Leading Andrei Ponkratov

Born in D. Bitz Moscow region October 22, 1969. In the summer of 1990, after the service in the army, he entered the international department of the Faculty of MSU journalism. Graduated from studying in 1995. Back at the university, classmates led Andrei Ponkratov to the team of television workers, led by Dmitry Zakharov (now the leading program «Their morals»). Worked on the project «Stylish» and «Stylish pieces» on STS and TV-6. Last years worked in the group of companies «Around the world». Since 2009 — Author and host programs of the TV channel «My planet».

Case in Kuwait

If somewhere something was unpleasant during my trips, then the bad is forgotten or you consider disappointment as another adventure, another experience. There was case — now with a smile remember about him, and then it was serious. We arrived in Kuwait. Usually we start collecting the material immediately, from the aircraft to battle, without any acclimatization there. And here came — and nothing. Sit at the hotel. The hotel turned out to be good. All inclusive except alcohol. It is simply not. And what happened with you, selected at the airport — it is forbidden. Day sit in the hotel, the second, third — nothing. No permission for shooting, it is impossible without it, we will say — East. On the fourth day, it turns out that the shooting permits have not yet been received, and when will be obtained — Unknown. Guide was a woman. I had to explain that so normal people do not work: they are invited to make several films, and they themselves hold in the hotel. Even heroed her in English, a little bit. The lady was faced with the ministry that I was dirty… did not challenge, called. Caused to the ministry, threatened prison (they have for insulting weak sex) and deportation. But not planted and did not deported, but everything immediately moved from the place. The bureaucratic car creaked gears and earned. All you need to take off. This unpleasant case was more than blocked by a very pleasant acquaintance with Russian-speaking guys from North Ossetia. They worked in Kuwait instructors in the equestrian police, in parallel gave riding lessons to civil. Milestly people, we still support relationships. And one more terribly terrible case occurred in Bangladesh. But I can not, but still attract or special services Bangladesh will arrive…

Favourite places

Leading Andrei Ponkratov

I love New York, because it is a very positive city, with good energy. He is the same as in the movie. And people there, as if from the movies, go to the statists. It is easy and convenient to live — If there is money! Loved the night ceremonies Voodoo in the north of Benin. Megacked places are in the Philippines: Boracay Islands Beaches and Panay, the capital of Manila is good, there is tasty, cheap and many holidays. Magnificent Seychelles, Mauritius, French Polynesia. It is impossible to forget Madagascar — It is generally something… Especially the island of Nusi-Burach. In Madagascar, very beautiful women, beautiful only Russians.


I dream to visit Niger and Nigeria because it is real Africa. I want to chad because the salary of our ambassador in this country is the highest among the wages of ambassadors, above even than our ambassador to the United States. I want to in Mauritania, because there are a lot of shells and colors. I want to go to Equatorial Guinea, because there is a real African dictator, and because it is the former Spanish colony in Africa. I want to Gabon — The name is strange. I want to central African republic, because there is the ruled by the President-cannibal. I want to Angola, because it is African Brazil. I really want in the Congo, because everyone wants to Congo and because they don’t want to visit the Congo unthinkable. I want to be in Tanzania, because Manit Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar and because I already wrote five scenarios on this country. I want to be in Brazil because there is dangerous and beautiful. I want to Argentina, because there is tasty, fun and tango. I want to be in Bolivia, because from there the first inks came out. I want to Paraguay because I want to go to Gabon. I want to in Colombia, because there is a permanent revolution with cocaine. I want to be in Venezuela, because there are no ugly women. I want to Nicaragua — Daniel Ortega, excellent cigars and rum «Flower cane» I am very pretty. I want to go to Honduras because I want to in Paraguay and Gabon. I want to in Pakistan, because it is a country on the verge and there everything goes in long-grade shoes and white pants. I want in Papua — New Guinea because Papuas himself. I want to india because it is alone, and there are many people. I want to Tibet. Release in Tibet — There are chakras and third eyes.

Leading Andrei Ponkratov

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