LG Optimus Link Dual SIM on Tenerife

In Russia, winter began in Russia, the first snow fell, and the more I wanted to spend your vacation in warm. This time my choice fell on Canary – I have long dreamed of find out what travelers attract these distant losing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Typical houses in Puerto de la Cruz

With you, I took a new smartphone – LG Optimus Link Dual SIM, working on the latest version of Android 2.3. He helped me a lot in this journey, so I will share some observations – suddenly who come in handy. First of all, this model attracted me not a stylish design and a slight thin case (although it is also very nice!), so that in such a smartphone you can use two "Sims" simultaneously. Abroad, I usually buy a local SIM card, so before you have to carry the second device with you. But it turned out that this is not the only dignity of the new smartphone. While being at home, downloaded from Android Market and downloaded several useful applications (by the way, completely free!). I immediately appreciated that the microprocessor works very quickly: my previous smartphone is constantly "wondered", Now everything was able to do in seconds.

I flew an indirect flight – I had a few hours in Madrid to get to Puerta del Sol Square, admire the huge artificial fir-cone, snack. At the same time went to the store and bought a Spanish SIM card. And I remembered in time that it was not decided where to live on the Canaries. I first found several options, but then before leaving there were too many things, and I completely forgot to book one of them. Fortunately, I had an application Booking.COM: With it, I reserved a room in a hotel, being on the main square of Madrid!

Book a hotel in Tenerife, standing in the middle of the square in Madrid

I returned to the airport before the crash, but the flight was detained for about an hour. I decided to use this time and began to read the guide. No no! Not a thick heavy book, I just opened another application – Redigo travel guide.

Read the Redigo Guide at Barajas Airport

During the flight, the device could not be disabled, because it has a special mode "In the airplane", So I continued to get acquainted with the sights of the islands. And therefore, when in the midst of the ocean expanses, I finally saw the earth in a light mist, I managed to quickly include the camera and take a picture of a giant handsome-volcano taper over the clouds.

Tayid Volcano on Tenerife Island (Photo Made by Smartphone LG Optimus Link Dual SIM)

Although the distance between the Canary Islands is small, each has its own character. Lovers of wildlife choose La Palm, Fuerteventura attracts endless white-sandy beaches, Grand Canaria – luxurious hotels, Lanserot – lunar landscapes and deserts, and on Yerro it is worth going, if you want to listen to the cleanest Spanish – the island used to be completely separate and therefore descendants of immigrants with "Big land" No new-fashioned trends were subject to. The Internet, of course, has changed everything, but the older generation still speaks on the rightmost and rich "Casteliano". I chose Tenerife – he combined most of the features of other islands, and I also really wanted to see unusual black beaches from volcanic sand.

Vegetation on Tenerife

My goal was the town of Puerto de la Cruz in the north of the island. Most Russian tourists usually choose the south: there is always warmth, the ocean is usually calm, but the nightlife boils, it is there that are the most popular resorts and huge hotels, however, the inhabitants of Tenerife are trying to stay away from these places. I was looking for calm and authentica, I wanted to see how local lives. Although now few people remember this, but it was Puerto de la Cruz that was home to tourism on the Canarians: there at the end of the XIX century the first English tourists appeared.

Stretch in the city of Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife

The old part of the city consists of single, two- and three-storey multicolored houses in which local, and sometimes small family hotels are located. But there is another part of Puerto de la Cruz: In the east, a whole town of high-altitude hotels – a kind of tourist reservation. I chose the hotel on the very shore, so that the room can be seen and audible.

View of the embankment Puerto de la Cruz

There were quite a few wishing to settle there, and the administrator rack had a small queue. In order not to waste time, immediately connect to the local Wi-Fi network and read news on Facebook.

Time in line can be thrown over the news

And here I’m in the room! Going to the balcony, I can not start shooting these delightful views!

View from my room to the ocean

First of all I go to the beach. Here they are these famous sands: black with quartz splashes, similar to tiny sparkling diamonds.

Beach in Puerto de la Cruz

From the beach I decide to call home to share your impressions and give your native to listen to how roars the ocean. When you call, literally by pressing the button, select the desired SIM card, just as easy to change the map when sending SMS. And the smartphone suggests me to call through Skype, but, alas, I did not guessed to put money on my own account. Next time – necessarily!

On the Black Beach Tenerife

The main feature of Tenerife architecture – houses with wooden balconies. There are almost no rains in these places, so openwork thread is preserved for many years. These balconies can be photographed infinite!

Wooden balconies on Tenerife

In fact, I had a regular camera with me, but I took it more often that it was a smartphone – it was easier to immediately share their impressions with friends, send a photo by mail and place them on my pages in social networks. Smartphone LG Optimus Link Dual SIM has a LG Social + widget, with which after one sole click on the icon you get on Twitter and Facebook, also available widgets "Odnokrassniki" and "In contact with", Where can you talk about your adventures and immediately share GPS coordinates. 3 megapixel camera allows you to make decent pictures. Fortunately, I did not forget to put a memory card into a 2 gigabyte into a smartphone, so that pictures were enough.

Outdoor in Puerto de la Cruz

The city center is the Charco Square. In fact, in translation, this word means a big puddle, the place that during the tide was covered with water. But after the construction of powerful stone fortifications, the ocean waves have no longer reached here. The ocean is now begins for a tiny two-story building of the customs built in 1620.

Square Charko in Puerto de la Cruz

The building of the customs on the embankment jumps out the merchant with a huge basket with marine values ​​on the head. She reminds that several centuries ago Puerto de la Cruz was a tiny fishing village.

LG Optimus Link Dual SIM on Tenerife

Monument to sprawer fish on the embankment in Puerto de la Cruz

Tourists who come to Puerto de la Cruz visit the Loro Park – a mix of zoo, botanical garden and dolphinarium. However, local residents tell me that they are more like a botanical garden, founded several centuries ago and at first served by the garden of spices.

In the Botanical Garden in Puerto de la Cruz

Courage foreigners before this place are rare, so there in silence and peace I managed to admire the luxurious exotic plants.

Botanical Garden Flower on Tenerife

Huge banana plantations spread around. Never thought that on one branch there are so many fruits!

Huge banana plantations spread around

Canaras are closer to Africa, to Morocco than Spain. It is not surprising that local cuisine is very different from what is eaten on the Pyrenean Peninsula. To understand the menu again helps a smartphone: I have been downloaded Google Translate application.

Google Translate helps choose dishes

Just thanks to him and it was possible to find such tasty mussels in the menu (remember how they are called in Spanish, it is impossible, the Spaniards have several dozen names for different living things in the seashells).

Mussels for breakfast

Although compared to the southern coast of Puerto de la Cruz Islands – a quiet town, here too, there is a nightlife: people at midnight sit in restaurants, there are several nightclubs, and about a month before Christmas on the embankment a small moon park appeared on the embankment. Honestly, I’m afraid of attractions, but I was pleased to participate in the quiz (well, that she passed in English). It was necessary to answer different questions, for example, to say how many kilometers in a mile. Thanks to the application-conventor, I correctly answered the question, overtook the rivals and won a soft toy!

Moon Park in Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife

That’s how I was convinced that the smartphone was able to help in any situation, so I did not part with it on the beach, nor by the pool. Nice to relax in the shadow and revise all photos taken per day! The battery was not discharged for a very long time, even though I was constantly addressed to various applications.

I look through the photo by the pool at the hotel

And at home I appreciated another useful feature of my new smartphone. It supports DLNA Standard Technology: With the SmartShare application, everyone stored on the map in the apparatus Photos I could show friends on my LG TV. For this, I did not need any wires, it was enough just to click on a couple of buttons.

LG Optimus Link Dual SIM on Tenerife

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