Let’s fly to the Czech Republic – flight time, flights and how to save

Let’s fly to the Czech Republic – flight time, flights and how to save

Czech Republic is located in the center of Europe, to fly here from Russia not far, which only adds the country of popularity from Russian tourists. And how long exactly we will tell on this page. At the same time discuss charter flights and flights with transfers, we will tell us how to save on airline tickets. And maybe it is necessary to get a ground in general?

What cities of Russia can fly by direct flight

The easiest thing is to fly to the Czech Republic from Moscow. Now there are direct flights to Prague, Karlovy Vary and Pardubice. From St. Petersburg, you can fly to Prague or Karlovy Var. Direct flights to Prague is from Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Ufa, Kazan and Krasnodar.

Czech Republic takes the 18th place in popularity from Russian tourists, in 2016 the country left about 365,000 Russians with tourist purposes. An interesting point that this figure is calculated by Russian officials. Czechs are reporting about 405,000 arrivals of Russians. Where did 40,000 more tourists come from? The question is open.

The number of flights to the Czech Republic is quite adequately passenger traffic. Increasing the number of flights or cancellation is not yet expected. Unfortunately, the appearance of some new routes to Czech cities should not wait.

Distance between Prague and Moscow – 1670 kilometers. It’s closer than to Antalya (2150 km) or Cyprus (2320 km), and, moreover, closer to the resorts of Tunisia (3000 km) or Spain resorts (3200 km). A small distance and time of the flight plays Cezham to hand, in the list of tourist destinations without the sea Czech Republic in popularity is inferior only to Paris and France.

Flight time

The table below shows the average flight time from Russian cities in Czech Republic. Please note that the table contains time only for direct flights.

The actual flight time may differ from the table specified in the table. Airlines have different air corridors, delays due to a busy strip, strong wind, unforeseen precipitation and many other circumstances can happen in the way.

Some important moments

In this direction, the rules and prices ask Czech Airlines Czech Airlines and Smart Wings. They keep prices below Aeroflot. Quality of service on board in Czechs is no worse than Aeroflot.

There is one nuance – Czech Airlines and Smart Wings replacing each other. That is, you can buy a ticket to Czech Airlines, and fly away by plane Smart Wings, or vice versa. Do not be surprised by such situations. On flights to Karlovy Vary, a similar situation in Czech Airlines and Aeroflot.

From Moscow, the liner flies over the territories of Belarus and Poland. Look carefully in the portholes, you can see the bottom of Minsk and Warsaw below.

Charter flights

They are not here. With the Czech Republic perfectly established regular flights, to launch additional charters makes no sense. Tour operators buy tickets for batch tours to ordinary direct flights Smart Wings and Czech Airlines (their plane in the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge).

Probably, many readers have a question: what is the point in batch tours in Prague and Karlovy Vary? Some sense is – so cheaper. If you compare the price of the batch tour with the cost of air tickets and accommodation at the hotel, you will see that in most cases the tour will cost cheaper.

Flights with transfers

Flights with transfers through third countries often allow you to save. Airlines from third countries generously give a discount on such flights, just to delay the passenger traffic.

It is sometimes cheaper to fly to the Czech Republic: through Riga flights airBaltic, through Warsaw Lot aircraft, through Minsk BELAVIA, through Belgrade Air Serbia aircraft, through Frankfurt by Lufthansa. See prices, choose Favorable offers.

Flew to Prague how to get to the city

Cheaper to do this by bus, Prague subway branch to the airport has not yet failed. You can use a taxi, but prices for a taxi in the Czech Republic are quite high. Read the details in our article "How to get from Prague to town".

Alternatives to get to the Czech Republic

You can take a train by train. On Fridays, the train "Moscow-Prague" walks. On the way 29 hours. A train ticket will be released even more than a flight by plane. In addition, tickets for this train are almost always sold instantly. Many RZD tickets give to tourist companies.

Speaking easier, find free sale tickets – it’s a rare luck. Situation As in the screenshot on the left (click to enlarge) – this is the norm. If you are planning a trip, we do not recommend taking this train to the calculation, only for airplanes or buses.

Another option is a bus. If you are ready to spend 1.5 days in the armchair, then dare. Bus ticket will cost even cheaper than flight by plane. About prices for this option we talked in the article "Buses in the Czech Republic".

As you can save

We have already spoken about the first way – these are flights with transfers in third countries. Try to select options with minimal expectation at the airport of transplant.

Another option is to buy tickets at the end of the summer. Often in August Prices for flights to the Czech Republic are falling by 5-10%.

If you find cheap tickets to Vienna, Berlin or Budapest, you can fly, and to Prague cheap and quickly reach by bus or train, we wrote in detail about it in the article "Trains in the Czech Republic – Routes and Prices".

And the most effective option – catch cheap tickets. Technology is simple, in search engines (Skyscanner, Aviasales) there is a special service of the daily mailing of the price offers for the specified direction and the specified dates. Just check the mail, and as soon as you see a low price, immediately place tickets. The main thing here: keep a credit card at the ready and act quickly and confidently.

Trying to save, many tourists use the services of airlines-LowCost. We want to warn that such companies have many services paid separately – luggage and hand baggage, food and drinks on board. Learn the conditions of flights to not pay for LowCost more than the flight of the usual airline.

Successfully reach the Czech Republic, and read our useful and interesting articles about this country (Links below).

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