Life in Burgas: how to rest cheap and not be a victim of deception

Bulgaria has not yet entered Schengen, but this is a matter of time. When this happens, tighten the reception of documents for a residence permit and permanent residence, the prices will grow. How will Bulgarians cope with this – a mystery, because, according to Eurostat, 40.4% lives below the poverty line.

At the same time, besides a Bulgarian visa, it is possible to enter the country in Schengen, the truth do the days of stay are not counted. That is, if you are given 90 days staying on the territory of Shengen, and 10 of them you spent in Bulgaria – at your disposal is still 90 days.


In Bulgaria cheap accommodation. But do not hurry with the purchase – to shoot more convenient and safer. Two or three-bedroom apartment with repairs in a new house will cost 400-600 lion (≈16,000-24 000 USD) per month. The main thing is to behave like a day – minority and typical tourists are lifting prices up to the maximum.

But with the purchase of real estate in the resorts are deceived in 99.9% of cases. The catch is not noticeable immediately: they are brown in summer, the sea, pools and palm trees are shown, everything looks beautiful. Prices for apartments Cheap, so the temptation is very large. Who do not want to live on the seashore?

But after purchase it turns out that behind the territory with flower, palm trees and the pool must be removed about 1,400 euros per year (≈ 112,000 rubles.). At the same time, the amount is growing, and you need to pay constantly, even if you relax in Burgas 2-3 months per year.

These houses are not suitable for life in the cold time, only for summer holidays, because the walls are made almost from cardboard and no heating. From here and funny price. Sell ​​then such real estate is impossible.

But the utilities in Burgas are a penny. Once a month you need to pay for water, electricity and a small amount in the entrance. How much poured and hit, so much and paid. The average price of television and internet – 25 lion (≈1 000 USD) per month. For telephone connection with slow Internet Give 13 lion (≈520 USD), quick – 20 (≈800 rubles.) .


Popular transport in Burgas – Buses. They are new and walk strictly on schedule. Travel Cost 1 Lion 30 Stot. Trams and metro there are no. Many taxi ride, because the city is small and distances are funny, and 1 km = 1 lion (≈40 rubles) .

National cuisine in Bulgaria is rich in pepper dishes – prepare it in any form. There is no creamy usually here, but in the go of the "Coll of Wask" – something average between sour cream and milk. In most dishes add "Siren", in Russian Brynza.

Life in Burgas how to relax cheap and not be a victim of deception

If you want a pobe with meat, you have to endure home. Bulgarians consider it perversion, exactly like dumplings. Sweet baking is also not particularly no, but many layer salty soles with sirens. And in stores you can find "Russkaya Saladka" – native and beloved Olivier. But his taste is different, and swims in the tasteless mayonnaise. Cost salads on average 3.50-6 lion (≈140-240 USD), second dishes from 4.50-10 Lev. (≈180-400 rubles.), soups 1.80-3 Lion (≈72-120 rubles) .


There is no stable heat in Burgas: it’s terribly cold in the morning, but in the afternoon frying. Per day Temperature jumps from +10 to +30 degrees and back. In winter, usually from 0 to +5 degrees and without snow. Although he sometimes flies over the city, but instantly melts on earth. On such days, children stop learning and together with teachers admire snowflakes. A good reason to pause in study) rains are rare, but aptive. No mushroom rains, only shower, only hardcore.


Tourists travel to Sunny Beach – the largest sea resort. But it is unprofitable to go there: there are many hotels, but paid lounge chairs and expensive food. Bulgarians you almost do not meet, but raise around the beach on the beach with compatriots. Rest and live better in Burgas: He is also near the sea, and the prices are much lower, the beaches with free umbrellas and hotels are not worse.

The city does not suit only partners or fans of active life, but will love to families, especially, children – in Bulgaria they love them very much. Burgas calm, sunny and clean. Everywhere neat lawns, bicycle paths and playgrounds. If you choose a family vacation, then it’s better not to find the place.

Life in Burgas how to relax cheap and not be a victim of deception

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