Life rules Baba Nyni

We are descendants of Chinese merchants, Inside the Malay Peninsula in the XIV century. Then many Chinese, losing rainy season in Malacca, took local women in his wife. From mixed marriages, those whom Malays called men (babami) and women (nurses) were born.

We look like the Chinese, believe in the same gods, but we eat in Malayski, five fingers, and do not speak Chinese. For this, the Chinese nickname us bananas – yellow outside and white inside.

In our families, newborn is made to give funny nicknames, who contradict reality. For example, if a girl with very light skin appeared on the light, it can be acknowledged. Why? To deceive evil spirits and take trouble off the child.

The main birthday in the life of any Baba-Needa – 60th anniversary. It is celebrated with a special pump.

In our society, the matriarchy with a cult of food in the core. The god of the kitchen is the first deity to which we raise prayers of the next morning after the new year.

Cooking for us is akin to the sacred, In which the oldest and respected woman in the family – Bibik – performs the role of the main priestess. When she bakes a festive cake, no one dares to enter the kitchen.

Our grandmothers and grandparents can celebrate the grandchildren to the grandchildren From herbs and even brandy with the words Amek Berkat, which is literally translated as "I bless you wisdom, health and longevity".

Dark time is associated with me with evil. So at night we try not to cut your hair or nails, do not sing, do not whistle and not give money to debt – all this is to failure and troubles. On New Year’s Eve (we are talking about the Chinese New Year, of course), we have taken to lock the doors of the houses and do not let those who came out, until the morning.

We believe, if you transplant during lunch, Change with someone in places, then in your personal life you will not have peace. So if you want to avoid multiple marriage or marriage, be kind, sit in one place.

In the old days to determine the floor of the firstborn Bridal, bridegroom with a bride under the bed lay alive chicken and rooster. If the rooster popped up in the morning from under the bed, it was believed that a boy would be born. If chicken – girl.

Baba-Nei believe in a Chinese horoscope and organize life according to him. For example, the funeral of a person who born in the year of the snake will not come young and old people, born in the year of the rabbit or tiger. It is believed that the spirits of these signs can enter into a conflict, resulting in the world who belong to the world and vulnerable to age people may suffer.

We believe that manners make us people. It is on the manerams, underlined courtesy and a respectful attitude to us on the Malaysian streets.

Getting Started, Baba-Nyna must contact everyone personally From those present at the table with a request to allow starting meals.

Our youth is prohibited intervene. This is considered a bad tone. The right of votes you appear somewhere from 20 years.

Life rules Baba Nyni

The only thing we do not transfer to others, – rudeness. In conflicts we do not enter. Just leave.

Despite the fact that we confess A mixture of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, we are still more appropriate to call people of free spirit.

Baba-Nyanya can be seen on the ceremonies of the most different sense. I myself participated in the congestion of Catholics, was in churches and kissed the feet of Christ. The beauty of our culture is that it does not matter to us, what religion, since each religion teaches good.

Passing by any temple, We pray for hands.

We are people of the world. We are fundamentally open and able to be friends with everyone regardless of nationality, religion and other factors. Communicating with you, for example, I do not see you Russian, I see you man.

Somehow in Malaysia filmed a series called "Baba-Nyanya". Then we remembered us, we became fashionable. But our culture disappears anyway. New generations are not taught Baba-Malay, preferring to him English, Malay and Chinese. In addition, we were slaughtered on all races available on Earth.

The most famous baba-nee is the former Minister Singapore Lee Kwan Yu.

Life rules Baba Nyni

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