Lenin Museum in Tampere

Tampere, Industrial Center of Finland, is known not only to the fact that in his near suburb there is a city of Nokia, where GSM communications invented. In Tampere there is one very unusual museum for the European Union. Museum of Lenin. It would seem, from where and why so far in Finland such museums? And how he turned out there? And all simple. The fact is that Tampere (then Tammerfors) was the center of industrial production of the Grand Duchy of Finland. So where to hang out fighters for the happiness of the working class, as not in Tamemends? Here is the museum from there, especially since.

In fact, this museum was very strange for me. He forced to revise the foundations of the foundations – the reluctance to receive a visa. But, since we will not be very good in the near future with the EU, I had to enjoy the principles and get the Finnish "cartoon". On the other hand, as in the old Soviet joke, I wanted to travel according to the present "Leninsky Places". So I got in Tampere, but not just to the city, but in the only outside of the Russian Federation, whether the former USSR Lenin Museum. Lenin Museum by itself is a living testimony of the special relations of Finland and the USSR-Russian Federation, which is still visible: from successfully cruising at the Finnish railways of the Soviet Electrovoz (. ) production to the extremely lightweight visa regime. I open this post, I open a small series of stories about Tampere, but why start them, as not from the Soviet Museum of the city? Moreover, I myself was a pioneer and visiting such places. Probably it would be important. then. However, I will not be distracted, let’s go to the museum.

Lenin Museum in Tampere is on one of the best boulevards of the city, in the house of the workers of Tampere. What, by the way, once again confirms the taste of Ilyich to good places for its gatherings, then another wild marginal party, whose asset, as a rule, was either in emigration, or by references.

The main historical value of the museum is that it was here, in 1905, 35-year-old Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov and 30-year-old Joseph Vissarionovich Zhugashvili met. But, in fact, they met only on one of the floors of the house of the workers of Tammefers, and now from a huge building to the museum only the third, or, in local speaking, the 2.5th floor.

This fall, the museum will close for a year for global reconstruction, where the role of the leader of the world proletariat will no longer be indicated so much attention, and reoriented to the exhibition dedicated to the working movement of Finland, when it was still part of the Russian Empire. So these photos can be considered quite historical – Soviet tourists saw about the same thing that you will see now. The entrance fee in the museum on Russian standards is very cushing – 6 euros, but in the lobby you can buy non-hard Soviet souvenirs

In general, the primuzane shop can be considered not so much Leninsky, how many post-Soviet general. Well, truth, what kind of Vysotsky does not have to Tamemenefsu? And the postcards began to massively produce already after the collapse of the USSR

Nevertheless, no matter how the Finns did not work, and the museum still remains (for now) Lenin. It consists of two halls, quite boring, by the way. But. The only EU Museum of Russian History (and historians know how the gigantic role in the Russian revolution played Finns) worthy of at least such a representative office, while it will not change it.

One of the main exhibits – Lenin’s posthumous masks and Stalin. Funny, here they met for the first time, here they are still near, although not together.

Exposion begins with a story about young Lenin. Touching, of course

Copy of the graduation certificate Ulyanova-Lenin. Original Is in Moscow, or in Ulyanovsk. "I saw a house where Lenin grew up and that commendable leaf, which from the gymnasis brought Ulyanov-Gymnasian". note, who This sheet signed this father of itself Kerensky, Wow, what she is, Russian history!

"Here the books lined up in a row, he read them as a child"

Lenin companion. Pay attention to the portrait at the top right.

A special place in the exposure is a copy of the famous painting

Leninist letters. Speak, copy

Lenin Museum in Tampere

A separate hall is given under Lenin and Revolution, which gave Finland independence.

Read Leninskie articles. In my opinion, it is the most that now in Russia are engaged in.N. "dissent"

The lost list of participants of that very meeting, where he first met him. Right in this building.

Guellers for Lenin. Interestingly, on all sorts of Yashina-Navalny now there are such? 🙂

The interior is typical at that time of the intellectual apartment, where Lenin the Councils came up with how to equip themselves what you know that

Museum, unfortunately, very small, and soon and this will not be. At the exit – sale of matches with the most recognizable brands of the USSR-RF on the boxes

Here is such a single Lenin Museum in the EU. Well, what to do, and will rebuild. Eh. Where there, by the way, Rossotrhetic and other specialized organizations? Why do not save? And, yes, they have a victory and all things, not to Lenin, in general, assholes.

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