Learn whether they will release the border with the debts by the name

Every year, millions of people travel around the world. Not all of them are millionaires, and someone has certain debts, for example, in the field of lending. It happens that a person has already planned his holiday or even invested his finances to the future, but in connection with the existing debts, he does not know whether he can go abroad. Meanwhile, it is very easy to check – you only need to know your own personal data.

In general, the law of the Russian Federation has read a long time: if by the time when a person plans to go beyond the country, a court session has already been made, according to the results of which it was necessary to recover the amount of more than 10 thousand rubles from the debtor, and this case received the service of bailiffs – such a person abroad will not release. It does not matter whether the case of non-payment of taxes, non-payment of alimony or an overdue loan payment – a person has already fallen into the list of debtors, who will straight go on the border service of the FSB of the Russian Federation.

  1. In case of non-payment of alimony, resettlement of damage caused to physical or mental health, harm in connection with the death of the breadwinner, property damage caused as a result of a crime abroad will not be released if the amount of debt exceeds 10,000 rubles.
  2. In case of non-fulfillment of other requirements, the exit is prohibited by those persons who are listed by the debt of more than 30,000 rubles. If such a citizen does not fulfill the requirements after the expiration of 2 months from the date of the deadline, which is highlighted by him for voluntary fulfillment of the requirements, it is deprived of such a financial parting, and the amount of debt, in the presence of which he will not be able to go abroad, will also be reduced to 10,000 rubles.

However, to deal with these bureaucratic wires through personal appeal to state bodies. At the same time, a person can even not know about the debt: forgot, and the agenda did not reach, having lost in the mail. But there are several ways to understand whether they will release you abroad, through a simple connection to the Internet.

Check yourself in debtors lists

Find out if there is a person on the list of defaulter debtors, you can easily and simply – through special Internet sites. For example, on the site "Unsell.RF "(https: // Unsell.RF) You can find out about all your debts: on bank loans, traffic police fines, unpaid real estate taxes, utility payments and many others – all of these debts will be detected by the site services.

Service "Unsell.RF "provides its services quickly, honestly – and paid: when entering the site, it is proposed to find out the list of your debts in 1 minute by providing:

  • surname;
  • name;
  • Passport details;
  • and specifying an email address to send a report.

For the collection and sending information, the service will take 299 rubles. By the way, the site also suggests the likelihood of whether a person will produce abroad with a certain "luggage" in the form of debts.

"Unsell.RF "guarantees that everyone, even the most long-standing debt. It happens that the penalty has not been paid for several years, but he has not yet reached the service of bailiffs. In this case, you should not be calm, as the executive production can start the right to the date of trips abroad. Therefore, it is best to check in advance whether there is no debt obligations, pay them and take a check on payment.

Learn whether they will release the border with the debts by the name

Another option to check whether there is no person on the list of debtors – take advantage of the united government portal (https: // www.Gosuslugi.RU). It should be noted that this state portal as a whole is a valuable resource and it is worth registering on it in any case, as it provides the user with many useful information and can even simplify work with government agencies (for example, you can pay the same debts on it). Through a single portal of public service to learn about the debts you can. Registration, confirmation of personal data is required, and then actions are made through a personal account.

You can check the debt specifically on taxes on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia (HTTPS: // WWW.Nalog.RU). Registration is also necessary here and all actions are manufactured through a personal account.

You can learn about the debts before the traffic police service on the official website of the organization (https: // XN – 90ADEAR.XN – P1AI / CHECK / FINES /). It’s completely easy and free. Registration is not required, you only need to specify the state registration sign of the vehicle and data from the certificate of registration.

What to do if there are debts and bought tickets?

If a person checked himself in debtors lists and saw that he is there, alas, this is a serious situation. Of course, you can cancel the trip and go, for example, on a trip to Russia – there is no restrictions on moving around the country, no matter how debt.

However, it also happens that the trip is already planned, the whole family or company of friends is involved in it, besides, tickets can be purchased and hotels were paid.

The most convenient way to go on a journey and not risking that on the border "Wrapped" – pay for the existing debt. You can do this and online, and use the bank, it all depends on what specifically debt. However, this method is not suitable if a person in the turmoil checked himself literally per day before departure or leaving the country. In order to pay for payment of debt to the service of bailiffs, a couple of weeks are needed. In the event that enforcement proceedings were instituted, it is necessary to make sure that after paying the debt, it was closed, to get the appropriate document and take it on the trip.

The degree of risk when leaving abroad with debts directly depends on the specific case.

The same applies to the PTC fines that some car owners seem not so and problems, so, a piece of paper. But this piece of paper can prevent in the event that it took a serious turnover. The payment of the fine gives a period of two months, during which you can leave the country, so here, in case the fine is fresh, it is also a positive outcome for the one who has drove right before the trip.

If the traveler does not really manage to pay his debts urgently, or he paid them, but does not want to postpone the trip and wait for all confirmations, you can use one tricky way – rebuilding the route, first go beyond the Russian Federation to the Republic of Belarus. For this movement requires only a Russian general passport, border control between states is very conditional. And from the Republic of Belarus, you can go on Europe or another country.

Check the debt through the service of bailiffs

You can check whether there is a person on the list of debtors, directly: through the official website of the bailiff service. Checking arrears in the name in FSSP is possible at any convenient time online. Actually, FSSP is one service that controls debtors – in cases with fines, debts of utility suppliers, non-payment of alimony and other. Here is a direct link to a simple and fast check form: http: // FSSprus.RU / ISS / IP /.

You must go on this link, then fill in all fields:

  • Full Name;
  • region;
  • date of birth.

These are all the necessary data for verification directly through state bodies – no registration or payment. It takes a minute to work, so before planning the travel itself and especially before you invest strength and money in it, you just need to pass this check. True, according to users, the data on the site is not instantly updated, but information on open executive work and judicial decision on the case will necessarily appear as the amount of debt.

The main conclusion is: it is advisable in advance before the trip to check the presence or absence of yourself in the lists of debtors, so as not to cancel anything or apply tricks, and also to pay to pay the debt hearing.

The best way is not to get into the black list of bailiffs – it is timely repaying all debts or not to create them at all, carefully refer to your duties to public and private organizations and persons. After all, the problems of the debtor are the problems of the debtor.

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