Lerinsky Abbey in Cannes

France is rich in monuments of culture and architecture with ancient history. Catholics from all over the world come to the country in order to bow before the outstanding shrines. One of them is Lerinsky Abbey on the island of St. Ohore (this is 3 km from Cannes). Abbey has a rich history, famous inhabitants, subsequently counted for the saints. Architecture 86 facilities impresses not only unusual, but also age. Millennial towers, fortresses, chapels became decoration of the island.

Silent monks cultivate land growing grapes, oranges, lavender. Many wandering come to the island behind monastic wine and liqueur. An interesting episode of life on the island is "Silence festival", Participants of which can be only a couple of dozens present at the Cannes Film Festival. They share with monks of silence vows, retaining at St. Ohore.

Lerinsky Abbey – the National Monument of France, which is visited by believers from all over the world and connoisseurs of ancient architectural structures.

"Flowing steam, sings water …" (how to get)

Since the abbey is on the island, the message with it passes through the sea ferry. For a ferry trip, you need to get to Cannes, then get to the waterfront Kroiset. At the beginning of the embankment, the old port is located, from which the ferry is sent to the famous Island. He performs its flights from 9:00 to 16:30 every hour or two. In months, the influx of traveling, from May to October, the number of flights increases.

Cost of visit to Abbey (prices for transport and souvenirs)

FRight on the ferry on both sides will cost in the range of 15-16 euros. Create tickets no need for.

Entrance to the church is free.

Hotel accommodation in the island is located from 50 euros per day.

The most expensive pleasure is the wine of the monks: its cost takes the start from 125 euros per bottle. Probably quality justifies the price.

From sunrise to sunset (time for visiting)

With the first ferry, visiting the island begins, with the last – ends.

For those who wish to visit the service we inform you that the first starts at 7:40, and the last one – at 17:30. Worships take place almost every hour. To tasting wine, write down in advance and specify the time of it.

According to the prior arrangement, a tour of the island in the museum is also held, because it is carried out by the monks themselves.

Temporary borders of rest (how much time plan)

The island itself is small in size: one and a half kilometers long. To go around it for a day is not difficult. Take a day for a walk on the abbey day: from the first ferry to the last. If finance is allowed, at the hotel. Relax from concerns and alarms of modern life.

Lerinsky Abbey is the place that will not only cleanse the mind from unnecessary information, but also will calm down, will lead thoughts in order.

The story of the "Islands of Saints"

In the distant 410 on the uninhabited Island of Saint-Onor, the coast of Cannes arrives Islatsky fence with the goal to retire from the world and people. The island was not popular among the Romans, because he was chosen for his stay. But not only they became the neighbors of the fence. His followers went for hermit.

Sided clubs snakes were exterminated. Found a source of fresh water. This is the second miracle created by a fence on the island, according to the legends of him. So the community was created. From this fact the history of Lerinsky Abbey begins. The first monastic charter in France is drawn up on the island of the fence – "Rule of four fathers".

After the 4th century, the abbey with five people becomes one of Europe’s influential monasteries with impressive land ownership.

Saracinov’s raids in 732 decided the fate of the abbey. The monastery was plundered, the monks with the abbot killed. Elenter, one of the surviving monks, is building a new monastery on the ruins.

Tragic events literally pursue a Catholic monastery. Spain in 1047 joins Lerinsky Islands and captives monks, leaving them in Sicily. After the time of the captives redeems Saint Victor, the abbot of Marseille Abbey.

Island strengthens fortresses with towers. The scope of the Spaniards and Pirates more than once caused the destruction of structures on the island. However, the inhabitants of the Holy Residents differ in hard work, so each time the destroyed by barbarians.

At the end of the 11th century, fort in 5 floors is being built to protect against invasions from the sea. He made a library, chapel and refectory. Then the main monastery building is also built (in 1789 the construction was destroyed, as the monastery was closed). Abbey to the 12th century becomes a popular place for pilgrimage. From 11 to 17th century on the island 7 chapels are built.

The French revolution did not bring anything good in the size and quiet life of the monks. The relics of the fence from the monastery (and in it remains were kept since 1391) tolerate in the temple of the Grass (power to this day there), the monks are driven, and the building of the monastery is sold Mademoiselle Sainval, rich actress. From the monastery she made a seating courtyard, where he lived for about 20 years.

The Order of the Tsistercians in the middle of the 19th century activates its work on the revival of monastic life. Since 1859, when the island acquires the Bishop of Frejus, the restoration of the monastery begins. From the old buildings only the towers, the patio of the courtyard remained. New monastery rises on the island in strict Romanesque style.

"Zone of Silence" (this is how the eastern part of the abbey is called, on which 25 monks now live) closed for idle tourists. They have the opportunity to visit only the church, a museum with manuscripts and a club (covered by a workaround of the gallery).

At one time, a lot of famous saint lived in Lerinsky Abbey. Among them, the enlightener of Ireland of Equal-Apostles Patricks, an assistant to the founder of St. Carpe, who eradicated paganism in the Mediterranean of St. Nazaria, the compiler of the life of the Holy Highest Horriah Islala, the author of the "memorable notes" of St. Victitia Lerinsky.

Places available to laity on the island (what to watch)

Lerinsky Abbey in Cannes

Arriving on the island of St. Ohore, tourists should understand the peculiarity of this holy place. Here they live according to their rules and laws that "strangers" must be respected. Con’t be used to inspect. Believe me and it will be enough.

The Walk of the island itself will turn into a peaceful journey through ancient places impregnated by the spirit of holiness and the legendary past. Fortress walls, ancient chapels, preserved elements of life living here many centuries ago Monks will make thinking about the structures of being and petty things that happened on the big earth.

Of the six chapel of the island (one destroyed to the base) only 4. Troitsk chapel built in the 19th century, as a tribute to the Spaniards. The battery is installed on her roof. Chapel of the 17th century Shapel Saint-Murda is worthy of attention with its octagonal form. At the site of the hut hoots chapel Saint-cape. Surrounded by the graves of the Middle Ages, the Chapel of St. Peter – Chapel Saint-Pierre.

Tourists allow for service in the temple during the monastery. For truly believers or simply interested in religious rites, in worship will be an unforgettable episode of the visit to the island.

Go to the Museum with medieval manuscripts and exhibits that have been silent witnesses of the abbey history.

The shores on the island are quite rocky, so the beach will have to forget. Recall to ban swimming in the coastal sea. But divers will delight the opportunity to dive into sea depths: the local coast is rich in marine love.

By tradition, do not forget to buy souvenirs, resembling your stay in Abbey. On the island there are souvenir benches.

Many prohibitions. Or maybe this is our salvation? (Tips for tourists)

Arriving on the island, you will have to follow all the rules prescribed by living here.

– Of course, the dress code is required: open clothes are excluded.

– It is also not allowed to smoke, noise, swim, come with animals.

– Be sure to taste the monastery wine in the restaurant "La Tonnelle" that the pier.

– The local wine of the monks is so popular that is included in the menu of expensive and famous restaurants on the Riviera.

– You can please your stomach with excellent liqueur, olives, jam, honey, made by the careless hands of the inhabitants of Abbey.

– If you wish to stay in the "paradise of silence", at your service.

Be vigilant, silence and peace – attractive condition. Genesis of hermites may seem tempting to stop in local places for a long time (and maybe forever!). The ability to change the mind will be throughout the long-term regeneration procedure from the secular world. It’s so just in case.

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