Last Carpathian narrow scene, Vichuu de Sus

On the very north of Romania, in the depths of the Carpathians, on the outskirts of the town of Viseu de Sus (Viseu de Sus) and just 20 kilometers south of the border with Ukraine, a unique narrow-sole railway is located. From 1932 to this day, daily, a small train (in recent years – diesel locomotive) with several cars runs from Vishuu de Sousa up in the mountains on a twisted 40-kilometer railway to pick up the wood and bring it to the city for Processing. I must say that "unique" The line has recently become simply because having entered into the European Union, Romania sharply limited the deforestation of forests, turning most of the Carpathian ridge to the reserves. Soon after that, several similar lines have become unprofitable and closed. On the one hand, it is great that with cutting forests gradually "Tie", On the other hand, forever go into the past such mountain railways. On the other hand, the role of tourism and the locomotive began to chain passenger cars.

The path to V. V.EU-de SUSS is very long, and in winter it is also complicated because of the abundance of snow in the mountains. Here is the exact location of the town on the Google Maps map. We will be frank, for most tourists, it is extremely inconvenient to get here. If you drive to Romania through the main border crossing in Siret (the Route Chernivtsi – Suceava – Bucharest), then you are waiting for 220 kilometers through roads on the roads of a very average quality; If you move the border in a marmation siete, then only 70 kilometers, but in order to get from the Ukrainian side to the transition to the siete, it is necessary to twist for serpentine from Ivano-Frankivsk to the southern side of Serpents from Ivano-Frankivsk, then south through the Carpathians in Yaremche and Solotvino. It is understood that you are on the car, for if there is no – things are very bad, because with public transport in those edges it is very difficult.

In addition to the transport difficulties of entering V. De Sous, the station itself is located on the far outskirts of the city, about two kilometers from the center, in the depths of the industrial complex, among fences and all abandoned buildings. Ultimately you get here. Small station with ticket office and tourist office –

I must say that in winter the train although they go on the same daily basis, but passenger cars do not cling. You can certainly ask you inside the locomotive even in winter, you will not refuse you for a small money, but in theory, the passenger message opens at the end of April and operates to the first numbers of November. Here is the route of the train, starts in Viseu Da Sus (Viseu de Sus), gets to Paltin and then returns back. In both directions, the trip takes a little over 4 hours.

At the station there is also a hotel (!) where tourists live directly in the jewelry cars of the most common train –

Here is what the railway hotel from within, photos taken from the hotel and narrow scene (www.cffviseu.RO) –

Of course, we will not be surprised with you a dream on the train! But for ordinary Europeans, and especially young people are accustomed to fly on Lookes this is a real extremal exotic –

But, of course, the railway hotel does not go anywhere and stands on joke. In the mountains there is another composition –

Conventional Little Carriars with Wooden Benches. In winter, it all looks groken and uncomfortable, I know. But in the summer, everything will be cleaned here and bring to mind, it will be in human –

Last Carpathian narrow scene, Vichuu de Sus

Who is interested – Train Motion Schedules –

Woodworking manufactory neighboring station –

By the way, there is one more interesting in Romania.D route, it is a diesel running between Bucharest and Bulgarian city Ruse. Path with a length of 100 with a small kilometers the train passes in three hours. You cross the bridge "friendship" Through the Danube, fall into Bulgaria and there, not far from.Train Station Ruse is a chic locomotive museum. About this trip and about the museum told in the report "How I drove from Romania to Bulgaria locomotives to watch".

P.S Tell me, you standing on rails "Volga" At the very top photo, nothing resembles? Movie Emir Kusturitsy "Life is Beautiful" Remember? There, however, another exotic was drilled on the rails, but still –

A full report about the history of the trip to Emir Kusturice in the Serbian village of Merchant Read here.

Last Carpathian narrow scene, Vichuu de Sus

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