Legendary castles of the Bavarian King Ludwig II

V Bavarian Alps You can easily imagine yourself a character of ancient German saga. Probably it is with this feeling and lived King Ludwig II, which was so plunged into the world of legends, which almost completely lost relationship with reality.

But thanks to his heritage, in Germany people come from all over the world to see with their own eyes locks, As if conceded from the pages of magical fairy tales: Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Palace on Island Herrennixese.


To get into Neuschwanstein Castle need to come to town Fussen, which is in a couple of hours drive from Munich. From there by the bus to the most legendary structure, which is seen from afar, go all Ten minutes.

From the magnificence, ascended over the abyss Neuschwanstein, Captures spirit. It is really music in stone. When Ludwig Sick the idea of ​​building the castle, superior to the beauty of the one in which he grew up, was quickly determined with the place – directly opposite his native Khokhanshvangau, over the gorge where they are preserved Stainless ruin.

The king appealed to Munich artists with a request to provide him with sketches of the future castle. Of all he chose watercolor work Decorator courtie Theater. Perhaps in his favor played the fact that this artist created sketches for performances Opera Wagner – Beloved composer Ludwig II.

September 5, 1869 The first stone was laid. Very quickly appeared Main Gates With their buildings. In the future, construction went slowly and never ended by the time death of the king v 1886.

Ludwig himself constantly made adjustments to the process. Fully thought out and completed only Main part of the castle – Palace. If all the ideas were embodied, now Neuschwanstein would look completely different.

Passing through Main Gate, Tourist hits B Nizhny Tour, A, rising the stairs, &# 8211; v Upper. Palace Connected S Square Tower and The main goal at the expense of a long building – Knight’s chambers. Opposite them is located Women’s Tower, which planned to decorate Figures of women saints.

On the first floor of the castle is located kitchen, which is now preserved in original form, and Servants servants. The second should have occupied Premises for guests and Manager. The third is Personal rest king, Among them, this jewel is Throne room.

Today Neuschwanstein – This is the most visited place not only in Bavaria, But in the whole Germany. Although the fabulous king is buried not here, but it was in this castle forever his spirit remained.


For their castles Ludwig Designed The most picturesque corners of Bavaria. One of them is Ammergebirge Mountain Reserve, where was located Hunting house Father King. Here, not far from the famous Oberarmmergau villages And the castle is located, whose name in translated means "Linden courtyard". By their name Linderhof must century lipa Opposite the southern entrance.

The first plan of the castle appeared in 1868. Soon the restructuring began Hunting house. To the building were attached two wings. TO 1873 Linderhof already acquired a recognizable view. To implement a bold project – to create on the area reduced A copy of the Versailles Park, – King ordered postpone 300 meters building west. V 1874 The construction of the castle ended. The park was completed in 1880.

Linderhof is considered the only castle that was fully completed during life Ludwig. For review of tourists in it open 10 rooms.

Legendary castles of the Bavarian king Ludwig II


From a parcel area Pr Every half an hour sailed steamers Kimsee Lake. Here are two large islands – Herreninzel, Male Island, and Frauenanzel, Women’s Island. You need to go on the first. To the palace approximately 20 minutes walk.

The island was purchased Ludwig v 1873. Then he was offered the plans of the future "Versailles". King wanted to see here Temple of the absolute monarchy.

The first stone was laid May 21, 1878. Ludwig very hurried with construction. It was even broken here Construction Town for Workers. But despite this and that all materials were delivered very quickly, and the inner decoration was ordered in parallel with construction, Tools For complete completion of catastrophically not enough.

Herrenomsee – most unfinished from castles. It is finished all 20 rooms. Unlike Neuschwanstein This incompleteness is very felt.

A park, Overgoing in the real forest, total area 240 hectares occupies most of the island. The central axis is Main Channel. In the center of the ensemble is located the fountain – a copy of the same in Versaille. It is crowned Figures Laton, Apollo and Artemis. Bocames are located Two smaller fountains.
On Top terrace The main pearls of the entire ensemble are located: Fountains "Glory" and "Fortune".

V Herrenomsee Be sure to visit Museum of King Ludwig II – This is the most interesting part of the building. He occupies 12 halls and was opened in 1926. The most complete collection is kept here personal belongs of the king.

Everything Three monuments of architecture Carefully persist. Every year they are visited Millions of tourists for the sake of a unique opportunity to touch the heritage of the fairy king.

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