Life in Belize – Mutual concern for prosperity

Belize – a country previously known as British Honduras – attractive for many. Tourists attract a rich vegetable and animal world and coastal reefs here. Capital owners seek Yucatan peninsula for another reason. Clamped between Mexico and Guatemala, this small state is one of the few providing its citizenship to generous investors.

Former British Colony gained independence back in 1981. Since then, Belisians have their own passports, parliament and the ability to dispose of the national heritage, the main of which is definitely the land. True, not so long ago, the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Protection In order to submit an example of the rest of the world, there was an incredit veto to use thousands of acres not yet touched the Earth. But on the remaining "TRONED" Have where to stay. For example, in Kayo, the largest administrative area of ​​the country, the population density is now not exceeded 19 people per square mile.

On the loyalty of visa services to the foreigners coming to the country, the fact that there are already more than ten thousand. Chinese, Arab and others have formed in the cities "Exotic" Community. Not all immigrants are full-fledged citizens and participate in the elections, but they all have the right to acquire real estate and land. In the latter case, foreign citizens, however, have to pre-buy land ownership license from the state. But, first, the cost of it is small – only $ 150 (it does not receive its problems – there is no failure in the memory of local agents). And secondly, if the size of the site does not exceed the polyacra (approximately 0.2 hectares) within the city and 10 acres beyond, it is allowed to make a deal without this document.

For those interested in investment in the local land, Belisse real estate agencies for $ 25 per day are carried out "excursions" Objects. In case you decide to make a purchase, all spent money come back (a trifle, and nice). The procedure for concluding the contract here is the same as in other countries: when signing a preliminary agreement, a deposit of 10% of the sale price is made, which if the purchase and sale will not take place, gets the affected side.

Planning costs, it is necessary to take into account that the amount of the transaction is necessary "throw out" about 12.5% ​​of deductions to the state treasury. This is a 5 percent stamp collection, plus 2.5% for the service of a lawyer’s deal. The tax on the transfer of property rights for the Belisian citizen is 5%, for foreigners – twice. The existing system of registration of property rights was adopted exactly twenty years ago. All objects that can move from hand to hand today are numbered, and for $ 150 the state rewrites a house or a plot to the new owner.

If you enjoyed real estate agency services when searching and selecting an object, you may be offered to reward the work of its employees. It is notable to know that in Belize this part of the costs is usually assigned to the seller. Agency deductions are quite large (7% from home or apartment, 10% – from sold land), so if the seller refuses to pay, it is better to find another option. The rate charged annually of real estate tax in each area of ​​its own. On average by country, its size does not exceed 1-1.5%. No tax on the increase in capital value, no deductions from the received inheritance to you, nor to pay your children in Belize to pay.

As in most other countries in the region, the price of land in Belize is largely depends on the remoteness of the site from the sea and from the capital. For example, in the depths of the peninsula you can buy a plot at $ 200 for one acre. A slice of the beach of such an area in a popular resort location can cost ten times more. Moreover, in the latter case, to obtain a permit for the construction you will have to communicate with environmental authorities: the coastline in Belize is a special attention zone.

At $ 55.Unresolved land (25 acres) is estimated at a 15-minute drive from the capital – the city of Belmopan. For the same amount, you can buy a new stone house in the province on a larger area with a fruit garden, already suspended with electricity and water supply. Or as many two houses on the banks of the river: two-storey for yourself and smaller – for guests. Plot of 15 acres for $ 40.000 with groves of exotic fruit trees and thickets of tropical plants recommend those who wish to build an income villa. Construction will cost $$ 36-65 per square foot (approximately 0.1 kV. m). In the future, she is glad to rent rich fans of ecological tourism.

We first advise the country for the first time to always clarify, in which dollars the price is measured (all the above figures are expressed in American currency). Important refinement: BZ next to the $ icon for brevity sometimes do not write, which is invariably becomes the source of confusion: the White Dollar is twice "easier" American.

Life in Belize - Mutual concern for prosperity

To freely live in a newly purchased housing, a foreigner homemade can choose two ways to legalize their stay in the country. If you are not a happy owner of a passport with the coat of arms of the United States or one of the EU countries, then live here without a visa, unlike citizens of these states, you will not succeed. Belize has no representative office in Russia. But since this state is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, the United Kingdom Embassy is engaged in all issues related to visit to the country.

Guest visa, usually issued on the basis of an invitation for up to 30 days costs 200 thousand rubles. It is possible to extend it directly in Belize only for 25 local dollars per month. And periodically visiting immigration bodies, it is long for a long time. Condition – to provide officials from the Department of Immigration a return ticket to the homeland and evidence of its financial well-being at the rate of $ 50 for every day of deposits of departure. If in connection with the purchase of real estate the latter is very delayed for a long time, it makes sense to ask for a permit at once for a long time. Question This immigration service will be considered individually.

The one who has enjoyed under the Central American Sun or wants to be in the black day to hide from political and financial storms, can choose another way – to get citizenship. In addition to the convenience of the border crossing, this status gives a number of advantages, to overestimate which is difficult. Belize’s passport is a pass to most other countries of the British Commonwealth, as well as in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Well, of course, you will receive the honorable right to elect and be elected to the highest authorities, and if the Motherland suddenly becomes ungiming you, you will find yourself under the protection of the White Democracy.

The latter takes into its arms far from all. But investors who share their capital with the budget of the country can count on a positive decision of immigration services. Specific amounts and deadlines defines a special economic program for the provision of citizenship, which with some interruptions and changes successfully operates in the country for more than ten years. In accordance with it, the guest of Belize, which made "significant contribution to the economy and prosperity" countries, namely – transferred to the budget for at least $ 25.000 may claim a citizen’s status. If the investor has on a dependent wife or husband, as much as he will have to pay extra for his second half. Passports For the applicant’s adulthood, the applicant hit the family budget not so much – they cost only $ 15.000. Another $ 50.000 will have to withdraw from turnover and provide the Belisian authorities as a deposit.

You can get the necessary documents from one of the authorized programs. About two months after filling and implementing them "Deposit" Applicant and his family receive certificates of registration, and then passports. After that, you can make reimbursement of incurred costs. For example, already as a local resident, to pass your Belisian house to foreign tourists. Those who have no citizenship can also be engaged in this non-school business, but they are charged with income tax and value added tax (35% and 15%, respectively). Being a Belisen citizen is much more profitable: the total revenues of the owners of passports – wherever their source is – are not taxed.

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