How to learn to drive a motorbike. Part 2

Now you know what a bike consists of, and you can go to practical exercises. If you take a motorbike for rent, in no case tell you that you do not know how to drive. Best will be quietly learn to pass the driving exam and get Thai rights.

First steps on the motorbike

In the driving bike there is one most important rule – to slow down! In any emergency situations, you need to use a brake, not the legs. And when you press the brake handle, you need to let go. To start a bike, press the clutch and left brake at the same time, and then slowly twist the gas knob. Slowly! Without releasing the left brake.

If you never drove a bike, then you have to forget about the bike. For a while. Until you master the bike. so! You started the bike yourself, mentally closed yourself. Yes, mentally, not letting the steering wheel bike. Now very carefully turn the gas handle. Slow and carefully. Your legs stand on Earth, to avoid fall. Led bike is the same as sewing on an electrical sewing machine. Never tried? Nothing terrible, after driving you have the opportunity to practice in needlework.

We try again. Slowly grind the gas handle and pass a couple of meters. Happened? Fine! Pleased yourself, of course, mentally. Now the task is more complicated – to drive several tens of meters in a straight line. Do not forget to use the brake, and not the legs, returning the gas handle to rest. Ride direct until you learn to control the movements, do not confuse brake and gas, and perfectly controlled with speed and braking.

Learn to slow down

For this lesson, you need help from out, we will work out the reaction rate. By the way, it is checked before passing the exam on Driving license in Thailand.

Now you are more or less ride in a straight line, without crap into the poles and borders. But do not know how to urgently slow down. Your assistant stands in one place or runs after you and in the most unexpected moment says: "Stop". At the same time you have to slow down. It’s not worth putting cold on the brakes, first you need to press a little, and then press up. Do not take care on the sand, rubbank and wet asphalt. From the first chapter, you remember that you need to put it stronger on the left brake and in no case use one right.

Exercise until you feel that they are controlling not only speed and movement, but also inhibition. Do not forget to mentally applaud yourself.

Learn to turn

Before this lesson, you traveled exclusively in a straight line, avoiding turns.

To start a little theory. Turns are divided into two types: at high speed and on a small. Turns on a small speed carried out turns of the steering wheel to the desired angle. For turns at high speed, just tilt the housing in the desired side.

In practice, first work out turns on a small speed. To do this, from the standing position, the motor is turned off, pushing out the legs, wrap up left, then right. Now try to repeat the trick at a speed of 20 km / h. To avoid falling one leg, adjacent turn, stands on Earth. Now we work out the turns of 360 degrees on the large platform. You have happened? Fine. Failing mental matches! Bis!

Learn to ride a motorbike - Tips, Practice, Part 2 Phuket Guide

Turns at high speed should be performed with extreme caution. Maximum allowable speed for practice 60 km / h. Carefully tighten the body of the bike in the right side, with any dangerous situations, you should return the bike to the vertical state and click on the brake. In no case try to rotate at high speed with the helm.

See both!

This lesson develops skill and multi-pore. Yes, yes, it is a multi-mind! Driving a motorbike in Thailand you should have at least six eyes: forward looking, the eyes of the left and right mirror, two side, looking to the sides, and one on the back of the back. First it will be difficult to get used to watch out the mirrors, dear, signs and machines nearby. I am sure that with the times you will become a true virtue of a multidrocent!

The practical part lies in the following: while driving a look at the main points, controlling the movement and the road ahead.

You can train in random order – clockwise, counterclockwise or chaotic. Main points: Side right and left vision, both mirrors, watch back, without losing balance, and most importantly – ahead. What you need to achieve? Effect "Fish eye" – viewing roads and surroundings 180 degrees, while periodically controlling the picture in the mirrors. Look straight on the road, not allowing glances, switch to the side left, then right vision. Speed ​​is not important, you can increase it in the future. It is important that your brain will fully fix the picture on the left and then right. Once you have received a complete picture that on the left, switches to right lateral vision, try to get a full picture. At first, the concentration on lateral eyesight will interfere with the vision of what is ahead, but, practicing, you will learn how to lose the road from sight. Then the same exercise must be done with mirrors, depending on the mirror, turn on lateral eyesight. In the future, when driving on Phuket on a motorbike, lateral vision will be turned on automatically, the main thing is not to interfere with it, dressing glasses with a wide rim.

By the side effect of ride on the bike in other situations when you need to turn around, is a desire to see in the mirror.

After the four lessons developed, you are ready to go to the track. But we will talk about it in the next chapter. If you plan to ride a motorbike, be sure to place special insurance for active sports.

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