How to learn to drive a motorbike. Part 1

I present to your attention a series of articles about motobikes and how to learn to ride. They are written in part in a comic manner and very girly, so I ask you not to treat them too serious. Although the share of truth in these articles is.

Motobike in Thailand

Today we will talk to you about motobikes. Not about boys choppers and cavasaka, but about pretty pink Fino with a sticker Hello, Kitty. Scooter in Thailand called motorbike or just bike. That is, it will be about automatic motorbikes with an engine capacity up to 125 cubic centimeters. Do not need to score your adorable heads such a nonsense like numbers, usually they are written on the bike itself. Over time, you may move to a higher driving stage of the bike, and you will fight the expanses on the pink Harley, shook out the copper blond hair in front of the baycer bikers, dressed in the skin.

What makes a motorbike?

Do not remember all the composite parts of the Motobike, the main is a frame, wheels, steering wheel and some smaller details. Rama – Motobike Skeleton. It is she connects all other parts. Wheels – usually two of them. Tires on wheels are rided with relief grooves that help brake and tend to wear. Therefore, an important nuance is a periodic check of rubber and inflated tires. If you puncture the wheel in Thailand, look for service centers or small workshops. The latter is easy to identify on tires hanging near the entrance. The steering wheel is the most important thing in the motorbike, because they are torn. The control panel is located on the steering wheel. Exhaust pipe – a piece of gases Motobike. Circling Phuket on the bike, Under any situations, do not touch the exhaust pipe of the working bike or just turned off.

Footboard – helps motorbike not fall when parking. On some models, the foothold regulates the mechanism of the motor, so you will not be able to start the bike until you remove the footboard. Be sure to remove the footboard while driving. Seat – located in the center of the frame. Usually under the seat there is a benzobac and a small trunk. If such a trunk is not enough, you can buy an additional, which is attached to the back of the bike. Headlights and turn signals – Light bulbs located ahead and behind the bike. Lights light you the road in the dark, turn signals warn others about your intentions. Not worth turning on the left turn signal, wrap a right. Do not forget to turn off the turnover after use.

Control panel and other buttons

Learn to ride a motorbike - Tips, Practice, Part 1 Phuket Guide

Looking at the steering wheel Motobike, you can notice various buttons, arrows and tsiferki.

The most important circle or semicircle with an arrow and numbers is a speed or speedometer indicator. It is usually the biggest, and it reflects the speed indicators with which you are traveling. Circle smaller with semicircle, arrow and letters F and E is an indicator of gasoline in gas tank: F – FULL (Full), E – Empty (empty). If the arrow reaches the red strip from the letter E – you need to refuel. On the right are the ignition button to be pressed to start the motorbike. On the handles of the steering wheel on both sides are the brakes, on the right – the brake of the front wheel, on the left – rear. It is recommended to use both brakes at the same time, and the brake knob on the left to press is stronger than the right. And you can never use only one right brake. The handle of the steering wheel on the right is not easy, it is there there is a gas controller, which increases and reduce speed.

Buttons on the left (opposite to the right) – Bibikalka, headlights and turn signal. The characteristic picture of Klason is drawn on the biscal, on the headlights – semicircles with rays. On the turn signals are drawn arrows left and right. Bibikalka should be used in case of danger of the accident, and also when you want to vail around with bad words on passing men, splashing out emotions. Headlights should be used if the headlight of the near light burned, and you are driving the darkness, or in the case when the near light is not enough to see where you are going. Do not abuse long-term light on the highway, because the boys who go to the meeting are swearing bad words.

In the next chapter, we will move on to practical exercises on the bike. If you are already interested Motobica Rental in Thailand, I will say that the day per day is 150-250 baht and 3000-5000 baht per month. Only, please, for ride on the bike, it is necessary to make insurance with the additional option of active recreation.

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