Last cartridge for crocodile

Shooting in the crocodile from the 70th caliber winechester, it is necessary to get a beast. Or, as a last resort, between the blades. Only then can be considered that the hunt succeed. If they missed and get a predator in the paw or in the tail – then hold on! Wounded crocodile terrible in anger. He is able to turn the boat and confuse the offender. It’s better to shoot apt. Or stick from the predator at a distance. Meters stage in twenty. Not closer. All of these wisdom can learn brave travelers, having gone to the tropical deburs of Costa Rica. There, near the river Torchugoo, in the hunting camp Mwamba Lodge, that in the Caribbean coast, one and three-day adventures are organized for adventure lovers "Safari crocodile".

Early spring in Costa Rica does not happen tropical rain. This is the best time to hunt dangerous reptiles – to the clusters of crocodiles in swampy shorts Cortugaero can be reached without difficulty. Moreover, the Safari participants are not at all necessary to carry their guns in Costa Rica. Especially since not with every guns will marry a water predator. With a shotgun, for example, there is nothing to do next to the crocodile. Even a rifle for a bear hunting is not always suitable for a crocodile hunt.

The best weapons are considered among hunters on crocodiles Multisage American Winchester. Even better so that he was "native", that is, American production. But not everyone can get a weapon in hand, even if you even have a very brave tourist. In addition to courage, it is necessary to have at least some kind of experience in handling weapons. Endurance and accuracy will not interfere. It is also desirable to be a member of the National Hunting Society and have a relevant certificate. True, if you have very much to ask for guides and licensed service, then you will be allowed to hunt the crocodile and without a certificate – for your own fear and risk. Only asked first to shoot five times in a row in a tin target from the distance of thirty steps. To find out how you shoot – Chicken or Voznos. If the bullets lie close to "Apple", then forward – to crocodiles! If you leave "in milk" – Better to unaccept them. Or devour, and you will be blamed.

The ability to shoot without misses and hardness of character – also not all. The hunter must pay from $ 400 to $ 700 per license. One license allows you to shoot one crocodile. And if you hoped to wander the three-meter giant, and only the meter caught you – all. On another crocodile will have to execute a license. Yes, and that is not an infinite number of times. One person is allowed for a month to issue no more than three licenses. Although crocodiles in Costa Rica, due to the concerns of people, divorced apparently invisible, the authorities still do not allow mass injuries. Apparently you know: it is worthwhile will be the will of the will – and the current crocodile livestock will remain and the trace.

After installing all the necessary paper and receiving a gun, a tourist accompanied by a conductor is sent to the search for mining. From Mwamba Lodge camp to Cortugaero and Rhout Aason, where predators live, two hours on the motor boat. Alas, reach the swampy lowland Tortugoero can only be water, namely, in the direction of small robusts. Do not get there. Thick jungle dense wall cut off this area from the outside world.

Arrows usually go hunting early in the morning to return to the hotel to sunset. Overnight in raw jungle among the war of Shakalov, the laughter of Matyushki and the buzz of mosquitoes in size with matchboxes – the occupation is not pleasant, even for the most experienced hunter. Therefore, for those eight or ten hours, which separates the dawn from the sunset, you need not only to have time to track down the crocodile, but also to finish it.

Last cartridge for crocodile

"Take" crocodile advise with one shot. Or at least three. Shoot automatic queue is considered among real hunters with a bad tone. But, even shooting in automatic mode, it is necessary to remember: one cartridge should stay in the chamber. Far from always the immovable crocodile is actually dead. Here he surfaced up with a yellow belly, rolled his eyes and swims like a log in the flow. It would seem that the hunt is completed. Meanwhile, with inaccurate hit, the crocodile may be simply paralyzed by pain. Will come to yourself – it will be sure to take revenge on the offender.

The boat is true, there is a powerful engine to get away from an angry predator. However, the river beds in the Nizina Torchuero are very winding. Decent speed do not develop. In addition, an angry crocodile is able to rush for some time faster torpedoes. Fall the boat is worth it. Here in this case, you need the last cartridge in the chamber. After all, you can not have time to charge a rifle again.

But this, as they say, extremes. Imagine that everything went well and crocodile has become your prey. Now you need to drag it into the boat. It’s hard. The skin of the crocodile is slippery, solid, buggy. You can easily scratch your hands. About the weight of the predator and there is nothing to say. Three hundred cellogram monster still not fit in any boat. Therefore, sometimes to the tail of the crocodile simply tie the cable and drag it on the water to the destination.

Not every hunter is decided to take away the mined trophy. Some are just taking pictures on the shore along with the prey, and then throw a carcass in the river. Disgrace, of course, but sometimes nothing else to do. According to local laws, withver the mined crocodile is permitted only by the whole. To make, for example, stuffed. Cut the paw or tail – prohibited. It is also impossible to fit the skin on a handbag or backpack. Such an exercise is considered no longer an amateur hunt, but a poaching fishery and strictly punishable.

Last cartridge for crocodile

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