Larnaca For most tourists, it becomes the first city resort, where they get acquainted with Cyprus Island. This is explained by the fact that many of them arrive in the country just through Larnaca. At the same time, Larnaca is closer to the middle of the south of Cyprus, next to Ayia Vodo, which is the center of club life on the island.

Larnaca is the third settlement of the sizes among other cities of Cyprus. At the same time, there is an amazing way to observe the connection of antiquity and modernity, which is reflected in the architecture of the city: the ancient buildings are located in the immediate privacy from modern buildings.

Larnaca attracts tourists with its numerous historical buildings and memo. For example, it is in Larnaca, according to the Bible, a long time lived Saint Lazar. After his resurrection, Jesus, he settled in Cyprus and lived here 30 years. Lazar became the first Bishop of Larnaca.

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What is interesting to see in Larnaca?

Top attractions Larnaca

Monastery Stavrovany

Aqueduct Kamares

Aphrodite trail

Fort Larnaca

Village Lefkara

District Museum of Middle Ages

Ancient kition

Square of Europe

Underwater park of amphorus

Salt Lake Aliki

Larnaca: excursions and events

Excursions in Larnaca are offered multifaceted. Consider everything in order.

Lovers of sea cruises can enjoy walks on the ship. In order to find out all the details about them, it is necessary to go to the organizers for Larnaca Marina. It is a port located on the outskirts of the beach Finikides. The place is easy to find out, because there will be ships and yachts. The price of such pleasure will be equal to $ 100.

You can also participate in the pirate night on the fleece. There will be fun games and fun competitions. Organizers provide alcoholic and fruit. Ticket to this show will cost $ 30 – adult, 15 $ – children’s.

Another wonderful excursion – This is the hunt for octopus. The excursion includes: lunch, which is usually prepared from the seafood. Those who organize a tour promise to catch the octopus in the sea real. Fishing cost $ 40.

In winter, you can visit the salted lake. Tourists will have a unique opportunity to admire the pink flamingos. Price – about $ 70.

Being on vacation in Larnaca, you can also take part in a cycling excursion. In the process of cycling tour, tourists have a good opportunity to admire local beauty. You can travel all day accompanied by an instructor. If suddenly someone gets tired, then it can freely transfer to the car that follows bicycles.

Larnaca, Cyprus Recreation, Reviews, Larnaca Hotels Travel Guide

History Larnaca

Climate in Larnaca

Climate in Larnaca Subtropical and Mediterranean. Summer the temperature may be from +25°C to +31°C. In winter, she can fall to +15°C, and just at this time of year a large amount of precipitation can fall. In the summer, on the contrary, the air temperature is very hot and dry.

Attending Larnaca better in the period from May and September. These months are most favorable to visit the resort. To pick up the best season for yourself, look at the weather in Larnaca for months.

Larnaca: Entertainment and Activities

Tourists who love active rest will be able to enjoy various water sports in Larnaca. There is an opportunity to visit near the city of Aya-Napa. There, resting can be entertained in the water park, the moon park and visit Dolphinarium.

From water sports in Larnaca, you can surf, diving. The possibility of riding on yachts and paragliding, which is attached to the category. Lovers of gust can do fishing. Not far from Larnaca in the Mediterranean Sea are located some of the sunken ships, which is particularly interested in divers.

You can still ride in the kart center, which has an original name "Go-karts". His work time from 9 am to 12 nights. He will soul to those who love high-speed races. The length of the boarding circle is 1600 meters, width – eight.5 meters. Karting is equipped with a place to train arrival, gas station, medical care center, restaurant and t.NS.

Transport features Larnaca

Due to the fact that Larnaca is conveniently located, it is possible to get from it to any city of Cyprus. The price of a ticket to Limassol is $ 12, to Nicosia – 10 Euro.

Tourists can drive from Larnak airport to Aya Napa with green buses that are owned by Inter City Buses. Stop can be seen from the right of the airport, the passage will cost 10 euros.

If you need to get to Paphos from Larnaca Airport, then there are two options: you can rent a car or first by bus to Limassol, and then from him already directly to Paphos.

Larnaca, Cyprus Recreation, Reviews, Larnaca Hotels Travel Guide

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