Life and holidays on the trident

Greek Peninsula Chalkidika reminds on the map of Poseidon’s trident, stunned in the Aegean Sea. In life, everything looks not so bloodthirsty. Three teeth are three beautiful peninsula: Cassandra, Sifonia and Agios Oros. The name of the latter translates from Greek as "Holy Mountain" – Here, on Mount Afos (Athos), there is the only monastic republic in the world. And on the first two found fishermen and tourists.

The Greeks themselves are convinced that the best resorts than Cassandra and Sifonia, there are no in the world, and it is usually coming on vacation. Maybe there are also the same stunning sandy beaches, olive groves Almost on the shore, old pines, vineyards, hotels in greenery, taverns with oysters and cheap fruits in fishing villages next door. But such a piercing-turquoise mirror sea you will no longer find anywhere else. 500 kilometers of beaches existing on Halkidiki enter the register of the cleanest beaches of the EU. Although, of course, not in the registry.

Simply in Chalkidiki, the dreams of the middle wealth of Russian about the perfect vacation are implemented. On the one hand, it is inexpensive. In August, at the height of the season, two weeks in a decent four-star accommodation accounted for a Moscow tourist on average at $ 950 (for a child of 6-12 years, rest was cheaper by $ 300). Of course, this amount includes the cost of the flight. But this is the price of August – and from the beginning of September there are discounts. And this is designed that the resort season on the peninsula lasts until mid-October, the air temperature in October reaches 29 degrees, and the maximum water temperature is 23 degrees.

On the other hand, on Halkidiki is resting to a rarity pleasant audience. As for Russian tourists, there are mainly Muscovites. Among them are no new Russian and britheads in chains – more and more modest, not too monetary intelligentsia. Among the local staff will definitely find someone who is explained in Russian. First, many Greeks from the former USSR have found and work here, especially many visitors from Georgia. And then, besides the fact that people from Russia love in Greece, the Greeks are generally amazingly hospitable. Here is a wonderful service, everything happens on time, they are tasty and not limited to food. If in a restaurant "Buffet" – So this is a real Mediterranean abundance and diversity, starting with meat and game and ending with squid tentacles, shrimps and other sea shrimp.

Finally, on the siphonia, and especially in Cassandra really excellent hotels. It can be small hotels, a couple of dozen rooms, cozy and comfortable. By the end of the second day of stay in such a hotel, all its guests (Greeks, Italians, Austrians, Germans, Russians) are beginning to greet and meet each other. Then all the remaining time they do not leave the feeling of warm, almost family atmosphere.

Another location of local hotels – huge multi-storey buildings, including club institutions working on the All Inclusive system. In the club hotel Greek sample you can use any of the restaurants every day, to absorb sandwiches throughout the day and arrange ice cream until the throat. And if it will still overtake, within 24 hours it is allowed to use alcoholic (and not only) drinks. The list of already paid services should also include homemade wine for lunch and dinner, special children’s menu and all kinds of sports available in summer conditions. Like: tennis (several courts), water skiing, water skiing, surfing, canoeing, motorboats, bicycles, mini golf and horse riding. Not counting the minimum of two mandatory pools – for children and adults.

Life and holidays on the trident

The remaining time from sports time must be used for cultural pastime, that is, on excursions. If there is a hunt, you can visit Athens (great, but for a long time, you have to go the night), but you will see Parfenon and walk around the fee. Everyone is offered for free to go for a fur coat to the custom orssaloniki. But it is better to get there with a guide and do not burden yourself with consumer interests. Castor and by itself – the adorable town. Not to mention Thessaloniki – Last year, this city was named by the cultural capital of Europe. In addition, in thessaloniki is the largest Orthodox Cathedral of the country – the Church of St. Dmitry.

Home Local Excursion happens on the ferry, around Mount Athos. Nobody will let you down on the holy mountain, but to ride along its western shore – nothing is comparable. You are in Russian and in the best way they will tell about the history of Athos, and about all of his 20 monasteries. Some of these monasteries can be seen from a distance of 200 meters. Along the way, you must certainly swim in the sea water pool, which is available on the ferry, hurry, if hunting, before gaming machines. And also eat in the restaurant, drink at the bar and look at the cheerful dolphins jumping out of the water. And do not be surprised, finding the ferry, among other tourists, Greeks – they are proud of their own attractions and regularly visit them.

At the same time, the sea walk past the Athos is not the most amazing excursion program. But that everyone leads to amazement, so this meteor – a fantastic reserve, giant rocks, on the roofs of which monasteries are. To this day, no one could explain how and who built them at such a height. After meteors, on the way home, the bus will bring you to the Olympus, the abode of 12 gods, at the foot of which still stand the ruins of the old Macedonian city of Dion.

There is still Kokines Petres (red stones) or Petralon Cave. This is the place where Neanderthal’s skeleton once found. He lived here 200 or 300 thousand years ago. In these blessed places and in those days there was life.

Life and holidays on the trident

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