheble well – we always eat well in the campaign, and went to watch. Turtles, who warm on the shore, at the sight of us, everything as one quickly jumped into the water and disappeared in more often. There was only a small baby turtle, and we did it. On this day, Dad was mistaken with the route and flew further than necessary. Farther than our end of our journey. And, having listed, we began to return. We finally sailed in the wind and did not worry about. For the night we stayed in the Bay of Paradise. Here was quiet, windless, but there was no firewood at all. Dad floated to explore the neighboring bays and brought large firewood. Then my mother and I went to divide one trail, this was a magic trail with labels on it. But in a store with ice cream, she did not led us again.

In the morning we did not hurry, because there was quite a bit. And again sailed the end of our trip. I had to guess to another bay. And there were cats. Nick took a stick, and wanted to beat them, beat, beat, beat. I did not like it, and I ran it. And I stroking cats when it was not near.

It was the last hour of our journey. We rose to the mountain, and again were on that magic road with labels. She led us to the viewing platform and we admired the beautiful sea.

Then we went to the road and went on buses to Akyaku, to our home. We were very glad that the journey was over, but the adventures continued. We were going to sleep in bed! In soft and cozy. Very unusual, because I used to sleep in a tent, in a sweater, in socks, taking care of a towel. And now I had to lie under a warm blanket, and with a pad. It is very good.

In the evening, when dinner, dad said he would now put the camp. And I asked: "Why, now we will sleep in bed?". Dad thought and said that he would be accustomed for a very long time. And also said that we will break somewhere again somewhere. And I did not understand where, because we are already at home. And dad said that our boat knows how to swim through the air. I again did not understand how, but I realized that my dad was very funny. Bye Bye.

Large traveling little queen

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