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This trip, Switzerland opened up from various unusual parties – we lazy on the trees in the rope parks, then splashed in a jacuzzi at an altitude of 3000 m, then dinner over a granite table worth 5,000 francs, lost in the Jungle Valley Valley. That is, it would seem to surprise us something already impossible – and nevertheless, on the shore of the Geneva lake, it happened again. On this shore in the town of Corso, what Vevey is, there is a modernism villa, built by the famous architect Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanner for parents of the first. They moved there in 1924 from the house in La sho de the background (also the creations of their son), which was too big for them.

Villa in Corso, known as Villa Le Lac, on the contrary, miniaturn. Total 64 square meters: 16 in length, 4 width. Doing her drawings, the architect was inspired "Eastern express" – That is, by train coming from Paris to Istanbul! But these 64 meters of Le Corbusier (the last years lived in a single square room of 3.66 x 3.66 m) used as functionally. There is a living room, two bedrooms, bathroom, storage room, washing room, kitchen and toilet. And while the feeling of a large bright space remains.

  • Villa Le Lac
  • Workplace
  • 64 square meters
Less yes better world on Le Corbusier

Curator Patrick Moser, who takes us at the villa, last year the museum’s status, explains that during the construction of Villa Le Corbusier used three of them invented "Five starting points of modern architecture". Free layout, belt windows and a flat roof – here are the distinctive features of the le lac. And – as always – concrete as a building material.

In the interior, Moser tells, the style of Le Corbusier also noticeable, which believed that the colors carry the semantic load and are generally important. So, blue, which painted the long wall, helps to visually lengthen the room. Paul Brown – Because this is the color of the earth. In the bedroom the walls are warm – pink. Under windows where batteries all burgundy. Considering the free layout (the rooms flow one to another) and a very symbolic situation, these colors help to figure out where what happened when the architect’s parents lived on the villa. Rather, his mother and his brother Albert – Father died a year after moving, but the mother lived in this house more than a hundred years.

  • Curator Patrick Moser
  • Separate entrance
  • On the shores of Geneva Lake

Outside the house, too, a lot of interesting things – for example, an extension with a separate entrance, where Le Corbusier with his wife spent the night. It is especially noticeable, as far as the architect was indifferent to the traditional bourgeois comfort, preferring to him functional convenience: there is nothing in the room, except for a narrow bunk bed and a desk with a chair, hoarsened for inappropriate.

And not that Le Corbusier so saved the square because he was nowhere to turn around. No, he sincerely believed that every person requires not so much living space as he himself wants, but a completely concrete number of square meters. Calculate which allows them the modulin invented by it – a system based on the proportions of the human body (there is even a series of Swiss five-footed coins, on which the module icon is knocked down – muscular healthy with a raised hand).

And although Villa Le Lac is built before the development of this system, it is easy to believe that its inhabitants did not suffer from being cramped. Moreover, there is also a small shady courtyard. Le Corbusier separated him from the lake with a concrete wall and drove the window in it. Rather, not even a window, but a marine landscape. The architect believed that beauty is best perceived in small doses. And square meters.

  • View of the lake
  • Flowering Macs
  • Lawn in front of Villa

The museum is open in the morning on Monday and after lunch on Wednesday. Login – 10 francs

Less yes better world on Le Corbusier

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