Leaving from the famous

There are times, there are days when the wind is buried in the soul, and no voice is delicate, nor a serene hour of labor.

If you had the same mood like Alexander Bloka – then you are ready for traveling your life. What am I talking about? And you look back around – usual things, relationships, cases. Comes the moment when you want to break out of all this, escape, not see. The soul languishes with something unknown, and we are taking her visit, movies, arrange her, allegedly, holiday. Do we need our holidays? More often – no, after them it becomes more sad, and again sounds a distant voice, the voice of the country where we were never.,But we can visit!

On Earth there are places where the world and peace and clarity are also descended on us, and the blessing. They should not be sought by cards and avenues of travel companies. Where did you like to visit in childhood, what countries and places you manila and fascinated by one name? India? Yes! Tibet? Yes! Paris? Yes! Mexico, South Sea, Indian Ocean? Yes! Then are going, the soul does not wait, we have a little time with you, we spend all our lives on what I am ashamed.

The first road takes us to India. This is not a simple country, in it, as in a drop of water, there is everything – both dirt and life, and the light of great teachers and the darkness of fanaticism. We will talk about life, death and so too frequent and uninvited guest in our mind.

Get to india is not hard – got on the plane and you in Delhi. But if you are a person with a soft, pliable character, you will have to be difficult. It all depends on whether you have friends there, well, at least familiar who will meet will tell, show, spend. If not, then do not waste, everything solves hardness and calm, however, not only in India. Sucked from the plane, all formalities took place, got into a taxi and went to look for the night, shelter, your temporary house. It is necessary to know English, the Hindus themselves do not always know him well, but they are not very necessary. All within ordinary phrases: "how to drive how much it costs".

From Delhi your way is next. The city itself does not get around and in a week, and for two, it is big, tangled and bright. We looked at the palaces, residences, monuments and temples, visited the famous stainless steel stripper – and again on the road. At the stations there are special cash desks for foreigners, where tickets are bought directly to the entire route, back and back, preferably in advance. Better so, on the road you will understand what they did right, it is worth only to carefully watch the queues at the stations, behind people, there are living and waiting for their trains, buses, aircraft. It seems that the whole of India goes somewhere. The life of people in India is undefined, bits, drigu and at first glance is even meaningless, but these are their rhythm, we are not accustomed to him, probably never. You can only get into the resonance with him.

I suggest you to go to the ocean and on the way to visit the Ashrama of the most controversial person for India – Sri Bhagavan Rajnisha, the whole world knows him under the name Osho – Oceanic, dissolved in the ocean. He has already left the body, it happened January 19, 1990. Our contemporary with you, a person who has made so much for the world that the world still can not accommodate it. In Puna, in his school, hundreds of people are still coming, from all over the world, you just live next to this bright place.

You boarded the train, took a ticket to the car with air conditioning, it is better, do not save on such things any road or in the hotel. India hot country, and we are with you Northern and vascular system with us more adapted to your climate.

You will have to go a few days, go to water, food, paper napkins and patience, believe me – this is the only thing you will really need. With my wife and friends, I crossed India several times, from the ocean to her border with Nepal and back, so I know: nothing superfluous on the road, but it is necessary. On the way, see and watch, not surprised anything and do not interfere. If at night suddenly, dozens of Hindu flop into your carriage, tenspace, then wait when they will also calmly disappear in the night – these are people going to work, they have no tickets, the guides are usually closed on it. Watch up for your own things, all your neighbors – Hindus fastened their luggage chains with large locks behind the feet of the seat. It is inconvenient to talk about it, but this is a reality – in India steal, although honest people, like everywhere more.

And finally Pune. For 15–20 rupees will take you to the ashram. Next to him there is a very cute hotel, inexpensive and comfortable. The hotel will require a passport and documents in currency exchange, so the money must be exchanged in the State Exchange Point or Bank in the Big City. On the road with this there may be difficulties. This is all formalities.

In the Ashram Osho there is an iron rule introduced during the life of the teacher – you must pass a test for AIDS. In the ashram strict, clear and at the same time a completely relaxed life. You can visit special classes, undergoing meditative training courses, in a short article not described. But the main thing is the energy of the very place where he lived, taught and meditated this unique person.

Surprise and admiration also cause his life, and he himself, and his mission. They are put hundreds of books, they are sold, in translations, and we have, but mankind has not yet realized that he brought strength to us, power capable of destroying all the obstacles that obscure us light, life, truth. And yes forgive me religious fanatics of all the masters, but their time has passed.

Leaving from the famous

Live in his ashrama as much as your soul need to be cleaned, realize yourself out of the circumstances of your life, understand your strength and uniqueness, your light. Then go to the ocean, in goa. This is a wonderful resort place near Pune, one night, and you will meet waves, sand, sun, and at night – a cool breeze with the ocean, a huge starry sky. You will be happy if you are glad you. Life in Goa can be arranged inexpensively and comfortable. Set out not in a large concrete hotel, and the owner of the Portuguese, there is a whole colony of immigrants from this country, in a small one-story house where there is a fan and shower. Nearby there is a restaurant, all you need, to the ocean 50 meters. During the day when it’s very hot (do not forget with you cream from sunburn), you will drink wonderful beer or coconut juice on the covered terrace, lazily watching the ocean, in the morning, about six swim in the calm, in the evening you will walk around the endless beach or sit in Restaurant at the very surf, enjoying cool, and at night – let yourself dream.

Around silence, rustling of palm leaves and splashing waves, above you South Cross. Remember childhood, pirates, distant sea, adventure? — Everything comes true if we are ready to leave what can always wait – work, sitting at the TV and the discussion of our news, leave everything that maybe, but – the dust, does not matter for our soul. She needs light, clean and quiet places, non-sabroval impressions, travel.

From Goa you will return to Delhi and, if you have time, go to Nepal, I already wrote about this amazing country in the previous article. You must say that in Nepal you will meet such places, the thin aura of which is heard and felt, in the capital of whether you Nepal Kathmandu or in the foothill spa Pokhara, anyway.

Better go to the mountains, as I do, and live there in the tent at the river, at an altitude of 2–3 thousand meters, and you will come to you that you will not experience anywhere. The main thing is not to be afraid. Feeling of something native, long forgotten, but at the same time real, you will tell you the right road.

Travel away from official routes, freely. relying on their strength and help from the spiritual world, and she is, was and will. And it does not matter where your name is – to the West or east, the main thing is that you go to where your soul will flourish, it makes it up, where you will understand what it needs, not materially.

You can write about it and talk a lot and long and, it’s all the same. You will understand when you see these places. India gave the world so many bright people, it is Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, and Sri Rama Maharshi, and Shivananda, creator "Yoga therapy", all and not mention. Many of the great passed unnoticed, such was from fate, their mission. Feel the energy of these people, Tune in to their presence. They are among us, Osho among us, he did not leave anywhere, his light in his students. Earth’s life is short, and your soul must so much to accommodate what it was necessary to do – live for the soul.

Little article, little time, and I wanted to pass so much. All that is inexpressible with the words, I pass through a smile and good wishes to all living and living.

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