Latvian Culture: Personal Experience

Eating on average, you can from 5 lats per person. In Lido, we ran around 10 lats together (550 rubles) and it is salads, hot, side dishes, juice juice and desserts! A place that is really worth visiting is very cozy, there is also a mini amusement park. In the evening there is especially beautiful.

In Old Riga, you can cheap to eat in a double coffee (almost on every street), Cili Pizza, pancake "Chef Wilhelm" , Drink coffee with delicious cakes can be in any coffee shop, the prices are the same.

Beer in Victory Pub Riga: I recommend!

I wanted to drink a dark beer that evening "LA&# 269; Plesis", However, it was not so easy to find. And we decided then to go to "Victory Pub". This is the most institution where we were going to celebrate the New Year last time, but then changed my mind. "Lachplelesis" There was as much as 3 grades: bright, amber (slightly darker) and "Dark", Although in fact it is a bright beer, just very dense. Delicious pivot. It is there 2 lats. Beer sausages are 3.2 lats, and a shrimp plate – 2.95 lats. In general, sat, drank beer under a snack and watched on TV Fights without rules. In the bar, this is mostly going to young people, so lovers of quiet locations are not here.

It should also be considered that the sorts there are rather miserable. Well, though, not in the literal sense (Just everywhere paper and other garbage).

Restaurant Alus Arsenals in Riga: Food is not cheap

When we reached the castle area (Pils Laukums), we decided to try again to get happiness to the Alus Arsenals restaurant, which we did not have the opportunity to get down last time, t. To. He simply was closed on January 2. In the same time, he was open, and the menu was exhibited on three languages ​​(in Latvia, in my opinion, the menu is always duplicated in Russian, this is not Lithuania). Walking a little more in the city around the city. Castle to Domsk., We went to this arsenal.

Despite the name, beer there was not there and many varieties. I ordered a dark-type homemade dome (2.25 lat), and the wife is a light beer circles called Piebalga (1.8 Lata). Last – nothing like that, dense and pretty tasty, but "homemade" It turned out to be sour, what I said about the waiter. He drove a blizzard like "Oh, nevertheless? Just our cook today checked and said normal.

Wait 20 minutes, we now change the barrel, but for now, if you want, I will bring some other beer". Asked him to bring the same "home", but only light, but it turned out to be acidic. Then I asked a mug of horror, which turned out to be fresh. Horror (uzavas), as I wrote, also excellent beer, sorry only, there was only a bright grade, and I prefer dark.

But on the back of the price there is not cheap: beer salad (croutons with garlic, fried cheese and lettuce) costs 3.9 Lata, salad "Sea Castle" (peeled shrimps with cucumbers, eggs, pineapple and lettuce) – 4.9 lats, baked perch – 5,9 lats, grilled pork piece ("Carbonad") – 6.9 Lata. And however, it’s still cheaper than in Moscow. And the same Franz in Moscow for 135 p. I won’t find any restaurant (even if he is 1.5 times cheaper in Lithuania). We sat as a result of 34 lats.

Dinner in the Riga Restaurant ROZANGRALS: I liked everything

And in the evening we decided to go to the restaurant you liked "Rozangrals" In the style of a medieval castle, which has already been described in detail in the previous report. Sorry, it was not there this time beer "Lachplesis", and everything else beer there somehow not remembered. However, the food and the situation, as always, what is needed.

And we also happened to listen to live music in the performance of musicians dressed in medieval costumes. Cool for such an environment. However, annoyers, honestly, impressed more.

Lunch in one of the restaurants of the Lido network

There is an analogue in Riga "carts" Moscow "Christmas trees": You take a big or small plate and impose yourself different salads-packs how much will fit. For a large plate will have to pay 2 lats, and for a small 1.1 lat (it is better to take a big one for two). There are also packaged salads, which costs from 0.4 to 0.8 lats. Portion of the card pipes there is 0.8 Lata (there is, of course, other side dishes), pinebirds (quite a large piece, resembling machine-gun tape) – 3.3 Lata, Schemeter Schebar – 2.1 LATI, SWIRED – 5.5 LATA (and Svinaulka This size that it is better to take it for two), Beef Steak – 8.4 Lata.

Beer – Dark U&# 382; Avas (there are other varieties, but it was he who he was) – costs 1.4 Lata (2 years ago it was 1,3). There are soups, and various desserts, and non-alcoholic drinks (alcohol are purchased separately at the bar rack). In general, on 15 lats there you can get a very saturated dinner for two, and with beer.

Someone hate this network, they say, food there – Piva. So, crap is all – we have a food there really liked that last ride that in this. The only minus – it comes from the tray itself. Well, what did you want for the money?

Yes, despite the fact that this is a network of restaurants, all of them are decorated in different style. There is even a whole leisure center Lido, located on ul. Krasta iela, 76), where even more choice of dishes and beer varieties, they have even their own brewery there. Unfortunately, we never had time to get there.

Lunch in the medieval restaurant Rozengrals in Riga

Latvian Culture Personal Experience

We went to dine in a restaurant "Rozengrals", What’s on Rosen Street, 1. Next to the entrance wall decorates the wooden barrel mounted in it, which is written in English "Real medieval restaurant "Rozengrals". At the entrance is worth "Swiss" in medieval outfit. The restaurant itself is located in the dungeon of ancient building, where it leads quite steep wooden staircase. Inside – oak shops and tables, stone walls, and lighting is created exclusively with candles – no electric bulb. Even in the sorter and then the candles are standing (toilets there, however, modern, sinks with hand dryers also have).

Menu in three languages ​​(lat., RUS., English.), All dishes are prepared according to old recipes (well, at least it is affirmed). There is there, among other things, Zaitatina (14.8 Lata; I wonder, it is something different from rabbit?), and venison soup (5.2 lats), and simply oernna (19.2 Lata; I hope it was not frowning), and a salad from the bird liver (4.5 Lata; I hope not chicken), and a black cod ( 13 lats; hopefully black it is not because of petroleum products). Desserts are also available. Everything is pretty tasty and satisfying, the portions are big, so do not immediately order a lot.

Beer there all 2.5 lats, I recommend "Lachplesis" Light or dark. Still bread (or rather, two cakes are very tasty) there is served in canvas tied up with a rope, something like a bag is obtained, and for free (and then in other institutions for all buns, 30 kopecks can be constructed and 40 more for the default oil, As it was, for example, in Jurmala). Bread there, by the way, everywhere is very tasty, and any. The wife especially check out the Riga bread, which did not try before. I tried it yet at the scoop, then he was sold in Moscow (and maybe now somewhere for sale), but I am not a big connoisseur.

Restaurants Lidojosa Varde and Kapteina Enriko Pulkstenis in Riga

It so happened that Ironically, we got. to visit to the toad. This refers to the restaurant "Flying frog" ("Lidojosa Varde") that on ul. Elizabetes, 3a (this is at the intersection of ul. Elizabetes with ul. Antonijas).

Initially, however, this restaurant was not in our previously drawn up list of places, which are desirable to visit. We got there by chance. Since the time was already pretty later, we decided to visit some restaurant from the list near the hotel, and that was the restaurant, named after the film of the 60s "Clock Captain Enriko" ("Kapteina Enriko Pulkstenis"). The establishment of us, however, did not attract: Salchik shallow, inside somehow noisy and uncomfortable, a lot of people, some youth of a dubious look.

So we went to visit to "Flying tob", which already have time to notice before. And here we liked: a few halls, in one of which was a fireplace (which was specially lit for us), and in the other – aquarium, delicious food, good beer ("Lachplesis" Light and dark 1.6 Lata and "Horror" 2 is all for 0.5; there is still beer "Cesu", But it is somehow not very). At the very beginning there are served by customers on a glass of some fruit tincture, only we did not understand, with degrees she or not. In short, if with degrees, then with very small. Interior feature – the pictures are hanging everywhere with images of frogs and even cost the sculpture of these amphibians. There is even a playroom for children there.

Lunch in one of the restaurants of the LIDO network: excellent beer!

Founding, finally, long-awaited local currency, we decided to visit one of the restaurants from the local Lido network. They are there, they say, although belong to the same network, have different specializations and interior styles. We went to one such institution right there – in Old Riga on Tirgonu Street. The interior is there – oak tables and benches, as well as various stylization objects for old. Waiters, alas, food and drinks are not distributed, but only remove the dirty dishes. As for the order of food, then there is a complete self-service: you take a tray (they are there any plastic-slippery, so be careful, otherwise your plates can easily become flying), you gain all sorts of packers and pay all this good at the checkout. Some salads and other spreadshears are rated there directly by weight, other dishes – piece. As a result, the food took 14.75 lats, and it was necessary to say, very calorie (various salads, pork steering wheel, a red fish, some other baked fish, as well as big potatoes with filling and still dessert)!

Beer is poured behind a bar for a fee (1.3 lats in 0.5). By the way, almost everywhere there beer there is very good, I dare even declare: better than in the Czech Republic. At least in Prague to find good beer, it is necessary, it turns out to try, it is not necessary to look for it in Riga – here it is, at every step! That time we drank "Uzavas" (read as "Horror" with an emphasis on the first syllable; I apologize for non-use of special symbols, but I bother with a new layout into scrap) – very good beer, both light and dark.

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