Legends of the Wild West

Lady of the Wild West (less than 50 years) managed to accommodate many brightest events and characters. Indians, migrants, cowboys, gold kits, bloody war of the north and south, robbery, shootouts, heroes, former villains, and villains, who became heroes, — Material typed on many books and movies forward. Here are some genuine stories of that time.

Jesse James: Ruthless Robin Hood

Probably the most impressive and famous criminal of the Wild West is Jessie James. In his hometown of Saint-Joseph (Missouri) there is a monument and a museum of his name. His popularity is undoubtedly aggravated by the fact that the role of this legendary robber played Brad Pitt himself — in film «How a cowardly Robert Ford killed Jesse James». Solva attributes to him the properties of Robin Hood and the imbibeness of the ideological fighter. In life, he was most likely different — depending on places, people, circumstances.

Jesse was born in 1847 in the family of a Baptist preacher. The beginning of the Civil War found him quite prosperous and secured family in California. Of course, James took the side of confederates — Yuzhan, defending traditional values ​​(and slavery including). Brother Frank entered the civilian commissation, but soon returned. Acquired skills — steal horses and kill — It was useful: he became a member of Gerilla (partisan movement) acting in the vicinity. In 1863, Northene in search of Frank was granted to the James Farm. With the opponents did not ceremony: the stepfather was tortured and hanged, and the young Jessie carved the scurvy. It was then exactly how the legend says, his heart fell forever.

How long, briefly, the gang of the James brothers was attacked, soon famous for the banks belonged to the victorious Northeners. In the best traditions of Westerns, they broke, armed to teeth, shaking colts and mercilessly stopping any attempts of resistance. Despite the river Blood Blood, the inhabitants of the Southern States considered True oppressants and Baroisians bankers-Yankees, and brothers — elusive and fearless avengers. Heated interest and constantly writing about the dashing attacks of the newspaper, in particular «Kansas City Times», The editor of which, the only one of the journalists, was interviewed by Jesse James. So the legend was born, the creation of which heroes themselves actively participated.

In January 1874, a gang committed in Missouri attack on a commodity train, its prey was the money and gold for $ 22,000 — Considerable amount! Jesse’s farewell handed a leaflet with text entitled: «The most daring train robbery!», who asked to transfer to the local newspaper.

For ten years of existence, the James team robbed 11 banks, seven trains, killed 17 people. Behind Jesse’s head was appointed the largest reward in the history of the country — $ 5000 (later doubled the amount). To track it, the famous Pinkerton Agency took. But the very hero is a permanent life on the edge, given the loss of all old comrades, it was not easy to be given. He was nervous, did stupidity, imprudently enough for the weapon.

Meanwhile, Jesse has another life. In the interval between the raids and shootout, he had time to marry his cousin Mamms, started two children and even bought a house where they all safely lived under someone else’s name, until the authorities in his searches were shot down, — neighbors did not imagine how celebrity greets in the morning!

Legends of the Wild West

He was killed by a shot in the back of his own house on April 3, 1882, when, unarmed, turned his back to the young member of his own gang Bob Ford. Ford got his $ 10,000.

On the tombstone, Jesse was carved inscription: «In memory of my hotly beloved husband Jesse James, the dead on April 3, 1882 at the age of 34, 6 months, 28 days, killed by a traitor and a coward, whose name is unworthy of mention».

So how he was, this hero, the villain, an exemplary family man, brave and killer?

That’s what Brad Pitt talk about him:

«. We tell about the last years of his life, and, of course, will fairly affect that then he was already a psychopath. Paranoia devoured him from the inside, and all his actions are explained by this. But it seems to me that the faithful will be two statements: he was Robin Hood, and he was a ruthless killer. It has both black and white. In the end, he is an ordinary person».

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