Let’s go together to Egypt?

Read more about the trip just below. I’m quite a lot traveling. Only last year visited 20 countries. And now a small prehistory. But the last trip to Japan turned everything! The fact is that before I had a solid belief that the best version of the knowledge of the world – independent travel.
When merging with locals and study everything around, walking from one attraction to another. But it turned out that in this case I missed 90% of all impressions!

Personal experience-Alexander Fillev

And I understood it in Japan, when I was asked to hold a group. And, in such a format, when I do not tell me about the country, and local professional guides. Guides who live in this country are more than 5-10 years old, know so many nuances as about historical moments and about modern life, how much never yourself know, if you just walk through the streets and even rereading the whole Internet.
Guides that were in Japan, including those serving VIP pons. Not only as guides, but also as translators. They translated the meetings of large politicians and famous entrepreneurs. Therefore, they knew much more interesting facts about the country than even the Middle Japanese, who lived there all his life. And I thought – why now not to look for such guides in every journey. But there is one substantial minus – the work of such guides costs about $ 500 per day. And at a 10-day journey it will turn into a very rather big amount. 20 countries for the year in such format no longer visit ..
But if we are gathered in groups of 10-12 people, then in recalculation to one
expenses even on the most expensive guides will be insignificant. So at least in the next anniversarous year and a half I invite everyone to join my journey. The program is more composed.
But the first journey is already known – it will be Egypt from March 1 to March 12.

Travel to Egypt

Egypt now for some reason is considered a closed or prohibited country. But this is not so. There is very safe.
Europeans as we went and continue to ride there. Under the ban is not Egypt itself, but charter flights from Russia to beach resorts. At the same time, direct flights from Moscow have long fly from Moscow to the capital of Egypt, Cairo.

But the lack of charter flights is only an advantage! After all, because of this, now there is no crowd of our tourists on all popular attractions. But this "calm" will soon end! After all, just this spring promise to return charters. Therefore, it is now that the latest opportunity to personally touch the history of the ancient Egyptian civilization with minimal crowd of people!

Our program will be such

  • Part 1

The first 2 days – we look at the pyramid.
The whole world knows, mostly, only about the great pyramids of Giza, which have been worth almost 5,000 years.
Few people can imagine how they were built. Therefore, there are many legends and myths around them.
There is even the theory that they were built by aliens. But in fact, in Egypt, more than 100 pyramids.
And we will visit the most interesting of them in chronological order of construction. We will see that it was before the pyramids and how they were gradually developed by their construction art. And at the end, when we see one of the seven wonders of the world, the pyramid of Heops, everyone will be able to answer the question whether its aliens built, or after all, the previous experience helped the Egyptians create such a miracle.

  • Part 2
Let's go together to Egypt

The following 5 days – a cruise on the Nile from Luxor to Aswan on the ship 5 stars. We swim along the river, thanks to which one of the first human civilizations on Earth was born. For this swimming, we will visit the best that the Egyptians have built after the pyramids – the majestic temples of unimaginable sizes and beautiful tombs.

  • Part 3

Visiting Alexandria in Egypt

After the cruise we will go to Alexandria. Here we will be transferred to the Epoch of the Greek-Roman period
And let’s see what built ancient Greeks and Romans next to the great creations of the Egyptians.

  • Part 4

Cairo City of Contrast

And the last 2 days we will spend in Cairo, watching the modern life of the Egyptians,
Walking on the Christian and Islamic attractions of Cairo. Travel cost per person – $ 1970. This includes everything except airfare to Cairo (from 21 thousand. rubles) and personal expenses.All hotels on 5 stars. Included cruise on the Nile on the 5 stars. Included Russian-speaking professional guides for every day travel. Included all entrance tickets to attractions. We will move on comfortable minibuses.
And with big fluffs – on night trains in double coupe.

  • Nutrition:

All hotels will include breakfasts. The cruise includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners (only drinks for a separate cost). Even in trains will feed. If you are traveling alone, then there are 2 options – you can pay $ 680 for single placement or cooperate with another member of our group and live together.

  • Terms of payment:

50% need to be paid in advance in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank + 3%.
Can be a bank card online. 50% &# 8211; Cash at arrival in Cairo. Our journey begins and ends in Cairo. If you wish, you can relax in the resorts of Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh before or after the main program – I will help you to organize everything. Once again, dates: March 1 – April 2, March 2 – the beginning of the main program. March 11 – the last day of travel and evening departure back, in Russia we will have March 12. To be all comfortable, the group will be no more than 10-12 people.If you want to go or you have questions, write to me in response to this letter.
Or call directly to me at number 8 (499) 346-68-29

Let's go together to Egypt

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