Leptis Magna – the ancient city of Libya

Leptis Magna – the ancient city of Libya, who has reached a heyday during the Roman Empire. The ruins of the city are located on the seaside of the Mediterranean, 130 kilometers east of Tripoli in Al-Hums. Because of its planning, this place was called "Rome in Africa".

Presumably the city was founded about 1100 to. NS. As the Phoenician Colony and served as the main port of the region. The value of the city sharply intensified in the 4th century BC. NS., With the increasing power of Carthage. The city, although he recognized the Karfagen Protectorate, remained independent, and was engaged in the Romans only after the victory in the Third Punic War in 146 to N. NS.

The city became part of Africa Province in 46 g. to N. NS., After the battle of the Tapse, when Julius Caesar, Pompeii Army. During the reign of August, the city began to acquire the appearance, which will retain and at the following times. He touched on two main axes from the little river Wadi Lebda. Within one century, thanks to the generosity of local nobility, an old forum, Basilica, Temple Lieber Pater, Temples of Rome and August and Hercules, as well as a large market, near which theater was located near. In 126 g. When Trayan Leptis became a colony and 17 years later, thanks to Adriana became attractive thanks to the complex of the term in the southeastern part of the city.

The city reached the maximum heyday after 193, when the twentieth Roman emperor Septimia North, born in Leptis, headed the empire. He took care of his hometown, which became one of the greatest cities of Roman Africa. An impressive avenue was laid through the city with columns width, next to which new buildings appeared. To the west of this street rose a new forum and basilica of the North. The city became one of the richest in the Mediterranean due to the export of ivory, exotic animals and local production products.

For a whole century, thanks to the generosity of the local intelligentsia, an ancient forum, basilica, the Temple of Lieber Pater, the temples of Rome, August and Hercules, and a huge market, are not far away from which the theater is located. Then, at Trarane, Leptis was proclaimed colony and after 17 years became attractive thanks to the group of terms in the south-east of the city.

The city has become one of the richest in the Mediterranean due to the export of ivory, local products and rickened animals.

Leptis Magna - the ancient city of Libya

In the III century, due to the crisis in the Empire, the importance of leptis-magnet, and to the IV century part of the city were abandoned. Only during the Emperor Feodosia, the city partially restored its former importance.

In 439, Leptis Magna and other cities of Tripolitania fell under the pressure of Vandals – then the King of Vandals Geizerius captured Carthage and founded her capital. Then the king destroyed the city walls of Leptis, fearing the bunth of citizens against the vandals. In 523, the city was again empty, this time as a result of the Berber.

Gasienary again took Leptis Magna in 534, destroying the Kingdom of Vandals. Leptis became the capital of the province in Byzantium, but never recovered from the destruction after the attacks of Berber. After Arabic conquest in the 650s, the city was practically abandoned, only the Byzantine garrison remained there. Now the unique ruins of the Roman period are preserved in Leptis.

In June 2005, the Archaeologists of the University of Hamburg found five color mosaics of the I-II centuries of about 10 meters. Mosaics depict the scenes of the warrior’s battle with a deer, four young people fighting wild bulls, and scenes from the life of gladiators. Mosaic depicting a vacationer gladiator was marked by scientists as one of the most excellent examples of mosaic art, from ever found samples, this masterpiece comparable in quality with mosaics in the pompes. Mosaics decorated the walls of the pool in the baths in the Roman Villa. Good quality mosaics and high artistic value. Currently, they are demonstrated in the Museum of Leptis Magnes.

Leptis Magna - the ancient city of Libya

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