Lazio (Ital. Lazio) – Italian region, the capital of which is Rome. In addition, the region includes such provinces of Italy as Fronzione and Latina, Rieti, Viterbo and Rome directly.

The largest cities of Lazio – Rome, Fuji, Viterbo, Sperlonga Terracina Tivoli and others. Of course, first of all, tourists are attracted to Lazio himself the Eternal City, the capital of Italy. However, in addition to visiting Rome in Lazio can give yourself a vacation in one of the prettiest resort towns along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Also, the region of Lazio is famous monuments of the Etruscan era and the Middle Ages and the famous thermal springs, existing since the times of the Roman Empire.

Note that in the region of Lazio in Italy is well developed agriculture. However, more than half of the indigenous inhabitants of Lazio live and work in Rome.

Add that Lazio – it’s also a world-famous and loved Italian football club.

Top cities and resorts Lazio

What is interesting to see in Lazio?

The climate in Lazio

climate Lazio classic Mediterranean type. In the interior of the winter the area is quite cold, and the summers are hot. Coastal regions of Lazio characterizes a mild and pleasant climate, with warm and comfortable winters and hot summers, which is well compensated by the proximity of the sea. The ideal time to visit Lazio – May-June and August-September.

Videos from Lazio

Tours and activities in Lazio

Tourists can take a wide variety of tours in Lazio.

First of all, you should go on a trip to Rome to visit the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the magnificent square and other sights of Rome. Note that provided as walking tours of Rome and visit Rome by car. In addition, we set up tours for tourists «Night in Rome», «ancient Rome» and etc. Also interesting excursion to the Baths of Caracalla and the ancient Appian Way, as well as visit the famous catacombs of Rome.

In the vicinity of Rome, you can go on an excursion to the volcanic Lake Bracciano, visit the Castle Odescalchi-Orsini, where made to celebrate the wedding, even among celebrities. art lovers will be interesting Aeronautics museum with wonderful exhibits from World War II.

Interesting excursions in Lazio, as visiting the almost uninhabited city of Calcatt on the rock, Etruscan Amphitheater in Sutri, Tours to thermal springs in Viterbo and swimming in the pool with therapeutic water temperature +58°WITH («The terms of dople»).

The following excursions are also organized in Lazio: visits to the ancient port city of Ostia, Tivoli and Villas’Este, ride to Roman locks – Castelgandolfo, Long, a visit to the Lake Nemi, where a unique museum of ships, created during Mussolini. It is interesting to go to such a curious tour of Lazio, as in the extinction of the town of Civil Di Balorego, associated with the outside world «Bridge Devil», Visit the Cvetlery, where you can touch the ancient civilization of the Etruscans. And true gourmets will be able to visit Frascati Winery, where you can try and purchase delicious wine and high-quality olive oil.

Tourists-athletes will be interested in passing a mini-course of driving Ferrari, which is organized 50 km from Rome.

History Lazio

Where better to stop, traveling in Lazio?

Activities in Lazio

In the region of Lazio there are all conditions for outdoor activities and sports.

Lazio, Italy - Leisure, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Lazio Travel Guide

First of all, in each resort of Lazio, you can rent a scooter or bike. Extended Lazio roads literally created for skating.

Secondly, the beaches of Lazio have a superbly developed infrastructure: so, on the seashore, you can play beach volleyball and windsurfing, ride «Banana», water motorcycle and so.

Of course, the residents of Lazio, and the tourists themselves, love to play football, because it is this region – The birthplace of the famous Italian football club.

Also in Lazio you can ride horses, play tennis and other outdoor games in the fresh air.

Lazio transport features

Rome, the capital of Lazio, is connected to the numerous towns of the region of the railway. But to the beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea from Rome can be reached on the ground subway. We clarify that the trip will take only half an hour from tourists, the fare – 1 Euro.

Also in the region are popular means of transport as mopeds, bicycles and private cars.

Lazio: how to get?

Get to the region of Lazio by train: thanks to a well-developed railway network in the region, it will not be difficult. And from Rome, the capital Lazio, you will quickly get to any resort town of the region.

In Rome, there is a port of Civitavekya, it is here that come here, and from here go Cruise ships, Forewing waters of the Mediterranean Sea. From here by sea. Tourists can get to such Italian islands like Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, Spain, France, as well as to the shores of North Africa.

In addition, to get to Lazio by car, It is also convenient to travel by car by region. Note that the car in Lazio can be rented. According Lazio can be navigated by car on highway A90, which runs from Rome Ciampino and Fiumicino airports. Also in the region runs the highway A1 (paid), binding an area with Naples and Florence. And on the road A24, tourists will be able to get into the mountains of Abruzzi. The A12 route will lead travelers in Pisa, Kassia and Tuscany.

Lazio, Italy - Leisure, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Lazio Travel Guide

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