Life for the polar circle

March 18 in the North Pole comes a polar day – he comes to replace the polar night, which lasted here almost six months. A little later, the polar day will come to all the cities of Russia, located behind the polar circle: the sun will not go beyond the horizon for several months. "My Planet" asked people from different areas of the Polar region to tell about what it is – to live in the extreme north, where there is no sun in the winter, and in the summer – nights.

Polar night is when the sun does not go out due to the horizon, the polar day – when the sunset does not happen longer. Both phenomena – a consequence of the tilt axis of the earth’s rotation to the plane of its orbit. The duration of these unique periods differs depending on the latitude: the closer to the pole, the longer the polar day and night. The longest polar night and polar day – on the poles of the Earth: they last about six months, that is, only one sunset and one dawn. The shortest polar nights and day on the polar circle – long in one day (December 22 and June 22). In the North Pole, the polar day comes on March 18 and continues until September 26, at this time in the South Pole – Polar Night.

In each Russian city and village for the polar circle, polar days and nights have their duration. Near these periods, there are shortest days and nights with a duration of 20-40 minutes.


Polar night from December 2 to January 11

Polar day from May 22 to July 22

Northern Lights – the glow of the upper layers of the atmosphere – can last from a few minutes to several days. In Polar, you can observe the polar shine to 200 nights a year.

Irina Sutkin

Polar day

Many confused white nights and a polar day, just in case I will explain: White nights are just light, and the polar day is all night with clear weather shines the sun. Sometimes it happens, the sun shines all night, and in the morning the sky covers clouds and the whole day goes. So the sun is only and you see that at night. In warm weather on the weekend day of people on the street at night no less than the day, so I like scattering, day or night. Especially difficult to have people working on changing: Waking up, say at 4 o’clock, they cannot immediately figure out – day or night.

The South Pole is much colder than the North, the average temperature in winter is here -58 ° C, and on the North Pole -43 ° C.

polar night

In fact, it is not so long as everyone thinks. She lasts us a little more than a month. Life flows in its bed, but it’s hard to wake up. Permanent darkness inhibits, go to work – not yet cut, you go from work – already darkened. People working on the street (drivers, agents, wipers) are much easier to cope with the polar night, because they are given the opportunity to see the White Light: Dawn in the Polar Night for an hour and a half somewhere around 12 hours. At the same time, children walk in kindergarten.

Are there any advantages at the polar night? I thought for a long time and found only one: you can run salute at any time – it is much better in the dark, rather than in the world.

Over 4 million people live on the northern polar circle on Alaska, in Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia and Russia. In Russia for the 67th parallel lives 1.5 million people.

Life in the plague

When I was small, in the period of the polar night we are quartz. We undressed to the panties and stood around quartz around 10-15 minutes, then scientists have proven that quartz lamps cause cancer, and now it is not practiced nowhere.

Do I like to live in the plague? It’s hard to answer, because I did not live anywhere else. Many, having left live in the middle lane, come back, many remain living there forever.

Pros eat everywhere. Where else can you see the northern lights, blossomed in the snow, the yellow colors of coltsfoot and bay, not freezing in winter? All this we have. Plus, people living in the north look much younger than their peers from the south. True, the skin gives us a bluish tint.

People are mostly kind and responsive. It happened, stuck in a snowdrift on the car – so a few people run to the rescue, who will push, and who will suggest to pull out, and in the cold, when the car does not make anyone who will be asked – every will give "to see"! And what is happening when you go on vacation on the car, – by headlights, beeps, welcome, leisurely, seeing a car with native numbers, mahut.

Refusal to transition to winter time – for us, inhabitants of the Polar region, a very relevant problem. In the polar day you wake up early and wait, when will be 7 in the morning, and in the polar night the opposite. It’s hard for us without this transition.

On the Poles of the Earth – The longest polar day (178 days) and the longest polar night (187 days). There is no time on the poles, since all the lines of longitude come out here, and the sun rises and sits down once a year in the days of equinox. Therefore, scientists and travelers can decide on their own, how much time: using the watch of your country or the time of Greenwich. For example, at the permanent dwelling station of USA Amundsen-Scott in Antarctica, New Zealand time is used, but theoretically, employees can run a run through all 24 time zones in a few minutes – a trick in time.

Polar Zori, Murmansk region

Polar night December 21-23

Polar day from May 31 to July 13

The ice of the Arctic melting in the summer, and in the winter freeze, but in recent years the melting is going very quickly – scientists believe that in a few decades in the North Pole may not stay ice. Antarctica ice contains about 80% of all freshwater planets. If they are completely melted, the world ocean will rise by 60 m. This, fortunately, does not happen.

Tatyana Maksimova

polar night

When we have a polar night, it darkens early in the day, I always want to sleep, we go like sleepy flies at work, but we are accustomed. Moms with children walk, despite the darkness, in any weather, if of course not -40 ° C. My daughter does not ask why it is so dark, normally adapted to the polar night, the only thing is heavier to get up in the morning in the garden. In winter, we have everything as usual: snow, frosts (dress warm), many in the apartments are very cold, enjoy heaters, without them. Plus Polar Nights One: At this time, very beautiful northern lights.

In some cities near the polar circle there is a polar day, but there is no polar night: for example, in Salekhard, labnyangah And Warrowge. Salekhard is the only city in the world, located exactly on the Polar Circle.

Polar day

Apartments in the summer do not darken, but even on the contrary – we rejoice in the sun. If someone interferes interferes, dark curtains hang.

Polar circle – an imaginary line on the surface of the planet, separating the locality where you can see a polar day and a polar night, from the part where you can not see them. The North Polar Circle passes through Alaska (USA), Canada, Greenland (Denmark), the Island of Grimsa (Iceland), Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

About life

I don’t really like to live here, as it is cold: in winter there are 30-35 ° C frost and with a terrible wind, and in the summer the weather is different, in June-July warm, but we are nowhere to swim – in our imandre bro rr … water Cold. Every summer we go on holiday south. I would like to leave somewhere in a strict thing, and it does not work, because we have a northern surcharge here. People are leaving from the north already aged after earn their pension.

Life for the polar circle

There are no permanent residents for the southern polar circle – only visiting staff working at scientific stations. Antarctica is the only place on Earth that does not belong to any country.

Daria Kravchenko

People who were born in the north immediately adapt and get used to such a lifetime. Much, of course, depends on the state of health, the temperature is very often and dramatically changes, many people are manifested by headaches. To survive the dark winter nights, use vitamins, go to the solarium, some ride a week to hot countries. In bright summer nights we save dark curtains and eye bandages. Everything happens to the polar day and night, like all the inhabitants of the country: everyone work on ordinary graphics, they are engaged in sports, rest … In childhood we walked, despite the polar nights, under 9 pm: having fun on the street, snowmen rode, rode skates – everywhere lanterns, everything can be seen.

In the top 5 of the most populated cities behind the north polar circle, Murmansk, Norilsk, Vorkuta, the Norwegian city of Tromso and Apatity.

Tiksi, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Polar night from November 17 to January 25

Polar day from May 10 to August 2

polar night

When I first heard this phrase "Polar Night", melted. I thought we would fall and not wake up more, die from hunger, or I don’t remember that I decided to myself. I remember that when he returned from school, probably, at 13-15 hours of the day, a little light, and then again dark. On the windowsill near the colors included daylight lamps so that the plants are comfortable. But it was a gorgeous northern light! This is an indescribable spectacle.

We walked perfectly and in the polar night. Conducted passes, tunnels in huge snowdrifts with a two-storey house. Skated on sledding, skates. My brother was engaged in mountain skiing, it was there he learned well to ride. You do not think that there are straight dark prestable around the clock.

When a polar night comes for the polar circle, in the neighboring areas located closer to the equator, white nights are observed – in front of the summer solstice and after it.

Yulia Bogoslov (Born in Tiksi and lived there until 13 years)

Polar day

And when there was a polar day, the sun went all the time over the horizon line, the blankets on the windows were put on the windows to darken the apartment. Almost all people in the apartments were nailed with small carnations around the perimeter of the window to make it easier and faster. The polar day was hard to drive the children home early.

Polar night does not mean complete darkness. White Snow, Light of Stars, Moon and Sprolo Polar Lights make it more like twilight.

About life

I always remember the time with the heat when I lived in Tiksi. This is a small village, where people from all the former USSR gathered, and my parents are no exception. Dad came to work in the Observatory, Mom – a doctor. It seemed to me that there was one intelligentsia. Always very warm and wonderfully spent time, they talked a lot, went to visit each other, as there were no special entertainment in the village. There was a school of arts where concerts were organized periodically. In Tiksi there was a wonderful brass orchestra. When it became a little warmer – this is somewhere -15 ° C and above (April-May), went to the tundra on kebabs.

In general, I was comfortable there. And to all my friends with whom I grew, which now live in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa, Shanghai. Everyone with love remembers Tiksi. My moving climate is not connected, I moved in 1998, as it was necessary to develop. There are no universities in Tiksi. My parents decided to send me to Kiev after the 7th grade. But this does not mean that Tiksi was a bad education in school. My brother after the Tiksine school (he graduated there all 11 classes) entered Kiev Medical Institute. In Tiksi there were excellent teachers, some still live there.

The north climate is not suitable for everyone and postpones his imprint. I was very painful after moving, I was very reduced immunity. And among my friends there were cases of severe diseases after moving, maybe it is associated with a sharp climate change, who knows.

Life for the polar circle

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