Lausanne. Campus Polytechnic School and Architectural Walking

Offer Go to Campus Polytechnic School Lausanne Received Suddenly. We sat a well-known dinner at the restaurant Café du Grütli and decided where, in fact, it is worth it to go on the afternoon. Museums were excluded at once – wanted something new and non-standard. "But no one has not been in the EPFL school area", – Sacramental phrase Roman. By the way, when this requires the situation, the novel mobilizes and gives excellent ideas. Ride through the whole city (some 15 minutes) did not occur to us. But student areas are a separate tourist destination. From London for the whole day you leave for Oxford and Cambridge, and being in New York I did not regret two hours to inspect Yel.

The metro line is laid from the FLON central station to EPFL (M1). The train stops near the new building of the Congress Hall, which opened in early 2014. Only one can write a treatise and a small epigraph in the form of Diffiram. Built in three and a half year Architectural bureau Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés, the center is the prototype of the building of the future. Solar panels on the roof help reduce the load of the building for urban power grids. Additionally, on the facade of the building there are panels invented by Professor EPFL Michael Gretzil. They produce about 2000 kW per year and protect the center from overheating.

The Center itself is a unique transforming object. It can accommodate up to 3000 people at the same time. But at any time this hall can be divided into many small spaces using the GALA mechanism. Balconies are separated from the total space of black soundproofed shirma, the rows with seats turn over and the floor is aligned. Where 15 minutes ago there was a common hall sector, now a separate unit for a conference for 400 people. Depending on the purposes, the building inside can change dramatically for 5-6 hours. At the same time can pass from 6 to 20 conferences and people will not interfere with each other. The center is so successfully planned that even before the discovery was lined up from organizations that wanted to use the Congress Hollard: this year is fully painted, the next year is 80% sold out, and even several months of 2020 are already engaged. Just to get into the halls of this building, but you can look at it outside, and in the information kiosk, ask a detailed dossier of this unique architectural structure.

Across the road from the Northern Quarter, in which the Congress Hall is located, are the training buildings of the Polytechnic School. There are more than 60. Some of them were built in the 1970s and resembles sketches from the cartoon Miyazaki about the lost city of Laput. Metal blocks overgrown with bushes and trees, intricate transitions and stairs woven into the school mechanism – all this is suitable on the scenery of the antiutopic film.

Lausanne. Campus Polytechnic School and Architectural Walking

A completely different feeling from the new Rolex training center. It was designed by the Japanese company SANAA in 2010 and has already become not only a Cammus business card, but also a symbol of the new Lausanne. On top of this center looks like a piece of cheese. Big holes in rectangular shape cause a smile. But the building turned out to be perfect in its characteristics. Here students learn, communicate and dine. The zoning of the building is made in such a way that all three streams almost do not intersect with each other. Everyone can find here such a place where Cybernetics Changing or the Study of Material Resistance will be most effective, and lazy people can sit in a cafe all day until midnight.

However, lazy people among more than 9,000 students in EPFL few. Although the polytechnic school is growing every year (in 2011 he studied at 1000 people less), wishing to get into one of the best universities in the world much more. There are no museums and galleries, but a day spent among young geniuses, who will soon begin to change our lives with their scientific discoveries, tones no worse than great art.

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