Life on a volcano

Canary Islands are solid volcanoes, but they are so comfortable that local locals build at home right in the crater.

Europe or Africa?

Important question. Canary Islands This is Europe7 indeed, from Gibraltar 1000 kilometers, and from the south of Morocco – 115. That is geographically canary – Africa. But geography is the case and ends. Everyone who visited Canar knows that Canaras are a piece of Spain, and from the best. Roads are excellent, the cities of well-groomed, the dilapidated houses canary do not tolerate, the streets wash the special shampoo, as in Holland, find garbage more difficult than in Austria, you can go to restaurants without fears, as in Germany. Service of the highest European level, employees of the Spaniards, the British, Germans, Swiss. Therefore, the only correct conclusion for the tourist: the Canary Islands is Europe.

High season on Canaars in winter, when Canaras remain the only warm and sunny point of Europe. From the countries of mass tourism to swim in the winter in the sea in Emirates, Egypt, Thailand, Sri Lanka, in the Maldives and Seychelles, in Mauritius, Brazil, Mexico and the South Islands of the Caribbean Sea. The cheap canary share the third place with Thailand, skipping forward only Egypt and Emirates. In favor of Canar Time of the flight (six hours of charter flight to Tenerife) and a low time difference with Moscow (three hours.) But the main thing is, why many tourists choose rest on Canar, and not in Thailand or Dubai, a desire to relax in Europe.

Tenerife: Duck in a volcano in the stomach

In the form of the island of Tenerife, it is customary to compare with duck. Capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Head, this is North, here Loro Park and Puerto de la Cruz. According to ancient health rule, the head Tenerphus duck holds in the cold, and her feet in warmth in the legs of the south, resort noise, the most famous beaches. Volcano Tadeid in the middle, he is in the stomach.

North is the ocean, closed with rocks black and gray beaches, forests, fogs, morning chill, calm cities. Although the northern part of the island is much larger than South, in the north is only one third of hotel places. Some Russians love Puerto de la Cruz, because few Russians are here. Puerto de la Cruz calm resort town on the slope of the mountain, it does not remind the village of South Coast blind in the strip. Puerto de la Cruz hotels in Puerto de la Cruz Compactly close in the eastern part and do not spoil. The historic part of the city is the West. Long, half an hour walk, beautiful pedestrian street Columbus (Avemda De Colon) comes from the west along the embankment, past the elegant bars, restaurants and discos, and then cool climbs up and loses among hotels and parks. Vintage houses in the city Little, but many oleandrov and thick palm trees.

From July 15 to July 20, Puerto de la Cruz recalls that most recently he was a fishing city, and the remaining fishermen arrange celebrations in honor of the Virgin Carmen. The statue of the Virgin is carried out of the cathedral, and fishermen insult her in every way. It is considered that the more embarrass will tell the Virgin, the stronger will the catch be. In the usual time, old fishermen are sitting on the favorite citizens of the Charco Square, the Canary Cigars smoke and talk about football. Sigars are lungs, with a nonstive, unreactive aroma, smoke them with a torment. In the morning in the north is cool, the air warms up only to eleven, and then vacationers go to the beach. It is going, because many hotels are on the mountain, far from the ocean. Celebrity coming to the city stop in the Aristocratic Hotel Botanico. Here, in the presidential apartments, visited the king and queen of Spain, Michael Jackson and one of our oligarchs, an avid fan of botany. He owns the hotel German, so in Botanico there are many elderly Germans who do not carry noise and do not go to the ocean, but all day long goes in the hotel park and bathe in the pool with artificial sea water.

Hotel Tigaiga Tenerife is also located away from the coast, but also always full. Tigaiga attracts tourists by the fact that it is built without the slightest synthetics. The hotel has folklore performances with Canary Wrestling, Music and Dancing. Canary music is different from Spanish, it is slower and sad, because in the old days the Canar lived very poorly and the thousands emigrated. Typical Canary tool Little five-strin guitar "Tipple", There are no romance in her sounds, but with an excess of nostalgia and sadness about the unfulfilled dreams of youth. Artists perform in traditional Canary clothes, that is, dressed not the weather warm and fat. In the old water, the poor canary wore one-layer clothes alone socks, one ports, one shirt. And the rich dressed in a multi-layer, like Moscow bums, put on all the clothes that had. Canary struggle invented not Spaniards, but "wild" Aborigines-Guangchi. Casting each other for pants, the wrestlers are trying to hold a throw and push the opponent from the circle.

Beaches in the vicinity of Puerto de la Cruz Neshiroga, Gray and Black Volcanic Sand. Playa Martmez in the city center, Playa Jardin on the western edge. Most holidaymakers prefer to shore swimming pools with flowing sea water. All Canary Beaches Enter Free, money is taken for renting chairs and umbrellas. Entrance to the seaside pools – 200 peses. The Russians who fell to the north are usually taken for renting cars or go to a taxi on deserted beaches between the cities of Puerto de la Cruz and Garachiko, the most popular from Playa Del Socorro plated. This is a small beach under the rock cliff. Sand from afar seems completely black, but it is clear that it is very clean, like water. Many argue which sand is better black, volcanic, or yellow, ordinary. On the beaches Canar is not idle question. There are beaches of natural and sand, brought from the Dominican Republic or extracted from the bottom of the Ocean Excavator. On their own feelings, black sand lippes to wet legs, but more striking.

Vintage buildings have been preserved in Orotava. There are many beautiful attached balconies from the Canary Pine. On one of the vintage streets is visited by tourists "House balconies" With souvenir shops in the courtyard. Other attractions include a former palace of Mason and Mausoleum with a park in the Pseudovsal style. And the orotava is known as the center of carpets from volcanic sand and colors. In the Loro Park, the largest collection of parrots is collected, and eleven of them speak Russian. Here you can see high-quality shows with dolphins, sea cats and parrots, and the local aquarium is comparable except that with Eilatsky – around the glass tunnel, according to which visitors go, float at least twenty different sharks. In the autumn of this year "Planet Penguin" I was advertised even on Russian television such a number of penguins there is not in any world zoo. Loro Park is open daily from 8.30 to 18.00, ticket price – 4000 peashes for a whole day, including shows. Tours tell the visitors the history of the park. Once a German boy asked his father, what an animal to get him. Thinking, my father advised the parrot. First, the food is cheap, and secondly, you can teach German rugs and for listening to take money from school friends. The boy listened to the Wise Council and now he is the owner of the hotel "Botanica" and Loro Park.

Garachiko ancient town, through which fiery lava passed three hundred years ago. From that catastrophe preserved the remains of the old port, on the site of which is now flower. Near the fort on the shore a good fish restaurant, and right under the restaurant a natural lava pool, seawater flows freely and flows through porous rocks. In Garachiko, there is an interesting monument to an emigrant Bronze man with a suitcase and with a through hole instead of a heart. Canara Island Emigrants. First, the Spanish authorities raped people from the mainland forcibly here, then they forced the Canary to ride America to colonize, at the end of the last century, the Canar went voluntarily, in search of the best share. In the cafe "Emigrant" It’s nice to sit from half an hour behind a glass of brandy and reflect on the vicinities of the Fate. Who would have thought that the Canar would live better than their compatriots on the mainland? So it was worthwhile, pulling out the heart, leave their homeland and go to Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and Cuba? By the way, the encouragement of Canary emigration was reached by Spain sideways: Parents of Simon Bolivar went from Garachico to South America.

In the capital of Tenerife Santa Cruz, tourists go shopping near the port of many shops with high-quality Spanish things. Santa Cruz Center for Annual Carnival. In 2000, carnavals took place on Tenerife from February 18 to March 12, in the program Balley, competitions, processions and mysterious "Funeral Sardinki".

South – Tenerife Tourist Center, most tourists from Russia resting in the south. Here are always sunny, beaches comfortable, long, familiar. Hotels, apartment complexes, restaurants, bars, pubs, shops, discos are in dense ranks along the shore. 7-kilometer walking embankment stretches from Los Cristianos to Bahia Del Duque. All the beaches of the south artificial, lowered by small white, mined from the bottom of the ocean sand. Day rental umbrella 300 peseta, umbrella plus chaise lounge 600 peset.

Los Cristianos – Beach closest to southern airport. Local visits to him because they live nearby. Los Cristianos quarters are more or less like a living city, everyone else is built specifically for resorts. Las Vistas is a new beach, it is reliably protected from ocean waves by breakwalls, and so that the water is not too struck, the fountain is built in the middle. Las Americas – the most famous and most mastered Russian beach Tenerife. Here are shops with expensive goods of dubious quality, pubs, snack bars Fast food and restaurants with halnaya kitchen. Here merchants are trying to speak Russian, the Russian inscriptions meet, the restaurant is functioning "Marusia".

"Grand Hotel Bahia Del Dyuk" – Small beach, continuation of Las Americas, but without shops and American kich. Here close to the embankment adjoin the territories of the best hotels in the south: "Hardin Tropical", "Antelia Park" and "Grand Hotel Bahia Del Dyuk". Favorite rich Russian hotel, Bahia Del Duque is at the very end of the southern beaches zone. The hotel buildings are built in the style of the Canary Architecture of the beginning of the century, and the luxury is principled and ubiquitous. Bahia Del Duque only on Tenerife "Five stars de luxe". Sometimes interesting events are arranged here. For example, the weeks of reconciliation. Two years ago hotel managers gathered all over the world of two hundred married couples who were going to divorce. During the stay at the hotel, about 150 pairs were connected again. Although, of course, no one knows how long the charm of Bahia del Duque.

This year, Bahia Del Duque has a powerful competitor-neighbor, a four-star Hotel Anthelia Park, which we can safely recommend readers – there are no deficiencies in it. The hosts-architects themselves engaged in construction and developed the design, many interiors are quite suitable for their photos decorated design magazines. Of the special advantages of the hotel: a large sea water pool, which comes from a depth of 70 meters, a good beach, an electronic system of door locks, wickets and a gate, the best price-quality ratio for Tenerife.

Excursions on Tenerife

Overview of the island – around or in southern part, for a whole day without lunch – 5,500 peashes. On Tadeid all day with lunch – $ 30, pedestrian Calder $ 20. You can drive around the island on Schoon or a big boat – with dinner for all day $ 30. Forty minutes on a submarine plus a small buffet and delivery to the place of sailing by bus

$ 30. Walk on a luxury yacht six hours at dinner $ 35. Safari on jeeps – $ 35, if you wish, you can get behind the wheel and go to the caravan with an instructor in the forefront. Safari on donks – the same $ 35, and it will have to shake an hour on donks, and then there will be lunch. You can choose a sfari on camels. In the evening of tourists will be taken in "Tenerife Palace Show", Where in the first office there is flamenco, and then variety in Paris style, without dinner with a glass of champagne $ 33, with dinner $ 40. V "Fiesta Canary" only folklore give, but the presentation price is the same with dinner $ 40.

Las Palmas and Santa Cruz in a bright day of the day combine the large speed boats on underwater wings. First "Rocket" Departs from the site Cruz at 7.30, a ticket at this time costs $ 100 there and back. "Rocket" Go 4

5 times a day, price not at rush hour – $ 50. Day sightseeing tour of Homer Island on "Rocket" $ 65. For 1 hour 20 minutes, the same boat will deliver to the Grand Canary, a small excursion plus free time in Lae Palmas – $ 80. On Lanzarote can only be hit by plane, flight will last 40 minutes, sightseeing tour with dinner $ 120. On La Palma also carry airplanes – $ 115. Excursions on Tenerife Organize different firms. If you order at the hotel, prices will always be higher than exactly the same excursion, but ordered in the street office.

Guidebook praise canary cuisine as "homemade, simple, healthy". I’m afraid but the Canary cuisine is unlikely to like the Russians. For example, in a good restaurant Los Paroles (Puerto de la Cruz) in response to a request to file something originally Canary, the chef made a huge aluminum saucepan, the fair filled with water from whole zucchini, sweet and ordinary potatoes, carrots and beans. In Verev, rare pieces of meat, blood sausage and liver were flooded, as well as waste garlic. All this chef called the unauthorized name "Puchurgo". How they write in guidebooks "Canary cuisine is very simple, but at the same time wise and has a large gamut sensation".

Russian tourist because "wise" The kitchen highlights potatoes in uniform, sauces "Mokho" And rabbit. Potato is not simple, and local, with thick and durable peel, grown at an altitude of not lower than 900 meters. Such potatoes are boiled in cool water cool, crystals are playing on the uniform, inside the potato is not very salted and goes well with octopus, shrimp and sauerfish "Tolo". Potatoes accepted to scat in sauces "Mocho". Their two types, red with pepper, sharp, and green with garlic, spicy. Both sauces are prepared on the basis of white wine and olive oil. Stewed Canary Rabbit under the sauce "Salmamorjo" For gourmets, in a cheap restaurant for rabbits will be asked 1800 peashes.

Beef always serve barely roasted, with blood. If you ask you to do jerk, it becomes tough, and it is impossible. Soups Canar do not like and eat them only when it’s cold. Vegetable soup "Pathone" on a lover vegetarian, also purely Canary invention, on the mainland such soup do not eat at all. Much more interesting to eat fish in seaside restaurants. Let’s walk along the embankment, look, where more people are more and sitting there and go there. Let’s look at prices. Lunch with snacks, fish and wine glass hardly exceed 2000 peashes. If there is higher, an expensive restaurant, and the cost of the restaurant does not always depends on the quality of the dishes, rather from the place and props.

The most expensive fish – "Mero", This is such a big bottom fool with the ugly muzzle, it is very curious and kind – and, to his misfortune, delicious. Also expensive "Cherniy", Fish type sea perch, but with fewer bones, and "Lubina" – predator like barracuda, but with more gentle meat. "Vieha" Many gourmets are put on the first place to taste, but at the price it is still in the middle of the list. "Vieha" to taste similar to Bonito, but her meat is red, like salmon. Cheap fish are Cambala (big portion $ 8), tuna and bonites. A fish "Burro" not very appreciated, but she is tasty. All kinds of fish are preparing without clauses, roasted on olive oil on fast fire and add to the beloved Canar roast flour. Sexian Seafood Dish: Mussels, Small Sheets, Royal Shrimps, Shrimps Ordinary, Octopuses, Cracatini and Langust Slices – $ 30. But gourmet should consider that in contrast to fish, all seafood imported. Octopuses is better to take on the grill, and not pickled, because they usually marinate large octologists, and there are many mucus on them.

From cheap wines it is better to take the Canary 1998 and 1996. Some restaurants will offer young wines of the current crop, not yet spilled in bottles – this is the best choice, pink "Taganana" 14-15 degrees cross, and drinks easily. For those who consider dry wines too acidic, the famous "Malvasia", Semi-sweet wine from lanzarotsky grapes. Grapes for Malvasia are grown on volcanic sands and before spinning slightly rolling into the sun. May happen in the restaurant will not be Malvasia, then we must ask "semisweet" – and bring similar wine from the mainland. If there is no desire to taste local wines, an error-free option – order Rioja’s fault ("Rioja") 1996, in the store a bottle of such wine costs 600 peashes.

When it is cold, the Canar drink honey with rum. After lunch, a very sweet banana liquor or brandy. Canara singles in Spain, where beer drink as much as wine. The most common light Tenerife Dorada beer, but Tropical is better. By the way, Russian beer lovers and even the British envy the Spaniards, because in their language, beer has a plural. Written, for example, on the stall "Cervezas" And it is immediately clear that there is a choice, several varieties will be offered. And then write "beer" or "Beer", and also know, maybe it’s not worth it. Will you go to "Beer", and you: "Sorry, we only have today "Zhigulevskoye" No extra assortment". Or you will come in "Beer", and you: "We only have only "Guinness" delivered, do not like to fall". Coffee on Canarians prefer espresso type, strong, but with condensed milk – Cortado Con Leche Condensada.

The huge volcano sleeps since the Spaniards of five hundred years have landed the archipelago. In good weather, Tadeid is visible from everywhere, but it looks especially beautiful, it looks from the ocean or from the southwest shore of the Grand Canaria. In the second week of rest, almost everyone appears the desire to climb the peak. To the foot of the volcano leads a winding road. The eucalyptus forest begins with the rise, then the eucalyptus displaces the Canary Pines. Canary pine is very durable, fire resistant and odorous. Previously, it was used in construction, but now the trees will shove and make only souvenir houses and glasses. After 1000 meters, it becomes raw, pine are rare, moss hang on the trunks, and malicious mistletoe nests in krons. At the mark of 1200 meters – Eternal fog, occasionally you can see the mouflon. In fact, there are few animals on Canaries, two weeks old will see a bat, a major nervous lizard and, if lucky, China.

Fog is forever dissipated, there are no more trees. Appears like Ivan-tea grass "Teide". Astrophysical observatory is located at the National Park. In January last year, the observatory was covered with snow, and scientists were evacuated by helicopters. For tourists Snow dutches on Tayid. Beautiful attraction: Bathing in the ocean and look at the dazzling snow dome. Entrance to the National Park "Canyadas del Teida" free. The border is not indicated, but if you pick up a stone, it is not known where the guards will appear and politely aspire to put a stone in place.

The beginning of the National Park is a huge board, a diameter of 26 kilometers, Crater Canyadas, in the center of which is a cone Tadeid. Canyadas the second largest crater in the world, he is inferior only to Tanzanian nongongoro. But if thousands of antelope and giraffes will graze in Tanzanian crater, then in Canyadas lifeless, raised, but surprisingly beautiful lava desert. In the sun, obsidian cores are brilliant, the fragments of the brooded gray lava crumble under their feet. On the edged slopes it is clear that layers of lava of various colors – there are red, yellow, iscin-black. There are 57 plants among the stones, which are no longer going anywhere. For example, a dirty yellow shrub "Retama" – Move perfume from it. Tourists rub the leaflets, and from the reta there is a disgusting smell smell like a hollow and spicy cheese at the same time.

Grass columns "Takhinaste" With small red flowers and rocks Garcia, Poles-remains from a multicolored tuff Symbols of Tenerife. Rocks are in the middle of the Kanyadas del Teta Park, between the main tourist centers of the island, to Puerto de la Cruz – 50 kilometers, to the beach Las Amencas – 52. Near the symbol you can eat in the restaurant Paradores. In the only building of the National Park, except for the restaurant, is the Canadas del Teide, there are people who suddenly decided to spend the day or in the lava desert and admire at sunset endlessly long shadows. Several pedestrian routes of a total length of 76 kilometers are laid directly from the hotel. Tourists take a stock of water and go through the rocky road, considering plants, caves in which shepherds lived, and other wicked whales like an incredibly strong web spider’s cobweb. If it is too lazy to walk, you can go on the car park you will have to leave in the parking lot. Excursions to order in the park can not be done in advance, in some of the travel agencies.

Happy winds warm, but you should hide the sun, cold. Already in October in the morning at an altitude of 2300 meters near Zero, and in the evening there are three degrees. Every year several tourists leave the trails, plot and freeze from the cold. But death laziness is chasing alone, the death of Karaulit near the funicular. Every year, 40-50 people receive heart attacks during a trip to the top of Tadeid, because in ten minutes height changes from 2,300 to 3550 meters! If we consider that most tourists rises to the funicular on cars from the shore of the ocean, it becomes obvious that such a quick set of height is far from all. Posters warn that the sharp height difference is harmful to cores and the elderly, but few people refuse to lift.

Life on a volcano

The only inhabitable crater Bandam is 20 kilometers from Las Palmas, its depth of 200 meters, diameter – kilometer. In the very center of the crater in a small house there is a 55 year old peasant Agustin. It is a real Canna: Little Growth, With Dark Skin and Blue Eyes. He lives without mirrors, bath, washbasin, TV and radio. In the crater, he was born, his parents with ten children lived here. Parents died, brothers and sisters left the crater, and Agustin remained. On his garden he grows beans, potatoes, and in the garden – oranges. He has many goats, dogs and one donkey. Once a week Augustine repairs the donkey and travels to the near market to sell the harvest. During the rest of the time, he is talking to dogs and donkey, and civilization reminds itself only by golf balls near the crater is a field where they play golf rich from Las Palmas. He has a thousand goals and everyone who goes into the crater, the Agustin gives the ball. Local residents warn those who want to visit the hermit, that he loves beer, and guests carry in the crater "Servesas".

Grand Canaria: Scarlet Sails, Mummy and Safe Corrida

Las Palmas big port city. In the past, our vessels always stood here, but a few years ago, the parking lot began to take a fee, and now our comes only in case of extreme necessity. But on the adjustous streets still preserved shops with Russian signs, where the Indians trade. However, Russians now prefer to shop in the pedestrian area of ​​the Triana quarter, and walk in the historic center of the city of Vegeta. Destino visiting the Museum of Columbus Casa de Colon – five hundred years ago House of the governor, where the navigator stopped three times before his expeditions. Museo Canario collected skulls and mummies of extinct Canary Aboriginal – Guangchi. Mummy preserved much worse than Egyptian, but smells steeper. According to the turtles, scientists found that the guangles were two types. Some had an elongated face, a wide forehead, a European-sided nose and were people’s people, others were wide, but Malorosal and County. The question is whether Sancho Pansa is a typical guangle representative, the museum worker could not answer.

It is believed that the Guangchi was dissolved among the Spanish immigrants, but from them some of the indigenous canary went to the inheritance blue eyes. In this case, the first candidate in living Guangchi is a hermit of Agustin from Krarata Bandam. Judging by the propulsion in the museum, Guagci was definitely Berbers and Tuaregas. Everyone can make sure of this by comparing the clay dishes of Guangchi, patterns on fabrics and decorations with exactly the same, but selling Marrakesh for sale. By catching around the city, you can swim right in the modern center on the natural 7-kilometer beach Las Canteras, the water is quite clean. Fish restaurants on the shore are preparing good, but prices are above average. In the center of the island of volcanic deserts, scorched by the ribbed tuffs, filled with wild dick palm trees deep gorge, highway serpentines, quiet towns and villages with a measured patriarchal life.

To the era of tourism, most Grand Canar lived in the mountains, few people lived on Berezhye. And life in the mountains is harsh, the land is rocky, dry, without watering, only the omitting and prehistoric curiosity are growing – half-circuit semi-stabbed "Tabaiba". But for some reason, they live in the mountains are not harsh, but good and fun people. They smile from the soul and do not think about tips, and some hard to believe not know what it is.

Interesting innovation in Canary life – Fashion on Guangchi caves. Most recently, the poor and losers lived in the caves, and now the caves are baking, only cave complexes in mountainous areas and very small grots remained free. The average cost of the renovated cave on 60

70 kV. M. in a prestigious area of ​​$ 50,000. Rich Canar acquire a cave under the cottage and attach a house, it turns out stylish. But in some way the cave settlements can be seen in an old form – for example, in the mountain village of La Atalaya or in the seaside town of aging. On the northern outskirts, aging from the sea sticks out "French finger" – Defented Guangers and the most famous rock canary rock. By the way, in the guidebook "Window in the world" It is written that in aging and galdar "Low Guangchi live" Unfortunately, this is not so.

The best beaches are in the south. The most famous El Ingles and Maspalomas, eight kilometers of which huge dunes occupy. Sand Mountains brought from Sahara insidious wind "sirocco". Syrocco is not a natural disaster, and it is easy to survive, but the smallest dust penetrates even through tightly closed shutters. On Maspalomas, there are a lot of holidaymakers at any time of the year, but on the dunes there is enough space for everyone, nudists remain in the sandy jamas. 10 kilometers from Maspalomas, the gorge is Palmitos Park. It does not have such shows as in the Loro Park, but it is much more trees and cacti, many butterflies and hummingbirds. On the Canarians for 30 years they are not satisfied with Corrids. But when Palmitos Park is a small farm, where those who want to dress in the costumes of Torreo, teach the receptions, exclamations and poses and bring to the fight of the harmless bull, and the muve do not give.

Most hotels in Maspalomas are located far from the beach, but the sea water pools are everywhere, and the Gloria Palace large-star hotel has, among others, and a waterproof pool with sea water and a variety of massage souls. Another resort point in the south is a former fishing village with a good beach and a lot of hotels in Playa de Arginegin, the solar place island. Fishermen at 5-6 pm right to the beach are brought to sell fish – hurry to local restaurants! Twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, there is a large market in Arginegin with souvenirs, fruits, sausages, spices and all kinds of continental goods. On the outskirts of Arginese is the most famous hotel of Grand Canaria SteeGenberger La Canaria. Very white and small sand on the beach of the hotel brought from the Dominican Republic. V "Shtheigesberger" The well-known adventurer-billionaire stops, the weapon dealer is ONN Hashoga, twice a year there are Helmut Schmidt and Beckkenbauer, occasionally – Steffi Count and Anatoly Karpov. Two weeks, the inventor of Rubik’s cube was held here and stayed in the memory of the staff as the most greedy of the guests he walked all the time in a single shirt and did not buy anything or a family. Hence the conclusion: if you are a famous person, have at least two shirts and give a couple of times to the tea and the Swiss. Bound with the main building – Gray Timeshore Complex "Amphibic", Old problem of gullible Russians.

In the tourist center of Puerto Rico, good roads, pedestrian embankment of the sea over the sea and artificial beach with white sand. Some holidaymakers walk along the embankment to the new beach with artificial sand Los Amadores, there is a cleaner. From the port on the sea walks, boats, catamarans and brigantines with almy sails are sent. Here moored in the Guinness Book of Records The world’s largest catamaran "Supercath", It will be overlooking 150 people at the same time. On yachts and boats go to the ocean of fishermen. With a person take $ 50 (provided that six people gathered), catching time from 9.30 to 15.00 or from 15.00 to 20.thirty. Marlin, Tuns, Bonit, Macrel, But the most interesting thing in this place is a shark hunt. Excursion on the yellow submarine – $ 25. Walk on brigantine with red sails (the public more than a hundred people) – $ 35 with lunch.

Sea Walk to the West – this is the path of the sheer lava rocks, in absolutely wild places. From here it is clearly visible to a huge treide over the clouds. In one of the cozy coves you can swim, and it is not known where the water bikes and "Bananas". To the west of Puerto Rico Beaches are small, clamped between the sheer rocks, but very clean. Great place – Four-star hotel Taurito Princess. Hotels and apartments for the cliffs have elevators and tunnels, so you just get to the sea. The Germans love to rest on the Gran Canaria, so here are more than half of all hotel places – apartments. This is explained by the fact that the Germans always consider money (once again recall the cheap food for the notorious parrots). Germans choose apartments to not go to the restaurant and cook in their kitchen. Apartments and bungalows are combined into complexes where there is all the same – swimming pool, restaurant, bar. But Russian women believe that if the room has a kitchen means resting vacation.

Puerto de Mogan – Surrounded by Channels Beautiful village with houses, seized flowering ivy, and good fish restaurants. The beach is completely protected by a vololate, but it is not only dignity, but also a disadvantage – water is much cleaner at a nearby "Wild beach". Around the west to the west of Puerto Rico, construction contains. Build quickly, but still before the trip it is better to find out in the shipping travel agency about the standing resorts. The farthest to the west, the less civilization, wild mountains, nature intact. In the east, plants, ports, hundreds of thousands of Laspalmasters, in the south – resorts, in the north of greens, rural life, and in the west only a whistle and the noise of the surf.

Excursions on Grand Canaria

Excursions at Grand Canaria organizes one company, so prices are everywhere similar. Overview Bus Tour of Island – $ 30. Before a long journey, deep into the island is better to drink a tablet from the pointing the road Beautiful, but turns sharp, frequent, even adults are not in itself. Skating on camels or donkeys in the dunes or in the depths of the island, riding an hour plus lunch in the Moroccan restaurant (Couscous, Kuraga with almonds and other Arab pieces) $ 25. There are specific resort entertainment – for example "Cowboy night". Alcohol without restrictions plus show $ 40. A good show type Broadway (artists from Russia) at the Melia Tamarindos Hotel (San Agustin, Maspalomas), near the hall – Casino (for the entrance you need a passport).

Flying to Lanzarote from Grand Canaria – $ 120, on Fuerteventura Beaches $ 50 (fly half an hour). One and a half hours long walks to Marrakesh, day excursion – $ 200. Lovers of real medieval exotic is worth thinking. From Russia in Morocco direct flight is only "Aeroflot", And in Casablanca, from which to Marrakesh at least four hours drive. Wishing for sure it would be a lot if not visas. For one-day entrance to Morocco, the visa is not needed, but back to Canara Spaniards will not be allowed – usually the Russians give a one-time tourist visa. The same story with day excursions in Senegal and Gambia (fly 2 and a half hours, price $ 300). In excursions – Safari on jeep jungle, boat riding, eating cheap lobs and fried scallops on the seashore, departure early in the morning, return back at 3 am. Getting from Russia to Senegal or Gambia is incredibly difficult and expensive. And rare owners of a multiple Spanish visa delighted with a lightning distance with Canar to Black Africa.

Common Phenomenon on Canar – Car Stoles, Beach and Pocket. Typical example: Our compatriot has fun in the evening Santa Craz. Paying for a glass of water, it takes out a few large bills from the inner pocket of the jacket, then looking for a trifle – and continues a walk. Suddenly he accidentally approach his shoulder well dressed lord. "Oh, sorry, where are you from? From Russia? Disco Looking?" There are patting and brother. Suddenly the edge of the eye our compatriot notices a strange movement from his legs, looks down – and, horror! All bills, it turns out, already lying on the asphalt. Pocket wrapped out money from the inner pocket! "Police call?" "No, what police, Russian friend?" "Well, then pull out the shoes, canary brother!"

More case: the tourist took the car for rent, and things folded into the trunk, as teaching in guidebooks. Returning after dinner, he discovered that the thief managed to open the door, from the salon got into the trunk and stole all things. All thefts are committing or visiting with the mainland, or emigrants. Recently for theft at the twenty fifth time (!) Algerians detained – and they let go again: in Spain, liberal laws. Happens, along with money steal passport, then you have to go to the police. If there is a driver’s license or an ordinary passport, then the police will issue a photo certificate. This certificate from Spain will be released without any problems, but in Sheremetyevo-2 will be deployed, can send back. Therefore, it is impossible to leave with a certificate from the islands, you need to send a fax to the consulate and wait for an answer. Further order: requests and registration of the return certificate. From here the conclusion: the passport is once again not worn, but to store in the hotel in the hotel.

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