Las Vegas Casino

110-meter casino in the form of a glass pyramid is located in the southern part of Las Vegas Strip near the airport. Luxor is 4406 comfortable rooms, 6 restaurants, IMAX cinema, swimming pool, fitness center. All this luxury guards a huge Sphinx at the entrance.

Wynn Las Vegas – $ 2.7 billion hotel casino, located in the center of Las Vegas Strip. Wynn Las Vegas has several pools, fitness center, full range of spa services and salons, 18-hole golf course. The hotel has 2716 spacious rooms with excellent views, TV and marble bathrooms.

Casino Hotel with more than 4000 rooms. The main feature of the casino – water canal, along which 80 boutiques are open.

Bellagio Casino, named after Bellajo’s resort on Lake Como in Italy, is located in the center of the famous Las Vegas Strip. One of the main attractions are fountains performing truly choreographic performances, synchronized with light and music. Hotel Capacity 3933 Rooms.

Casino Paris boasts a 165-meter copy of the Eiffel Tower, a triumphal arch, an agreement area. Casino halls are located at the base of the Eiffel Tower. From the observation deck on top there is a panoramic view of the city. The hotel has 2916 rooms.

Sizars-Palace – one of the most senior casino hotels in 1966. The complex is decorated in the imperial style of ancient Rome. Hotel guests are waiting 3,348 rooms, the Colosseum – a place for show and representations, Roman baths, Garden of Gods, Barge Cleopatra and other Roman attributes and entertainment.

New York New York Casino is distinguished by a memorable facade, which recreates Manhattan. The architectural ensemble includes 12 skyscrapers, including Empire State Building and Chrysler-Building, as well as the Harbor of New York, Statue of Freedom, Central Station Building, and other iconic sights of New York. More than 2,000 rooms are delivered at the hotel.

Mandalay Bay invites you to enjoy a combination of entertainment and sophistication and uses a tropical topic for this. There are 2700 tons of sandy beaches around the pools (including heated and the waves), there is an aquarium with sharks. 24 cafes and restaurants operate in the complex. Number of rooms – 3215.

Planet Hollywood – 2500 seater complex, first known as ALLADIN. One of the remarkable advantages is a 7,000-seater show and speeches.

Aria Resort and Casino is the newest casino hotels in Las Vegas (open since 2009), is located in the heart of Las Vegas Strip. The Aria complex is 4004 rooms, 16 restaurants, bars, nightclubs, swimming pool, fitness center and casino.

Huge white castle with towers located in the southern part of Las Vegas Strip. Excalibur Casino Hotel offers everything expense from the hotel in Las Vegas: 3990 luxury rooms, 6 restaurants, 2 pools, spa, wedding chapel.

Casino is located in the southern part of Las Vegas Strip opposite Casino New York New York. MGM Grand Hotel Casino includes 19 restaurants, amusement park, shopping center, 2 Theater hall, dance club, several swimming pools with waterfalls, 16-thousand Arena, where a large number of top-level sports competitions are held. MGM Grand Hotel Casino One of the largest hotels in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Casino

MIRAGE – Casino-hotel at 3044 rooms performed in tropical style. At the entrance to the Mirage there is a volcano, which in the evening every hour is spewing smoke and fire. Visitors entertain dolphins, tigers, wild cats and rainforest.

Palazzo is located between Wynn and Venetian casino and connected to Venetian tracks and water channels. The Palazzo includes a complex of pools with gardens and sculptures, showroom cars Lamborghini, as well as a number of prestigious boutiques.

MONTE CARLO Casino Hotel is located near the airport. In addition to the casino, in a 32-storey building, a hotel at 2992 rooms, gallery shops, bathing area, wedding chapel, fitness center, several cafes and restaurants.

Flamingo – the oldest of all current casinos on the Strip Boulevard. The complex includes a hotel at 3626 rooms and a casino area of ​​7,200 square meters.meters. Tropical Flamingo’s topics beats thanks to the garden with live inhabitants (Flamingo and other birds). The hotel’s strength is a large swimming pool. Prices per room start from 40.

Treasure Island was planned as an addition to MIRAGE, but developed to a full-fledged casino resort. Over time, the pirated themes went to the background, but the show with pirates is still very popular with tourists who arrived in Las Vegas.

Mandarin Oriental – 5-star hotel located in the complex of buildings CityCenter. In the 56-storey tower are 392 rooms of the elite level, 5 restaurants, spa and other facilities and entertainment.

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. Fantastic Las Vegas Casino attracts not only avid players, but also millions of ordinary tourists. For many travels to Las Vegas becomes one of the brightest memories for life. Las Vegas Casino will give travelers who bought last-minute tours, unforgettable impressions. One who at least once visited Las Vegas, will be happy to return to this city.

Las Vegas Casino

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