Let’s fly to Europe through Vilnius

You know what to navigate inside the Eurozoze cheaper than to go there from Russia. We found out where you can buy Flights Döshevo from Vilnius . Why Vilnius? Because there we can come by train just one and a half thousand rubles.

Prices are changing and most likely in your case they will differ from those that are specified in this article. But the route works and it is cheaper than direct flights to Europe.

In 2020 and 2021 borders may remain closed due to Pandemic COVID-19.

We have already found out how to go to Europe . For 1500 rubles, you can travel from Moscow to Vilnius. Today I will find out where and how to go on. For this trip, you will surely need a Schengen visa.

How to go to Europe through Vilnius

Vilnius One of the baseline airports of Looc Sources Wizz Air and Air Baltic, Therefore, many cheap flights from here.

At the end of the article there is a calendar in which you can check all prices and, if you like it, immediately book something.

In winter in Europe wet and overcast. But this is not a big one for those who are traveling for cultural attractions. In addition, you can go for the period of Christmas fairs, when all cities are decorated with lantern garlands.

In Birmingham for 1035 rubles

We have already written an article as a trip to England, there we considered direct flight from Moscow. But if buy a ticket from Vilnius , it will come out much cheaper.

Birmingham ; This is a city in the north of England, 150 km from London. Population of the city about 1 million people, this is the second largest city in England after London. Birmingham ; Capital County West Midlands. On the way to London, you can visit the famous Oxford.

If you buy tickets for December, you can find indecent cheap tickets for 905 rubles one way.

Flight conditions

Airline flies in Birmingham Ryanair. Flights without transplants, Flight time 2 h. 55 min.

Ryanair ; Loker, that is food and Luggage in the ticket price is not included. Hand-made, of course, free. Read more about manual sting Read in the article Luggage transport rules in the aircraft.

How to get to London

Self Cheap air tickets Vilnius In Birmingham you can buy at the end of the year . By the summer they will rise in price, but it will still be cheaper anyway than fly from Moscow.

From Birmingham London is better and cheaper to go by bus National Express. This is the main British carrier, their big white buses with comfortable leather chairs go throughout England.

This option to go to England is suitable for those who want to ride in Europe. Big minus of this journey is that Need to issue a visa to England and Transit (type "B") Schengen visa. With Schengen transit you can walk through Vilnius before departure.

In Berlin and back for 2723 rubles

To this direction The ticket back will cost cheaper for 300 rubles than a one-way ticket.

Berlin ; the capital of Germany, there is a lot of interesting things here. For example, Reichstag or Brandenburg Gate.

Travel conditions

Loocoster flies from Vilnius to Berlin Ryanair. Luggage in the ticket price is not included. Flight direct and takes 2 hours.

The plane will land at Schendeld Airport in the suburbs of Berlin.


Spring Cheaply fly from Vilnius in London . The flight back to 6 days will cost approximately 5,200 rubles.

From Vilnius to Prague for 2600

The main attraction of Prague is Charles Bridge connecting two historical parts of the city. Also do not forget to find out time on Prague Chorans at the Old Town Square.

Daytime temperature in Prague in spring reaches +10 in March to +20 in May. This is a city where attractions at every step. Prague ; One of the most beautiful European cities.

Travel conditions

From Vilnius to Prague you will be lucky SAS. The cost of the flight 8600 rubles roundtrip. Luggage in the ticket price is not included. Flight not direct, transplant in Stockholm, this is a small bonus. You will have 15 hours between flights.

To travel to Prague you too need a tourist Schengen visa.

From Vilnius to Prague Easier to reach the bus. It will cost about 2600 rubles. It will take it around 16 hours (between cities of 1130 kilometers), but comfortable buses in Europe, so do not be afraid. Buses go every day.

In Milan and back for 9600 rubles

Milan ; World Capital Fashion and Economic Capital of Italy. Central city of Lombardy, the second largest city in Italy. And then you can easily leave the sea ; on the azure coast of Italy or France. Near Monaco Principality.

Travel conditions

Airline SAS delivers you from Vilnius to Milan with a change in Copenhagen. Total time on the road just over 5 hours. Luggage in the ticket price is not included.

About a visa you already understood ; Schengen.


In autumn, fly in Rome for 5,500 rubles

Rome ; Capital of Italy. Here you are waiting for the ancient Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, famous The Sistine Chapel ; The monument of the Renaissance and the place where the conquel chooses the new Pope of the Roman. Ceiling Capella painted Michelangelo Bangarrot, walls – Sandro Botichelli.

Travel conditions

Flight Direct, the flight takes 2 hours. 50 min. Flights perform airlines Ryanair. The cost of the flight does not include luggage, and the mass of hand baggles is limited to ten kilograms.

Let's fly to Europe through Vilnius

Visa ; Schengen.

How to get to Vilnius Airport

By bus

Vilnius Airport is located on the south side of the city. You can reach it by bus or train.

In the railway station of Vilnius you can immediately transfer the train or bus to the airport. Bus station is located close to the railway. When you leave the railway station building, the bus will be with you Left behind Square.

To find a bus or a minibus that goes to the airport, look for an inscription "ORO UOSTAS" ; In Lithuanian, this means "airport". They go every 20 minutes, time on the way about 10 minutes. Cost of 1 euro.

https: // www.Autobusubilietai.LT / ; You can buy a website where you can buy bus tickets in Lithuania.

By train

Cheap from Vilnius to the airport can be reached by train. He will take you in just 7 minutes and 70 eurocents. If you arrived in the Kaliningrad train, go to the station building and go down to the tunnel, which will bring to 4th platform . Trains to the airport are departed from the 7th way.

To Vilnius Airport from Minsk

From Minsk Also walk buses and trains to Vilnius Airport. The road will cost about 10 euros. Time in the way about four hours. This route also needs a Schengen visa.

On other ways to get to Vilnius and other cities of Eastern Europe, we will talk in a separate article. This topic goes beyond today’s article, therefore, only review. But we learned where you can go Cheap from Vilnius and how to go to Europe. If you traveled by this route ; Leave comments, we need your experience. It’s all interesting travel.

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