Legoland Park in Dubai

Legoland Park is a bestseller with tourists with children in Dubai, and even many adults do not miss the case here. Where he is and how the most convenient to get it here? How much is a ticket, and how to save? What attractions here are the most interesting? Read the answers in this article.

As of February 2021 Legoland Park is open to visitors (opened on December 1). There are strict measures of covid security, which read in the article on the link above. DPR1 buses go as usual. In the park temporarily do not work Attractions Boating School and Wave Racers, closed soft playgrounds.

Short description

Legoland Dubai Park has an area of ​​28 hectares, there are about 40 attractions, playgrounds, entertainment programs for children. Park Outdoor, however, part of the entertainment is or indoors in the park, or covered with large awning.

Legoland Dubai opened on October 31, 2016, becoming seventh Legoland Park in the World. Now they are already eight. Located in the special area of ​​Dubai Parks and Resorts along with other thematic parks: Motiongate, Bollywood, Legoland Water Park. In Dubai, repeated the idea of ​​the Island of Yas in Abu Dhabi, that is, allocated a special "entertainment area" in the west of the city.

Important moment! Despite the overall stylist, Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park are different parks in which different tickets are needed. Fortunately, in both of these park you can buy a combo ticket with a discount, and they are very close. Read our review "Waterpark Legoland".

Legoland Dubai Park is divided into 6 zones: Factory, Miniland, Kingdoms, Imagination, Adventure, LEGO CITY. Each zone is stylized a little in its own way, has its own set of entertainment. Talk about it in detail in the second part of the article.

As in all entertainment parks in the UAE, the system of restrictions is organized by the growth of the child. For most attractions, the child should be no lower than some growth. Below we will give accurate numbers, but for now, let’s say that a child with a growing 105 centimeters (4 years) can already ride almost all attractions. And starting with a growth of 120 centimeters (6 years) in general at all.

Who is oriented by Legoland Park?

If there were already in another Legoland Park, then there are almost nothing new here, Legoland Parks are made by "under the copy". Exception is an exhibition MiniLand miniature, which is unique in every Legoland Park.

If you are looking for adrenaline, steep aggravations on the "American hills", sharp sensations, then you are not here. This is a children’s park, where all the rides are slow and calm.

If you need to entertain children from 3 to 10 years, Then, perhaps this is the best place in Dubai. And even if the child does not like to collect the designer, it will be interesting to just ride the attractions.

Lovers lego come necessarily, Even adults here are not rebel to childhood.

How to get

Legoland and other Parks Dubai Parks and Resorts are located in the western part of Dubai, in Jebel-Ali, almost on the border with the neighboring Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, getting here expensive or long.

Cheaper in total public transport. You need to get to the metro station to Ibn Battuta (Ibn Battuta) on the Red Branch. Scheme of metro stations in Russian and travel prices, see our article "Dubai Metro".

Next, you need to take a special bus to Dubai Parks and Resorts parks (DPR1 route). These buses go from 7-30 to 23-00. Send every 1 hour 15 minutes, fare tickets – 5 Dirhams, payment by NOL card.

To know the exact time in order not to stand and wait for the bus, we give the exact schedule from the RTA (April 2021).

Much easier option "Metro + Taxi". From the metro station IBN Battuta, the trip to Legoland will cost 45-55 Dirhams. You can save a bit, if you go to the subway to the very end, to the station "Uae Exchange" ("Yuei Exchend"), then a taxi will cost 35-40 Dirhams. However, catch a taxi near the UAE Exchange station is difficult, and about IBN Battuta Taxi cars are always in stock. Actual course, see our article "Money in the UAE".

More comfortable for a taxi right from your hotel. The trip will cost 60 to 100 dirhams, depends on the location of the hotel, still the city of Dubai is very large. Tariffs for travel, see our article "Taxi in the UAE".

Ticket price

Attention! When buying on the site Tickets to Park Legoland Named. At the entrance you need to submit a passport, do not forget to take it with you.

You can buy a ticket to the ticket office at the entrance. Cassians now (February 2021) are already open. However, the park capacity is limited due to COVID security measures. Cashs sell tickets only if there are few visitors in the park. Therefore, we recommend buying tickets in advance on the site to be guaranteed to get to the park.

There are two types of tickets: Flexible (open date) and Dated (with exact date). Flexible tickets are not available now.

The price of the ticket Dated – 275 Dirhams (including VAT). If you buy tickets on the site for 24 hours or earlier, then 220 dirhams. Another reason to buy tickets in advance on the site.

Children under 3 years are free, but you need to have a passport of a child to prove age.

Most tourists believe that it is expensive. However, by the standards of the UAE, it is even cheap, in a similar park Warner Bros ticket costs more. Want cheaper?? Then read our article "How to chew tickets to Parks Dubai".

Now on sale Eating a combo ticket Legoland + Motiongate for 1 day, price – 295 Dirhams.

There is also a pass in Legoland for 15 months. Price – 395 Dirhams. If you want to visit Legoland at least twice, then this ticket is already profitable.

What is Q-Fast

This is a special addition to a ticket with which you can pass without a queue for any attraction. On weekdays it is almost useless, but on weekends and holidays without it will stand in the queues for a very long time. Sale of such passes in amusement parks in the UAE has long been the usual practice.

Price Q-Fast in Legoland – 150 Dirhams (including VAT). You can buy on both the site in advance and in the checkout at any time.

What is Digipass

This is another addition to the ticket. Photographers who are photographed all in a row in the park. Having Digipass, you can pick up all your photos. If Digipass is not, then for each photo you need to pay.

Price Digipass in Legoland – 160 Dirhams (including VAT).

Opening hours

Daily – from 10-00 to 18-00.

On Thursdays (the last working day of the week), Fridays (day off) and holidays – from 10-00 to 20-00.

When it is better to come tourist

Naturally, on a weekday. In no case is not on the weekend and not on a festive day, when people will be very much, and you can get stuck in the queues on the attractions.

Festive days schedule, see our article "Holidays in the UAE".

The official weekend in the UAE is Friday and Saturday, since Friday – the sacred day of the week in Islam, the day of the mandatory dining group prayer, what we were told in detail in the article "Friday in the UAE". Accordingly, the worst time to visit the amusement parks in the UAE is Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday.


Zone "Miniland"

Perhaps this is the only zone that is very different in different parks Legoland. Here are collected miniatures from the details of the designer LEGO. The zone is completely covered, is located in the heart of the park.

Naturally, in Dubai LEGOLAND, miniatures of all sign buildings Dubai – Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab, Day Daire, there are even working miniatures of Dubai fountains and metro. Funny moment that there is even a thumbnail wheel of the ferris of "Eye Dubai", which at the time of opening the park was still built.

For the construction of this Park, the miniature left 20 million LEGO bricks, there are 15 thousand models of different sizes.

On Thursdays and Fridays in 19-45 there is a light show. The length of the show is 8 minutes, the additional fee is not required.

Zone "Kingdoms"

This zone is stylized under the LEGO Kingdoms series. Here are the three fastest rides of the park. We can say that this is the most adult area of ​​the park.

The Dragon

Relief limit: 120 centimeters.

This is the only "adrenaline" attraction in Dubai Legoland. This is "American slides". The first minute visitors travel on trolleys along the decorations of the fantasy castle, then the quick descent begins with the devias.

Dragon’s Apprentice

Relief limit: 105 centimeters.

These are very simple and slow "American slides". Travel time – only 20 seconds. There is nothing more to tell here.

Merlin’s Challenge

Relief limit: 105 centimeters.

Another very simple carousel, but but rather fast. In the center there is a LEGO figure Merlin’s wizard.

Zone "Adventure"

The best zone for children is 3-7 years old, here are assembled mainly carousel.

Submarine Adventure

Relief limit: 80 centimeters.

Perhaps one of the most interesting attractions in Dubai Legoland. The attraction imitates a trip to the submarine, and in the present aquarium with real sharks and skates. The decor of the aquarium is assembled from LEGO bricks, fish like.

Lost Kingdom Adventure

Relief limit: 90 centimeters.

Visitors sit in trolley, get into the hands of pistols with laser target designators and go, trying to get into the lights around. Each hit includes some mechanism or special effect.

Beetle Bounce

Relief limit: 105 centimeters.

This attraction is often called "drop from the tower" when visitors are planted on a platform that rises to height, and then falls down. Attraction children’s and height here children’s – 5 meters.

There is a feature. Children with growth of 105-120 centimeters can only ride accompanied by an adult. However, an adult attraction can be only one. Rising 105-120 with a child may have to wait longer.

Pharaoh’s Revenge

Relief limit: no.

This is a playground with pneumatic guns that are shooting with foam balls.

Wave Racers

Relief limit: 105 centimeters.

This is the usual carousel, only on the water. You do not have to mock, because you will be in the model of the boat. On this attraction you need to ride standing.


The zone is stylized under the LEGO City series.


Relief limit: from 110 to 150 centimeters.

On this attraction, children ride alone – without adults. Ride small electric vehicles stylized under LEGO. Children teach ride on simplified road rules. After the successful passage of the track, the child is given "LEGO driver’s license" – excellent souvenir for memory.

Attention! So that the child is released on the track, he must be able to control the electric car, namely: turn the wheel, be able to use gas and brake pedals.


Relief limit: from 95 to 110 centimeters.

All the same, but for more younger children.

Boating School

Limit on growth: no, but children with growth up to 120 centimeters only with adults.

Attraction – boating. Or two adults can sit in the boat or adult and two children. Boat can turn to the right and left and accelerate. River for which you want to swim without branching.

Lightweight or weight tourists warn. Little boats and not very stable. Be careful not to turn over.

City Airport

Relief limit: 95 centimeters.

This is the usual carousel, children and adults sit in airplanes stylized under the Duplo series. The carousel is slow, even for the smallest.

An interesting point that airplanes are not only flying in a circle, but also move up and down. And this movement visitors themselves manage with the help of joysticks in the cockpit.

Legoland Park in Dubai

Police Headquarters

Relief limit: no.

This is an indoor playground, imitating a police station. Here you can sit in a police car, to be in a preliminary detention chamber, to shoot a pistol. Naturally, everything is made of LEGO bricks.

Rescue Academy

Relief limit: 95 centimeters.

Similar attraction, but already about firefighters. Need to extinguish a painted fire from water.

Zone "Imagination"

In this zone, most of the entertainment are the platforms with the details of the designer of different sizes and for different ages.

LEGO Studios 4d

Relief limit: no.

4D cinema with special effects splashes of water, fog, light. Here you show two animated films that were removed specifically for Legoland parks, and it is possible only here. The first film was shot according to the Ninjago series, the second is a continuation of LEGO Movie.


Relief limit: 105 centimeters.

This is a big (according to Legoland Park) Carousel. Visitors are sitting in "Cups", which are grouped by three pieces. Groups are spinning and the carousel itself spins.

Build & Test

Relief limit: no.

Anyone can collect a small typewriter from the details of LEGO and let it ride her roller. Park staff helps children in assembly.

This attraction does not necessarily build a typewriter. No one forbids to build anything else, the benefit of the designer detail here with an excess.

Duplo Express

Relief limit: 80 centimeters.

The train slowly rides in a circle around LEGO Duplo figures. More add nothing to. Children with growth up to 120 centimeters only accompanied by adults.

Duplo Valley

Relief limit: no.

This is a game area for the smallest. There are large details of the designer, small slides, figures of people and animals.


Relief limit: no.

Large room with tables and a large reserve of different details of the designer. You can collect anything and how much.

LEGO Mindstorms

Relief limit: no.

Similar entertainment – collect your models from the designer. But there are details to create managed models. Park employees will help to figure out if they had not been dealing with such elements of LEGO.

Zone "Factory"

This is the first zone where visitors come immediately after entering the park. There are only two entertainment here.

Factory Tour

Relief limit: no.

Here they will show and tell about how LEGO bricks do. Make a brick here for free with the name of the child. Trifle, but nice.

The Big Shop

This is the largest LEGO brand store in the Middle East.

Tips for tourists

– rush inside your food and drinks is prohibited. Exceptions are made only for baby food and dietary food, if there is a prescription. Prices in snack bars inside high, but not translated. Still recommend to eat in advance. If you are going from the station IBN Battuta, you can go to the large local shopping center IBN Battuta Mall, where there is a food court and a supermarket;

– things can be put on storage in lockers, which are in the Factory zone;

– For a small child, you can take a pram, rental is in the Factory zone;

– smoking on the park is prohibited. To smoke, have to leave the park. The main thing, do not forget to ask the staff to print in your hand, so that you can come back without any problems;

– During the month of Ramadan cafes and restaurants in the park remain open. But there is and drink only inside. Read our article "Ramadan in the UAE – rules for tourists";

– For visitors with very young children, a Baby Care Center is open, where there is a changing and means for heating baby food. The center is located in the Imagination area, next to the diner;

– Parking near Park Paid – 20 Dirhams;

– Finding in a park in a drunk and even more so drinking alcohol (if it is possible to carry it) is prohibited categorically, as in any public place in the Arab Emirates. Even with the smell of the fumes may not let inside or the police can finish. Read our detailed reviews "What is impossible to the UAE" and "Alcohol in the UAE".

We wish funny entertainment in Dubai, and read our interesting articles about the UAE (List of articles below).

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