Las Vegas – Bread City

In the US, you will immediately say that Las Vegas is not America. Las Vegas is a unique. Toy for adults. The city over which the sky does not darken from the lights of countless casinos, and the light beating from the top of one of them – "Pyramids" Mgm, even say, confuses pilots flying over Las Vegas aircraft. "Las Vegas" Spanish means "Luga". According to guidebooks, so the city was called because of the green landscape attended here. Around – ordinary desert. Not really, truth, ordinary – red. And not quite deserted – there you can meet restrained coots, as well as rabbits and all things.

Gambling at home like mushrooms began to grow in Las Vegas since the beginning of the century. But in 1910 they were forbidden – to get to the underground casino it was necessary to know a special password. Again the casino was legalized only in twenty years, during "Great Depression" – In 1931. Now in Las Vegas dozens of casinos, some of which is located in luxury hotels. By the way, in Las Vegas are very proud of what is there are nine out of the ten largest hotels in the world. The biggest of them is all the same MGM.

The entrance to the casino is free and their attractiveness is not exhausted by one gambling. In the afternoon, you can see how, for example, a huge family of Chinese with a whole brood of children enters some kind of chic "Mirage", Where there is a subtropical forest with a lake and live white tigers in thick glass. You can go to the casino "New York – New York" – Multi-Manhattan reproduced there: houses, streets, balconies, starry sky. And can be "Escalibor", medieval style.

Next to the casino are often presentations. For example, before "Mirage" every 20 minutes the volcano is erupted, and in front of the next "Treasure Island" With the onset of twilight begins the battle of two ships – American and British with real people on board and all sorts of pyrotechnic effects. This show ends always the same – the Americans win, and the British ship slowly goes under the water. Universal babysitting.

Still in the casino you can eat, drink (if you are not less than 21 years, which is confirmed by your document, with this in Las Vegas strictly). You can also dance, buy, whatever and, of course, play.

American old women, for example, (them, however, it is difficult to call old women – hindered jeans and eternal Coca-Cola) usually prefer "One-handed bandits", Where excitely throw your bestons and dollars. Games generally a lot – poker, baccarat, bingo, black jack, bones (craps), roulette and the like. And there are still special individual cabinets, where the chosen rich is played in their games – with millions.

Casino open clouds. As, by the way, most Las Vegas stores, where they sell alcohol, and how "Department Stores", where almost everything is sold. By evening, the casinos remain the most grooved. Passions are glowing and, where at 21, and where at 22 people younger people are asked to leave the room. Around the tables where the most zooak is played in the roulette: there are the largest rates, and, accordingly, the most nervous players. The ball flies, the croupier is trying to make an audience even more.

Hard Rock Cafe and Casino – A strange combination of gambling with severe rock music. Visitors – Long-haired young and not very young men and girls in black leather clothes. Waitresses (in the waitress casino make drinks players if they ask, of course) – in short-cowes under the tiger skin and leather vests. However, this robe is already reminded not a heavy rock, but something sadomasochist.

Las Vegas - Bread City

In fact, in all the waitress casinos look extremely defiantly. Probably, this is one and indispensable attributes of the casino. The same as the lack of wall clocks, intched windows (that is, all that reminds about the flow of time), placed on your gaming machines and tables and tables – so that nowhere can it come, bypassing them, not too beautiful floors and carpets – so as not to distract the view from what you need to watch.

Watch people in slots for coins on playing machines, on clever arms croupier, sending your money into non-existence. Farewell to money should be easy and easily forgotten in the premonition of another chance to win. You did not have time to lower the coin in the Slot machine, as the body requires that the following is to maintain a steady-ticking nerve of adrenaline level.

Croupier work like fockers. They seemed to enter the image of a person who cleans our sinful world from this Sora – money. SAT rolls on the croupier on all sides and all his appearance of the croupier as they say: "After all, no one wants to have pockets full of garbage!". The croupier, like a kind angel, elegantly and sophisticated (but instantly!) lowers your dirty papers in a suddenly appearing and immediately disappearing slot in the green table. It seems that these papers are subject to instant destruction and sewage. And you, besides what they gained freedom, getting rid of world evil, also get chips, tokens, and most importantly – a chance.

Las Vegas – absolutely abnormal city. Its abnormality begins with an abnormal summer heat and ends with an abnormal nightlife when you shout from all sides to the ear: "You are about to win! You will win crazy money that will absolutely turn your life!".

And even in the toilets of some cinemas, visitors are provided with a chance to become a millionaire. You are offered to weigh on the scales installed there. May be the number of kilograms that are measured by your weight, coincides with a happy winning number.

Las Vegas - Bread City

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