Lazarevskoe – Sochi in miniature

Lazarevskoye village refers to Big Sochi, this is the administrative center of Lazarevsky district. Usually the village is called simply – Lazarevka. It is very similar to Sochi – the same subtropical climate, around – the mountains, the palm trees are growing everywhere. The coastal line was stretched by 7 kilometers, it is made up of comfortable beaches.

Lazarevsky beaches

In Lazarevsky, the cleanest and well-kept beaches on the coast of the Krasnodar Territory.

The village is very beautiful, and the coastal line corresponds to him. All beaches are covered with small pebbles, in some zones at the entrance to the water there is a strip of sand. Lines most beaches are not indicated, they go one to another.

The spa season begins with early spring and continues until October until the sea cools. At this time, very crowded here.

If you need a relaxing holiday, then Lazarevka is definitely not suitable for you. If you are interested in well-kept beaches with developed infrastructure and entertainment at every step, then you here.

Central beach

Stretches along the central embankment, which in itself – the landmark.

I’ll tell you about the embankment just below, first about the beach. It has absolutely all that can only wish – hire chairs and umbrellas, water rides for children and adults, shops, catering establishments from small vans to solid restaurants, miniature massage and cosmetic salons.

The beach line is very wide here, in some places it reaches 70 meters.

To sit down closer to the sea, you need to come at dawn or even half an hour before.

Already several seasons in Lazarevsky popular Nautical Pedicure, It makes fish called Garra Rufa.

Along the beach line there are many places where they provide such a procedure. The visitor sits down and lowers the feet into an aquarium with small fish, they begin to fuse from stop dead skin cells. Feelities The procedure is similar to lung plugging. Some find it pleasant, and someone, on the contrary, do not like it, but at the points with Garra Rufa there are no post off from visitors.

Beach "Flamingo"

If you go from the side of Tuapse, then this beach will be the first to see you. He belongs to the "Flamingo" hotel, but the entrance to it is free for everyone. The level of convenience and services is not inferior to the central beach. Here is convenient to relax with children – the coastline is very common, no sharp descents.

One of the most interesting entertainment on the beach – Difference with aqualung.

During diving near a professional instructor. If you want to experience this personally, choose windless days. Ring on the water worsens visibility, because on the bottom there is sand.

On this beach, there are also a lot of people.

Swirky Beach

Located near the same gorge, the entrance to the beach is free.

When locals walk to the sea, they prefer the Swirky Beach. This beach is different from others – there are fewer people here, but it is impossible to call it desertless.

If you are resting here, be sure to visit the Swirle Gorge.

The entrance to the territory of the gorge costs about 100 rubles. You will pass a few kilometers along the trail going past the waterfalls and real dolmen, huge boulders of bizarre. This is a good way to cool after the beach. In the gorge, even in the summer, pleasant coolness.

Lazarevsky sights

Attractions are waiting on every street. This village is very similar to Sochi. But the most outstanding, for which you can come here, just a few.

Ferris wheel

Wheel can be seen almost from anywhere in the village. But the view from it will not be so fabulous as you can imagine. In Lazarevsky dense building. Most of the review are roofs of houses and the sea.

The village surround the mountains, against which the wheel seems small. Ride once it is definitely worth, but there is nothing special in this attraction. If not afraid of height, then buy a ticket not to a closed cabin, but to outdoor places, It will give more vivid impressions.

The feroument wheel in Lazarevsky has its own website, but information on it is rarely updated, these prices may not correspond to reality.

One ticket will cost approximately 400 rubles.

In Sochi, on Mount Akhun there is another wheel of the review, it is two more times less, but it’s more exciting to ride it.

Ahun – One of the highest mountains in large Sochi. From this small wheel a more breathtaking view, the review does not close other mountains.

The picturesque surroundings of Lazarevsky. View from Mount Akhun

You can learn about other attractions of Mount Akhun from a separate material about the city of Sochi.

Central Embankment

The length of this embankment is only one kilometer, so you can go through it in the winter in 5-10 minutes. In the summer, go along the embankment a quick step will not work. This is the epicenter of the resort industry with all sorts of entertainment – cafes, restaurants, shops with souvenirs and beach goods, cosmetic and massage salons and other entertainment.

For example, a couple of years ago appeared here Iron throne from the sensational "Game of Thrones". For a small payment, everyone can take pictures on it. At every step you will be invited to excursions and events. It is on the embankment that it is clearly felt that Lazarevka looks like a large anthill.

After sunset, karaoke and nightclubs begin to work, street musicians come out on the embankment. Another exciting show is Live statues. If the filtered artist does not move, it is impossible to distinguish from the real Stone Statue.

If you bring to relax in the nearest settlements, and you will arrive in Lazarevskoye for one day, do not leave on an early train, all the interesting starts closer to the night.

Oceanarium "Tropical Amazon"

Do not confuse with another oceanarium, come exactly in Tropical Amazon, the best in all big Sochi.

Work schedule and prices on the site: Okeanarium-Amazonka.Ru

Find this oceanarium is very simple. It is located five minutes walk from the railway station, next to the only McDonalds in the village. Like everyone in Lazarevsky, "Amazon" is very compact, but they assign at least a couple of hours to visit it. Entrance to the oceanarium is made in the style of the Logova Cobra, you first find the first floor.

First floor – Oceanarium

The first floor is huge aquariums with giant fish, some of them are similar to the prehistoric creatures of the time of dinosaurs.

Not all fish are large. Piranha very small, slightly more adult palm. But these fish are very dangerous, pay attention – some of them have no one eyes or even two. Here is I Katrana, so called a black seal small shark.

On the first floor heavier wet air. It seems that you yourself are inside the aquarium. If you move away from the aquarium, and then approach him again, the sea world will open from the new angle. You can endlessly proceed from one aquarium to another, and every time you observe different types.

To visit the first floor takes no less than an hour. If you’re lucky, you will fall for fish feeding.

In front of the ladder on the second floor there are small open ponds with turtles and koi carpami. Turtles can be taken on hand. Koi carps also became manual, children often stroke them, and fish are not even trying to float. After visiting the first floor it seems that the second floor will not be so interesting, but this is a delusion.

Second floor – Pingwinard, Exotarium

You will be surprised when you see that the aquariums are open. Being on the second floor, visitors look at them from above. From this angle, they can be viewed again and again, especially when the most huge fish swim on the surface of pairs, similar to dinosaurs swim.

Around the aquariums are the enclosures, there are many funny animals in them.

It is difficult to pick up the time so that all the inhabitants wake up, so it’s better to slowly get around the second floor several times. For the first time you may seem that the aviary is empty, but when you again approach, you will see a bizarre rodent in it, chameleon or someone else. Lenvents live here, but they can see them in motion it is extremely rare.

The most cute inhabitants are tiny monkeys – Belouhie toys and Red-eaten Tamarina. The height of the largest individual does not exceed 15 cm. They are constantly jumping over the Woller, consider visitors. If you like the toilet, then he will consider you for a long time, pull the paws, as if he wants to say hello.


Three penguins live in the glass.

Wolter is designed so that its lower part is water, in the middle – artificial ice molding, in which the penguins walk. All three go on the ice, they make interesting movements, as if we are bowing to visitors. Sometimes they just stand still, but in a moment everything can change – one of them will jump into the water, and the other two abruptly change in places.

Looking at the clumsy penguin on land, it is difficult to imagine that it is such a quick and graceful in the water, that he is so deftly jumps out of the water, as if it takes off. Watch the penguins at least 10-15 minutes, during this time they will demonstrate a lot of interesting skills.

"Tropical Amazon" is a real landmark of Lazarevsky, coming to the village is only for the sake of him.

Dolphinarium "Lazarevsky"

Located next to Tropical Amazon, in the same building as McDonalds.

Thanks to this neighborhood, this McDonalds is not quite ordinary. At the very end of the hall there is a window, it looks like a monophonic blue screen. If you get closer to the thick glass, it will become clear that Syneva is not a screen background, but blue water thick water in the pool. This is the home isna Dolphinarium. If you stand near the window for a few minutes, you will most likely see the sea inhabitants sailed by.

See Dolphin – it’s every time as for the first time.

The programs in the oceanarium go on schedule. Refine time and cost can on the site: Delfin-Laz.Ru

Not only Black Sea Dolphins live here, but also Belukha, sea seals and even a real huge walrus. His name is Pufik. Thanks to good care, dolphins multiply in the conditions of captivity, the young dolphin shows visitors.

Representations in Dolphinarium are very fascinating, but the brightest emotions ; This swimming with dolphins. Many after say that they see these moments in dreams. It really brings very strong impressions. Dolphins are very sociable, they gladly take a person in their company, swim with him nearby, give themselves to stroke, begin to play.

Waterpark "Sea Star"

Entrance to the water park directly opposite the entrance to Dolphinarium. He has its own website: Akvapark-MZ-Lazarevskoe.Ru

This is an open water park, in it there is a lot of slides for adults, slides and individual zones for children. There are pools with sea water, for someone it does not compare with swimming in the sea, others find the sea pool more comfortable. In any case, the pool has an advantage over the sea – it can not be a storm.

The territory of the water park is well maintained. There is a cafe and other shopping points. As in any water park, it is impossible to go here with your food and drinks.

Attractions of the surroundings of Lazarevsky

In the Sochi district a lot of interesting. Read our materials Materials about Loo, Dagomys, Imereti Resort and Sochi himself to make sure that.

Some attractions of the Big Sochi are located in close proximity to Lazarevsky.

Crab Gorge

Along all the gorges flows. Previously, there were a lot of crabs, now the population decreased, but they are still more than the sea.

Rest in Gelendzhik in summer 2020: prices, tourists, restrictions

It does not come here because of the crabs, but for the sake of pictorial species.

Walking along the forest pathway gorge, you will see several small waterfalls and canyons. On the way there will be two fonts with cool water. The narrow gorge suggests only one route, but it will be very exciting. At the end of it there is a natural grotto.

Tulip tree in the head

The most ordinary tree can become a major attraction if it creates to such sizes.

Tulip tree in the head is only about 150 years old, there are older trees on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory. But it is to this tree that tourists are rushed from around the district when it starts to bloom. His pictures bypass the whole country.

Tulip Tree Height – 35 meters, Krone spread out almost 30 meters. Consider it completely will be only from afar. But seeing him from afar, always want to approach as close as possible. There is something magical and attracting in this tree.

Lazarevskoe - Sochi in miniature

Tree diameter exceeds 2.5 meters. To grab it, you will need to build eight adults around it.

If you want to clamp a tree, then get back to it. According to ancient legend, it will give vitality than longer to sleep back to the tree, the more forces will arrive.

There is another legend. If you get a coin in the hollow, the mandated desire will come true. However, this legend most likely came up with the goal of entertaining tourists.

Head is located between Sochi and Lazarevsky. The most convenient way to get – electric train. Specify that it is not a speed train swallow, but an ordinary, with a stop in the head.

Where to stay in Lazarevsky

As elsewhere in the resorts, the principle is expressed here: the closer to the sea – the more expensive.

Lazarevka is surrounded by mountains. From the sea and the central street road lead up. Staying at the top of the village will be cheaper, but certain inconveniences will arise with daily lifts to the mountain.

There are a lot of accommodation here – large pensions, small hotels, hostels, private houses. Many locals for the summer moved to the cottages to pass their apartments with resting and earn on this. Book accommodation needs in advance, in season it is difficult to move at an affordable price in living mode.

Verify options can be on Bucking, as well as on announcements services. Popular here Avito and Yula. On social networks there are pages of hotels and hotels, you can watch and there.

Remove the double room for a day at a hotel such a plan less than a thousand rubles. The level of conditions is medium, but it compensates for low cost and proximity to the sea.

Accommodation in the guest house Level above will cost from 2000 rubles per day. For an additional charge, you can order food.

If you drive and count on full comfort in accommodation, you can rent apartments. Cost will be from 6000 rubles per day.

If you are known from the date of arrival, and you see on one of the services a suitable option, immediately book it. Favorable offers are disassembled in a few hours, sometimes even in a few minutes.

Lazarevka is very popular, every year tourists are becoming more and more.

Should I go?

If you were impressed by everything outlined in this material, then, of course, it is. In Lazarevsky a lot of entertainment for every taste. Every year something new appears, but the village remains the same well-kept and beautiful. Here you can come every holiday, it will never get bored.

On the other hand, if you do not like crowded places, ready to sacrifice the level of recreation and the amount of entertainment for the sake of peace, then it is necessary to look at less popular resorts. On the Black Sea coast a lot of small resort villages.

How to get

By plane

The nearest airport in Adler, distance is about 80 km. Getting from Adler more convenient by the train. The next airport remoteness is in Krasnodar, the distance is more than 200 km.

If you are settled in a large pension or guest house, check about the transfer from the airport.

On train

This is the most convenient way to move in sochi.

Electric trains do not stand in traffic jams and go strictly on schedule. Direct train "Swallows" walk from anywhere in the Sochi region, Tuapse, Krasnodar and even Rostov.

"Swallows" are divided into two types – high-speed and ordinary.

Tickets for high-speed trains buy in advance at least a few minutes before departure. But in the season, tickets for high-speed trains with seats are quickly exploring, you have to contact usual flights without booking. Simple trains are crowded, but the ticket can be bought directly on board. Most people in Morning train towards Sochi and in the evening in the direction of Sochi.

By bus or car

Traveling through the large Sochi by car can, but it is important to consider two features. The first is spontaneous traffic jams. The villages are connected by one federal route, it is very downloaded in the season.

The second feature is a mountainous terrain, not everyone is withstanding rides over steep serpents.

Buy a bus ticket can be easier than the train, but often they also book a few days ahead. Consider the bus as a backup option, if you can’t get anyway by train.

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Lazarevskoe - Sochi in miniature

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